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This Week at Pan Africa ILGA


NEWS/ACTUALITIES MEP stands up for lesbian rights in Africa British MEP moved to help lesbians in Africa after meeting woman from Uganda who was raped, tortured and made to give birth alone in a prison cell. Zimbabwe: Gay rights group to be charged with insulting Mugabe Police in Zimbabwe have summoned the director of the group Gays and Lesbians of

Zimbabwe and intend to charge the organisation with insulting the president, Robert Mugabe. Africa: Is Being Out Outside Uganda Any Easier? Last week, Uganda's Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo announced plans to ban 38 NGOs for allegedly promoting homosexuality and actively recruiting homosexuals. South Africa and Brazil demand UN action on gay rights United Nations ambassadors for South Africa and Brazil have demanded more action and discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity as part as universal human rights standards, and to combat hate crimes. Lesbian murdered and raped in South Africa Mother of a two-year-old daughter was discovered with neck slit from ear to ear. Like walking in a war zone Lesbians in townships around Cape Town say they fear for their lives following a spate of violent attacks. Grations stand against gays may have forced him to quit Outgoing US Ambassador to Kenya Scott Grations faith could have cost him his job, the Sunday Nation has learnt. Maiden gay cruise to Muslim land hits Morocco snag Organisers of an all-gay cruise on Saturday blamed Moroccan officials for the cancellation of what would have been the first visit of its kind to a Muslim country, but the tourism minister denied the ship was banned and said its passengers were welcome. A Faulty Gay Parenting Study What would make a study of how children raised by gay and lesbian parents do in life helpful? Rigor, valid comparisons, and a sense of what the words in that sentence raised, gay and lesbian, and parentsmight mean. Cameroon: Point of Law Does the article 347 of the penal code that criminalises homosexuality in Cameroon have a legal ground? As Labor Struggles, Have the Big Rights and Liberties Groups Like the ACLU Deserted Unions? While labor is under powerful battering from conservatives, a strong case can be made that they aren't being supported by some of our most prominent human rights groups. TOOLS FOR CHANGE Job Opportunities: Coalition of African Lesbians The Coalition of African Lesbians is pleased to be able to call for applications in a range of positions. CAL is a growing feminist-activist, pan-African, membership based organization with a Secretariat in Boksburg, South Africa. We seek experienced people for these positions, all to be located at the Secretariat.