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Vol. 73 No.19 July 11 - 17, 2012 50 cents

Sammy Ventura Wins PBA East Region Senior Open

By Russ Mills

Mike Potoski 824 Ryan Shafer Wins PBA East Region Homefield Bowl Viper Open At Plaza Lanes
MADISON, NJ Mike Potoski blasted eleven strikes in a row before leaving one pin with a 9count to tally a near perfect 299 game and finished with a high series of 824 and Jennifer Drury hit rolled a 224 game en route to a 625 set while competing in the CMIL League at Plaza Lanes. By Russ Mills

Ron Miller 300 At Farmingdale

FARMINGDALE, NY - Ron Miller rolled a 300 and finished with a 698 series on the Final night of the Thursday 3-Man League. Don Perillo bowled a 300 as well and ended with a 691 series. Dan Levin rolled the back 11 strikes for a 290 and a 760 series and Mike Maisano also rolled the back 11 for a 290 to close out with a 701 series.

PBA Photo

Sam Maccarone, general manager of Glassboro Bowl and Recreation (L) with champion Sammy Ventura.
GLASSBORO, N.J. Sammy Ventura of Syracuse, N.Y. went 84 in match play and finished with a 20-game total of 5,025 pins to score a 217-pin victory over Vince Mazzanti Jr. of Levittown, Pa. in the Glassboro Bowl Senior Open at Glassboro Bowl and Recreation Center. Ventura, the current East Region Senior Bowler of the Year, celebrated his 54th birthday by leading Saturdays qualifying round and he continued to dominate the event during the match play finals. The win was Venturas third career title and earned him $2,000 while Mazzanti, who finished with 4,808 pins, including match play bonus pins, took home $1,200 as the runner-up. The only 300 game of the event was rolled by Mike Tryniski who finished in fifth place.

PBA Photo

Mike Limekiller and East Region Homefield Bowl Viper Open Champion Ryan Shafer.
YONKERS, N.Y. Ryan Shafer of Horseheads, N.Y. defeated Jonathan Van Hees of Charlestown, R.I., 279-228, to win the Professional Bowlers Association East Region Homefield Bowl Viper Open presented by Columbia 300 at Homefield Bowl. Shafer, who qualified for the finals by one pin, started the match play with back-to-back 258 games, advancing from last to first, a position he never relinquished. Shafer earned $2,500 while Van Hees earned $1,400 as the runner-up. The title was Shafers 18th in PBA Regional competition. Posting the single 300 game in the tournament was Noel Vega. Brad Angelo of Lockport, N.Y. earned the East Regions second paid entry into the 2012 PBA World Series of Bowling as highest finisher among players who entered the East Regions optional animal pattern championship series competition. Angelo joins Greg Ostrander of Freehold, N.J. who earlier won the Chameleon Open. During the coming months, the East Region will also conduct Cheetah and Scorpion championship events.

Ed Bernardi 300 At Maple Lanes

Lino Pizzaia 299
BROOKLYN, NY - Ed Bernardi blasted a 300 game and finished with a 735 series in mens action at Maple Lanes. Peter Radioli bowled a 288 in a 737, Joshua Weinberger hit 278747, Joseph Sheperis 257-734 and James Barakakos 257-700. Lino Pizzaia missed perfection by one pin bowling a 299 game en route to a 790 high set in senior mens competition. Alby Pezzella rolled 268-724 followed by Rich E. Paris 241624, Nick Dadona 234-628, Paul Miceli 234-622, Steve Barish 230617, and Neil Sheehan 208-605.

Clarence Derricott Blasted 805 At North Arlington Bowl

NO. ARLINGTON, NJ - Clarence Derricott topped the Sunday Morning Trios at North Arlington Bowl firing a high game of 288 and a high 805 set. Al-Torre Hooper hit 278-791, Pete HOPELAWN, NJ Jeff Monteleone earned top honors in the Academy Madness firing games of 300-200-202 for a high series of 702. Tom Poulos rolled 288-235-689, Honan 290-781, Will Frazier 276780, Bobby Willis 298-774, Russ Van Housen 265-732, Tom Jordan 279726, Joe Collins 258-720, Orlando Lapa 247-716, Barry Smith 246-710. Dan DeBenedetto 288-205-683, Bonnie DeSimone 205-232-234671, Mary Ellen Oehler 238, Anthony Serignese 252-212-202666, Nick Viverito 203-234-635.

