Character sketch of my personal hero

A Messenger of Peace

Paolo Coelho dreamed of an artistic career, something his parents did not approve of because of their middle-class household. He attended a strict Jesuit school and there he discovered his true vocation of being a writer. But his parents had different plans for him. They took his devotion to literature as a sign of mental illness. When Coelho was seventeen, his father had him admitted to a mental institution twice, where he endured sessions of electro convulsive “therapy”. He was brought back by his parents to the institution once more, after he become involved with a theater group and started to work as a journalist. Coelho was always a nonconformist and a seeker of the new. On 1968, the guerrilla and hippie movements took hold in Brazil which was ruled by the military, he joined the peace-and-love-generation of progressive politics. He sought spiritual experiences all over Latin America. He joined an organization that defended the individual's right to free expression, and began publishing a series of comic strips, which called for more freedom. They were detained and imprisoned. After two days, Coelho was kidnapped and tortured by a group of paramilitaries. At the age of twenty-six, he decided to live as “normal” as any other. He worked as an executive in the music industry. He tried his hand at writing but didn't start seriously until after he had an encounter with a stranger. The man first came to him as a vision, and two months later he met him at a cafe in Amsterdam. The stranger suggested that he should return to Catholicism and study the benign side of magic. He also encouraged Coelho to walk the Road to Santiago, the medieval pilgrim's route.

awakens the desires of the heart. a fable about following your dream. speaks of undiscovered dreams.A year after completing his pilgrimage. He sends out messages of the Lord through his writings. He is an apostle of Christ in these modern times. which describes his experiences and his discovery that the extraordinary occurs in the lives of ordinary people. A year later. Coelho wrote more than eleven other bestselling books. he wrote The Alchemist. the scientific intelligence of Ironman. He is definitely a novelist who writes in a universal language. but he has the ability to speak to everyone at once. .writings that can be understood by the whole world. He received numerous prestigious international awards and was inducted into the Brazilian Academy of Letters in 2002. which provides support and opportunities for indigent members of the Brazilian society. he wrote The Pilgrimage. In 2007. He founded the Paolo Coelho Institute. He may not have the strength of Superman. he was named a United Nations Messenger of Peace. He preaches the Word of God. I consider Paolo Coelho as my personal hero. nor the supernatural powers of the X-men. and gives the true meaning and importance of life.

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