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 Details of the student
Amit Dwivedi, Spring Summer 10-12, Section- SF4, New Delhi, Marketing and Finance, Phone No -9650340361and Email Id –

 Desired Area of Research (Marketing Research and Industry Analysis  Title of the thesis – “ Marketing strategies of Nokia” (In Indian perspective)  Problem definition /hypothesis /Research objectives This research aims at studying the strategies applied by Nokia in India, and analyzing the effects of these strategies on the sales of the company. This research studies the marketing strategies of Nokia, a high technology company in a developing country India. The study attempts to check the role of marketing activities in success of Nokia in India. To check the effect on the consumers and to understand the perspective of consumers and their brand image, more stress was laid on qualitative research rather than quantitative, traditional view is that quantitative enquiry examines data which are numbers, while qualitative enquiry examines data which are narrative. There would be needed to get the research open up so that it can give more information. Also, there may be a need to modify the questions to get the right data. Thus, qualitative approach will adopted with an in-depth and semi- structured interview process, telephone interview with the customer and dealers. It has also been noted that qualitative research gives more quality in data and also results in very specific and in-depth information. Problem definition will be to brief about the strategies and the objective of this research is to measure degree of success of marketing strategies implemented by Nokia.  Literature related to the research (In Brief) Quantitative and Qualitative Research methods are important and the traditional form of data collection and analysis. We need to develop some understanding of this them. Quantitative research provides a more general outcome rather than more specific. Since the answer is made exactly to what the question is?  Scope of the thesis work Day by day, mobile phones are turning into more of necessity then a luxury. The benefits of the mobile phone are far too many. Ease of communication, the anywhere, anytime contact - with friends, relations, colleagues and in theory at least the efficiency brought to busy lives. Every year, many companies enters into this business, local as well as MNC are attracted towards this business into this particular country, which is India. Brands like Micromax has got the most amazing entry into this business, there are so many brands like, Lava, Zen, Forme, G-Five etc got the rapid market share and also ate the other’s companies market share, even some big brands like LG and Samsung lost their market share, LG is number one consumer durable brand but Samsung has more market share rather than LG, if mobile’s market share are concerned. To thesis report will definitely help to understand this market and business as well as the industry, into a better manner.

 Research Methodology

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Secondary data – Secondary data will be collected through different articles, printed in business newspaper and magazines. There would some data which would be based on reviews by the different technologies informative websites. Primary data- Through different process like interviews method, mobile interviews, face to face interactions with the dealers and customers etc Sampling method- Non Probability and Probability. Sample size- The sample size of the respondent will be more than 30. Target Audience – Target audience will be segmented on the basis of theirs behaviour, not according to demographic and geographic conditions. It could be but behaviour segmentation would have more importance rather than others. Tools and Techniques used ( Qualitative or Quantitative or both) – Probability, Co- relation, regression, hypothesis testing.

 Summer Training Report (In brief)  New business premium income of life insurance companies fell for the sixth straight month as strict month as strict regulation on sale of the once popular Unit Linked Insurance Policy took sheen off investing in insurance products.  Insurer collected new business premium of Rs 3009 crore in Feburary2011, down 39% from Rs 4896 crore a year earlier, according to the latest data collated by the industry. The drop in collection is due to shift towards conventional insurance policies which have regulator designed investment norms.  Private players reported a drop of 33% during the month to Rs 1713 crore against Rs 2543 crore in February 2010. Private insurer such as ICICI Prudential and SBI Life Reported a fall of 55% and 4% respectively. Reliance Life Insurance business premium decline by 35.6% to Rs 593.7 crore  This is the really bad news for the insurance companies, this suddenly change in consumer behaviour towards life insurance is really bad news for the companies. Particular Reliance Life Insurance, the same thing happened, the sales managers are getting difficulty to make new customers and to retain the old customers for the life insurance policy. I was asked to do market research for this behaviour change.  To know briefly about the life insurance, I felt to qualify the IRDA exam, which I did, and then with the help of the sales manager, I reached the questionnaire part of the research, I found that the problem is with the two thing, to know the attitude of the people, there are the two kind respondent I need, first who has Life Insurance Policy and who has not Life Insurance Policy. So, the whole questionnaire is divided into two parts, section A and section B, section A is for the respondent who has life insurance policy and section B is for the respondent who has not life insurance policy.  Sample size is 100 people and all the respondent are segmented into different category, considering their age, income etc, which effect the business of life insurance.  In the analysis of the research, I found that the customer, who has life insurance policy, needs more Tax Benefits from the Life Insurance Policy rather than other benefits of life insurance like, maturity amount and death claim etc and the consumer who has not life insurance policy has not so much idea about the benefits of the life insurance policy.  Details of the External guide (Mr. Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Master of Arts, Additional Director of TSR Group of Companies)

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