Arts. 1179 - 1230

As to “Demandability”
(Art. 1179-1198)

As to Plurality of “Object”
(Art. 1199-1206)

As to Plurality of ”Subject”
(Art. 1207-1222)

As to “Performance”
(Art. 1223-1225)

As to “Sanctions” for Breach of Contract
(Art. 1226-1230)

1. 2.       3.

Pure Conditional Suspensive; Resolutory; Potestative; Casual; Mixed; With Term

1. Simple 2. Alternative Bound by different prestations but only one is due.

1. Simple 2. Joint
Presumption when two or more creditors or two or more debtors concur in one and the same obligation

1. Divisible
Obligation that is capable of partial performance.

1. With a penal clause
One to which an accessory undertaking is attached for the purpose of insuring its performance by virtue of which the obligor is bound to pay a stipulated indemnity or perform a stipulated prestation in case of breach of contract.

With a Period  Resolutory (in diem);  Suspensive (ex die)

3. Facultative
Only one prestation has been agreed upon but another may be given in substitution.

3. Solidary
Must be expressed in stipulation or provided by law or by nature of obligation.

Obligation that is not capable of partial performance.

2. Without a penal clause