Sam Steele Statement

I am a former executive producer for BBC Radio 1, recruited by Channel 4 to be Head of E4 Radio in the Spring of 2008. As you will see from my CV, I am an innovative multiplatform content producer, an award winning leader and am adept at implementing cost-efficient, high-impact business strategies. I spent 8 years at the cutting edge of BBC broadcasting at Radio 1, devising strategies to reach young audiences, working in complex stake holder partnerships and creating high profile campaigns and output. I left the BBC to become Head of Programmes at independent production company Wise Buddah, energised by the prospect of developing existing business opportunities and expanding the production output. I was immediately approached by Channel 4 to head up its first national digital radio launch, E4 Radio. On joining Channel 4 I worked closely with the Heads of E4 TV, Online and Commercial, to develop a brand proposition, programming, talent and business strategy for the station. I spent months studying the target audience and media consumption patterns of E4 and C4 youth audiences, and as a result developed a strategy for content which was daring and innovative and in tune with the Channel’s brief. E4 Radio was due to launch in March 09 as a truly multi-media brand offering high-concept content across platforms. The launch was pulled as a result of the unprecedented economic downturn in October 08, which led to a company-wide restructuring and retrenchment in the face of massive ad revenue losses forecast for 09/10. Thus I am on the look out for something interesting and challenging to fill my days. I have many cross platform content, creative development, team building and commissioning skills which are readily transferable. I have worked in print journalism, TV, radio and commissioned online content, virals, AV shorts and rich media. And I have managed huge BBC departments through corporate change and restructuring, developed & implemented future strategies for growth and still had all my colleagues and reports talking to me at the end of the day! I am used to working with brilliant creative professionals, from grumpy sub editors to insecure A list talent, really shouty agents, brainiac Director Generals and R4 controllers, and hardpushed production teams. I can set deadlines, persuade and influence colleagues, manage production lead times, motivate my teams and develop strategies for change and growth. I have spent my entire professional career doing all of these things well. In addition I am steeped in youth culture, creating content and brand identities for 18-34yrs, with a dip into young teens, 12-16yrs and really keen to put all my excellent management and creativity training, not to mention the six months of brand hot housing I spent at C4, to good use. I don’t want to work in a big corporate environment but would love to help develop and grow an interesting young media company. The job of Operations Director for a digital and traditional media production agency seems like a great fit for my skill set. I look forward to hearing from you Sam Steele

Personal Details Name: Miss Samantha Steele Date of Birth: 04/10/1966 Preferred tel no: 07798 532 724 Home tel no: 0207 241 1439 Email: Home Address: 17 Graham Rd London E8 1DA Country: United Kingdom

Employment History Date From: June 2008 to December 2008 Employers Name: Channel 4 Radio Details: Head of E4 Radio I was recruited to join Channel 4 to head up the development and launch of its first digital radio station, E4 Radio. In charge of a £6 million budget for staff and content and with a brief to develop a vision and strategy to extend the successful E4 TV brand across audio and digital platforms. The radio project was intended to spear head a change agenda in Channel 4, to encourage multi-discipline approach to commissioning and content development Key areas of development were: Budget Overall breakdown of the production/content/talent split. Identifying where and how much to spend on programme content, online, talent and internal staff costs Strategy Devising a strategy for radio/audio output in Channel 4, as well as refining the key strategic vision for E4 Radio. Working closely with the heads of New Media, Music and E4 TV Culture environment Creating a clear framework to achieve a creative and productive working

Content Develop an editorial brief and strategy, analysing detailed audience segmentation research to find the right needs & benefits to attract audiences & ad revenue. We developed a truly multimedia audio/visual proposition that was a clear brand extension and had a USP Talent Identify key talent and enter into negotiations with talent and with TV commissioners internally to develop crossplatform contracts & buy outs Production Scope out the in house production requirement and job descriptions. Recruit the senior commissioning team and begin recruitment for multi-media production base Commissioning Through close liaison with the both Radio and TV independent producers, devising a commissioning brief and process. Commitment to expanding indie production requirement and to utilising non-traditional sources of audio content Revenue Working with the Commercial Director and the Head of New Media to target specific commercial opportunities.

Also devising the schedule and content output to maximise radio ad sales opportunities. Marketing Develop a brand marketing strategy with the Head of Radio marketing, particularly concentrating on the Spring 09 launch period Rights Working with Business Affairs & Acquisitions teams to draw up compliance guidelines, contracts, rights options and clearance terms for audio and audio visual content for use on multi platform broadcast outlets.

