Characters and concepts by Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven

TEASER TRAILER #1: EVERYBODY HAS SECRETS BLACK SCREEN WAIL OF SIRENS HEARD IN THE BACKGROUND CUT TO -EXT. WOODSBORO HIGH - DAY A group of teenagers sit around the infamous Woodsboro fountain, including ROBBIE MERCER, OLIVIA MORRIS, and KIRBY REED. They watch pensively as a bunch of ambulances, police cars and news vans drive past the school and into the distance. Robbie smiles at the girls as he turns his head-set camera onto them. ROBBIE Riddle me this...if you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don’t have it. What is it? OLIVIA (sarcastically) Herpes? KIRBY (grinning) A secret... CUT TO -BLACK SCREEN SILENCE VOICE-OVER Everybody has secrets... FLASH - Video footage of MAUREEN PRESCOTT kissing HANK LOOMIS. FLASH - BILLY LOOMIS licking blood off his knife as he walks towards a young SIDNEY PRESCOTT with glee. FLASH - DEBBIE SALT shooting MICKEY ALTIERI to the stage floor, looking at Sidney with mad eyes. FLASH - Sidney leaning over the dying body of ROMAN BRIDGER, holding his hand tight.


CONTINUED: VOICE-OVER (CONT’D) ...but nothing can stay hidden forever...


An older Sidney runs into a dark house and slams the door, obviously afraid. The phone begins to ring and she approaches it with caution. VOICE-OVER (CONT’D) ...and once this secret gets out... Sidney picks up the phone. SIDNEY Hello? GHOSTFACE ...the game changes, Sidney! There is a scream, and the screen... FADES TO BLACK Set Fire to the Hive by Karnivool begins to play CUT TO -EXT. WOODSBORO HIGH - DAY Robbie walks by himself, looking around at those running around in the chaos. He turns the camera onto himself. ROBBIE Well, dear viewers...somebody is hiding something...something big... FLASH - JILL ROBERTS smashing her fist into a copy of Out of Darkness, a book by Sidney Prescott. FLASH - JACK ROBERTS takes a drag from a pipe in a dark study by himself; seemingly staring dully at the camera. FLASH - RICKY CLARKE stands at the front of a classroom and winks at RACHEL DIGGINS, who pulls the finger at him and walks out of the classroom. FLASH - OFFICER ROSS HOSS takes a drag from a joint, leaning against a dark house at night trying to escape the rain. ROBBIE (O/S) ...and it’s our job to find out what it is. Before it’s too late... Hoss drops his joint to the ground accidentally. (CONTINUED)



POV - Somebody begins to walk towards Hoss, who has his back turned. The person breaks into a run. Hoss begins to stand slowly when... CUT TO -EXT. WOODSBORO HIGH - DAY Robbie looks down the lens with intent. Kirby walks past him and rolls her eyes as he focuses on her. ROBBIE (CONT’D) ...for all of us. KIRBY I’m not a lesbian, Robbie. ROBBIE I didn’t say you were! Robbie turns off his camera and runs after Kirby. Set Fire to the Hive by Karnivool stops abruptly CUT TO -EXT. HOUSE - NIGHT Hoss picks up his joint and stands up. He is dismayed to see that it has extinguished on the damp ground. HOSS Shit...anyone got a fucking light? Behind Hoss, a cigarette lighter bursts into action, illuminating... The mask of GHOSTFACE, hovering mere inches from Hoss. The SWISH of a blade can be heard as... CUT TO -BLACK SCREEN A scream is heard in the background as text appears in blood on the screen... THORNEY 33 PRESENTS SCREAM 4...COMING SOON

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