Personal dedication to my English teacher, Mr. Drs. E.V.

Soerardjo, after 47 years graduated from the English Course (Intensive English Course) By A. Hafied A. Gany, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Mr. Drs. E.V. Soerardjo and my niece ‘Fitriana Ulum Gany’ showing a painting that I specially present as personal dedication to my English Teacher. (Special Photo: 2nd January 2009).


s a symbol of personal dedication to my English teacher after graduated from the ‘Intensive English Course’ 47 years ago, I could not figure out how to express my thankfulness, but to compose an article and published it at “Panyingkul”, to be accessed at the following site: On top of that, I also presented a non-professional “painting”, drawn by my own hands, entitled: “The Bigben and an Owl” representing the Bigben as the symbol of the English Origin (London, UK) and an owl as the symbol of the ‘IEC’ English Course. Due to my personal inability to hand over the symbol of personal dedication – I asked my niece Fitriana Ulum Gany to hand deliver it on 2nd January 2009, with subsequent explanatory introduction, for practicing her communication skill. (She is happened to be the last year of communication

studies at the Padjadjaran State Universty). Honestly, I am more than just proud to Mr. Soerardjo, my great teacher who is still active to manage the English institution, despite that he is almost 80 years now (see the photograph), after 47 years since I graduated from advanced degree, back in Makassar in 1962. -----The following is the copy of my letter to Mr. Soerardjo, which make him so surprised as he had never imagined that one of his ex students still rembered all the details of interactions, and still remember experiences in IEC, Makassar, after 47 years. -----Jakarta 2nd January 2009 Mr. Drs. E.V. Soerardjo President Director of Intensive English Course Jalan Jatigara Barat 187 Jakarta 13310. Subject: Personal Dedication to the Intensive English Cource (IEC) Dear Mr. Soerardjo, I do not suppose you still remember me after almost 47 years since our first acquaintanceship as an English student and your capacity as a great teacher, in Makassar, in 1962, however, let me first of all extend a glorious Christmas and the happiest ever New Year 2009 to you and the entire members of your families – Ever successful with best heath and long life!!! I presumed that after you have glanced the article that I specially wrote and published (to commemorate my wonderful experience to study English in IEC) in the South Sulawesi Based homepage “Panyingkul”, you might have recalled your memory on one of your students, a small youngster in 1962, named after a ‘play’ Lotty Lang Novel(?) in Hotel Negara, as Mr. Bingley, the close relative of Mr. Brown (A fat Chinese guy). At that time you graciously bestowed me a Word of Honor as “the most humorous student”. In fact, I still keep the certificate till now. Thank you very much for everything you have rendered for me, Sir!!! During my childhood, I have never imagined before that the English skill that you presented to me has indeed extended widely and brought me to the most unimaginable career in my life, being a country pupil from the remote area of Soppeng Regency. It was just like a series of dreams when I came across myself to had been visiting almost a hundred scattered places of the five continents of the globe. Even I could hardly believe when I was unanimously elected as the “Vice President of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage - ICID” – the world prestigious professional and scientific

organization, in Sacramento, California USA at the end of 2007. So far, after the establishment of that organization 47 years ago, only two Indonesians had ever been elected to hold that position. i.e. Dr. Ir. Suyono Sosrodarsono, the former Minister of Public Works during Suharto Era, and myself. I could not figure out how to express my thankfulness, but to compose the attached article and published it in the Internet. On top of that, I also present a non-professional “painting”, drawn by my own hands, entitled: “The Bigben and an Owl” representing the Bigben as the symbol of the origin of English Origin, and an owl as the symbol of IEC. Despite the quality of the painting Language, that is not come up from professional artist, I hope that you would kindly accept the souvenir as the symbol of my most sincere gratitude, and whole hearted dedication. I hope that the Almighty God would always bless us and make our life worthwhile to humankind. Most respectfully yours,

A. Hafied. A. Gany, and the extended Family.

<> A. Hafied A. Gany, Ph.D., P.Eng. Jalan Perkutut No. 4-6 Podok Gede, 17413, BEKASI