Channel 4 has had to reschedule its planned move into radio as a direct result of the current global economic turmoil. Date From: January 2009 to June 2008 Employers Name: Wise Buddah Productions Details: Head of Programmes To develop and build the portfolio of programmes and multi-platform programming business for this leading independent production company, with a turn over in excess of £1million. Wise Buddah is a leading SME specialisingin radio production, but also engaged in syndication, talent management, and online AV production. My brief was to expand the existing business creating a strategy for change and growth. I was also responsible for developing and pitching programme ideas to all BBC & commercial radio networks.

Date From: July 2004 Date December 2007 Employers Name: BBC Radio 1 Details: Executive Producer Responsible for commissioning & editing 800 hours of original speech radio output per annum, with a total budget responsibility of around 250K in on air programming and for funding bids and budgets in excess of £1million . Develop and implement the Radio 1 interactive education and public service strategy and commission R1’s award-winning weekly documentary strand, including commissioning online AV content, virals, and other rich media services. Worked with the R1 Controller to identify and implement a 15% “Efficiencies Savings” target, re-organising R1’s production departments and devising more efficient ways of working and sharing output. Autumn 07 Developed strategy & launched BBC’s Teens project, “BBC Switch”; signing Kelly Osbourne to the station as well as developing an entirely new Sunday night programming schedule. developed and delivered multi-platform, multi-network Mental Health programming, working with Comic Relief, Open University, MIND, BBC Factual & Learning, 1Xtra & R1 and BBC online. Feed Your Head won the prestigious Mental Health in the Media Award.

Spring 07

Summer 06 created an high-profile multi-media event, Bare All06, brokering and steering a multi-platform partnership with 1Xtra, MTV, DfES and Durex, to create the UK’s biggest ever youth sex survey, with 30,000 respondents. The programming was devised & commissioned for multiplatform formats and ran across radio, online, and TV. The results were covered extensively in national and regional print

broadcast and online media. Sept 06 Autumn 05 University re-launched and re-formatted Radio 1’s documentary strand. Initiated and developed Radio 1’s first ever learning collaboration with the Open

November 04-Mar 05, the Beat Bullying campaign, devised in partnership with the DfES. Presented by Chris Moyles, with a final campaign budget of £2 million, the signature blue wristbands are still creating headline news. Date From: June 2001 Date to: June 2004 Employers Name: BBC Radio 1 Details: Series Producer, The Sunday Surgery, Date From: June 1999 Date to: July 2000 Employers Name: BBC Radio 1 Details: Series Producer, The Evening Session & Lamacq Live (10x hours of live music programming per week) Date From: March 1994 Date to: May 1999 Employers Name: Freelance TV producer & journalist Working with numerous indies as associate producer on TV programmes including The White Room (C4) Four Goes To Glastonbury (C4), Late Lunch with Mel & Sue (C4); Music of The Millennium (BBC); Time out With... (ITV networks) Features editor on VOX magazine, contributed to NME, Time Out and the Sunday Express

Training 2007 BBC Trust Training Developing and Leading Creativity, 2 day senior management course Safe Management of Radio Productions Stress Management 2006 legal training – contempt, defamation, Justification, fair comment & live broadcast 2005 Ashridge BBC Senior Management Leadership Programme A modular 9 month course in partnership with Ashridge Business School, including • 360 degree feedback • Module 1 - a two-day workshop for 100+ leaders from across the BBC • Module 2 - Leadership Skills workshops with peer groups • Learning support - comprises of: Action Learning, Coaching, Mentoring and • Radar • Online learning • Elective Workshops • Alumni 2004 Advanced Producer training Course R1’s 12 month-long in depth bespoke training programme Sept 2004 Child Protection training

March 2004 Data protection Act: guidelines talk May 2003 VCS/Dira digital radio production & Broadcasting May 2003 SAP starter course June 1999 SADiE digital editing 1 & 2 July 1999 Radio Production & Presentation 1 x week course Sept 1999 Managing A Team 1 x day course Jan 2000 BBC Health & Safety In addition I regularly organise & present creativity, development and management workshops and training inside and outside the BBC

Awards Mental Health Media Awards Feed Your Head (BBC Radio 1, 1 Xtra, “daring and powerful radio” Sony Radio Award: SILVER Bare All 06 - Safer Sex Campaign Writer: Sam Steele Editors: Sam Steele & Jane Morris Presenters: Tim Westwood, Sara Cox, Jenna G & Rampage "This was an impressive entry. A tricky subject which had to be handled with care - but in a suitably "full on" style, appropriate to Radio 1 listeners. A good mixture of on air material from live OB's to impromptu sketches and discussions, backed up with an on line questionnaire that was well supported with a range of other materials." OTC Marketing Awards: best PR campaign on a large budget, BareAll06 2006 BBC Radio & Music Awards Team of the Year: Radio 1 Social Action & Campaigns Department Head: Sam Steele, executive producer “Great things happen when we work together. This award is for the team that demonstrates collaboration and achievement that is a good place to work, and that is widely respected by others” 2006 SONY Radio Academy Awards UK STATION OF THE YEAR: BBC Radio 1 An impressive sense of rediscovered self allied with a confidence that matches the professional performance of its output. A station that clearly demonstrates an understanding of its audience." 2006 SONY Radio Academy Awards SILVER Radio 1’s Sex Tour Executive producer & editor: Sam Steele "At heart this was a public information campaign done, the judges felt, to the highest standard. The programme tackled a straightforward subject in an engaging way which demonstrated clear understanding of the audience. It was refreshingly blunt, with a wide range of voices and production techniques, bringing accessible and useful advice to Radio 1’s listeners." 2005 SONY Radio Academy Awards THE MUSIC SPECIAL AWARD GOLD Teenage Dreams So Hard To Beat Commissioning editor: Sam Steele producer: Simon Barnard "This Programme was outstanding not because of the emotional attachment felt by the listener towards the subject, but because of the creative production, depth of research and tremendous presentation. Out of all the tributes that were entered in this category, this programme got closest to the nature and style of [John Peel]." 2005 SONY Radio Academy Awards THE FEATURE AWARD GOLD Missing The Message Commissioning Editor: Sam Steele

producer: Louise Hulland & Lucy Dichmont "This programme is a master class on how to connect a young audience to a painful subject (AIDS) and hard hitting evidence they may well not wish to hear. This was achieved by meticulous research and skilful scripting, interwoven with appropriately contemporary music. Powerful and effective documentary radio."

Awards 2005 SONY Radio Academy Awards THE NEWS PROGRAMME OF THE YEAR GOLD Vote Friction Commissioning Editor: Sam Steele producer: Emily Jeal "A brave, powerful and original documentary. Asian Radio 1 presenter Bobby Friction, a nonjournalist, followed the BNP campaign for more seats in the Burnley local elections. Excellent use of radio techniques and Asian music helped deeply immerse the listener in the subject. The programme was shocking, frightening, tense, raw and, at times, funny. Particularly effective were the parts where Friction simply blended into the background." April 2004 Sony Radio Academy Interaction Award Bronze The Sunday Surgery Live at Leeds Series Producer: Sam Steele “This hits its target audience - one notoriously difficult to trap and involve. The presenters engaged that audience on air, at the outside broadcast and by phone, text and on the website: not just receiving input but sending out text messages of advice to the young people listening. The show uses technology familiar to its listeners to provide enjoyable social action programming for the 21st century." December 2003 BBC Radio & Music Innovation Award, Silver Sunday Surgery Series Producer: Sam Steele April 2002 Sony Community Award Bronze Sunday Surgery Series Producer: Sam Steele "An excellent programme that showed an imaginative approach to social action broadcasting. It was compelling and very clearly aimed at its target audience. The content was hard hitting without being insensitive, and the young people contributing all had a part to play in the success of the programme and ultimately the campaign." January 2002 BBC Radio & Music Interaction Award, Silver Sunday Surgery Producer: Sam Steele This award recognises innovation and excellence in using interactivity to extend and add depth to the relationship with our audiences. April 2001 Sony Radio Academy Interactive Award Bronze Sunday Surgery Series Producer: Sam Steele "Pitched at just the right level, this helpful and non-voyeuristic weekly strand allows listeners to be heard without being judged, patronised, bullied or hurried off the air. It offers what is now a rarity in radio - an opportunity for genuine, positive empowerment." April 2000 Sony Radio Academy Awards Bronze Lamacq Live Series Producer: Sam Steele