Bob Kozma 300 at Wallington

WALLINGTON, NJ - Bob Kozma blastd a 300 game while contesting in the Bud Lite Tuesday 4-Man at AMF Wallington Lanes. TJ Valentin tossed a 290 followed by Mickey Travaglio with 288, Tom Twist 287, Jeremy Rybak and Chonil Lee 279, Jerem y Rybak 273, Kevin Tito Jackson 268-267, Joseph Baldino 265, Gary Vicente 264, Paul Tortorici and John Jawor 258, Greg Work 257, Tony Lore and Len Lee 256. High Series non other than Kevin Tito Jackson still high from his engagement announcement tallied a 780 set, Bob Kozma 760, Tom Twist 738, Jeremy Rybak and TJ Valentin 732.

J. Monteleone 300 at Majestic


July 4 - 10, 2012

Andrew Cain is Re-elected USBC President

By Jason Overstreet USBC ARLINGTON, Texas - The United States Bowling Congress Board of Directors has re-elected Andrew Cain of Phoenix as USBC president. Tom Bluth of Davie, Fla. was re-elected vice president following his reappointment as a director-at-large. I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to continue as president of USBC, Cain said. USBC needs to bring forward a clear, illustrated plan for growth and my goal is to inspire our delegates and associations to support the organization once we fully develop the elements of that plan. Cain has served on the USBC Board of Directors since 2007 and has worked on many key committees including Legal and Legislative, Finance, and Equipment Specifications. Cain, who owns a small wholesale business, graduated from Arizona State with a degree in justice studies. A bowler since age 6, Cain rolled his first 300 game at age 12, was a member of Team USA in 2002, 2003 and 2005 and was a member of Junior Team USA in 2001. He has won nearly a dozen medals in international competition, and most recently was a member of the Team All-Events champions at the 2011 USBC Open Championships. I heard a clear message at convention that our member delegates want to be engaged and informed about USBCs plans and specific needs, Cain said. USBC needs to grow and needs to be bold while reengaging with the grassroots of our membership. I value our history and am eager to work toward helping bridge the generation gap so we can more effectively bring new bowlers into our sport. Bluth is an attorney and certified public accountant. He earned a bachelors degree in business administration as well as advanced degrees in law (J.D. and LL.M.) from Washington University in St. Louis. The board also reappointed Perry Daniels of Carrollton, Texas, as a director-at-large. Daniels is a member of The National Bowling Association and has held TNBA leadership positions such as local senate president, member of the Constitution Committee, Southern regional tournament director, national president, national king, national life member and marketing director. Dan Patterson of Phoenix will join the board Aug. 1 as a new athlete representative. Patterson was elected to fill the position currently held by Vernon Peterson. Patterson is a threetime member of Team USA. He won the 2006 U.S. Amateur Championship and was part of the gold-medal winning team at the 2006 Mens World Championships.

Quotes --- and comments "To get maximum attention, it's hard to beat a good, big mistake."---THE GAZETTE (Ask any bowler who ever tossed a bad ball at the wrong time.) "Imagination is more important than knowledge."--ALBERT EINSTEIN (Any top bowler will agree that the mental side of the game is at least 80 percent.) "Trifles make perfection---and perfection is no trifle."--MICHAELANGELO (That's why pros practice the little parts of their game for hours on end.) "The true way to soften one's troubles is to solace those of others."----de MAINTENON (In other words, take the time to listen to another bowler's troubles, and if you talk to enough, you'll always find someone worse off than you are.) "Trust in God, and keep your powder dry."---CROMWELL (Pray, but make sure you're throwing a good ball first.) "Tis strange---but true; for truth is always strange, Stranger than fiction."--BYRON (Now start believing some of those stories other bowlers tell you, or attend a meeting of a ladies bowling league.) The winds and waves are always on the side of ablest navigators.---EDWARD GIBBON (And so it is that the first thing a bowler must learn is how to adjust to varying lane conditions) Practice courtesy. You never know when it might become popular again.---BILL COPELAND (Do it in bowling all the time and your opponent will become flustered and confused) What is defeat? Nothing but education, nothing but the first step to something better.--WENDELL PHILLIPS (When you lose, there is nowhere to go but up, and that fits most bowlers because there will always be so many more losers than winners) Nobodys perfect, and Im the perfect example.---SUZY SUTTON (Could have swore Marshall Holman said that) A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what youve been taking.--EARL WILSON (And its what you do when youre in such a bad slump that you count splits and misses in your sleep when youre supposed to be adding up strikes and spares) If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as work.---SHAKESPEARE (A good argument to cut down on some of those long league schedules) Theres a funny thing about trouble. It starts out as being fun.---NONNEE COAN (And so do bowling troubles) As there are misanthropists or haters of men, so also are there misologists, or haters of ideas.---PLATO (Youve met them, there are a few at every type of bowling meeting) If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the samethen you are a man, my son.---RUDYARD KIPLING (And, man or woman, if you can do just that, youre a bowlers bowler)

Schaffer 300 At Farmingdale

FARMINGDALE, NY Jeremy Schaffer blasted a twelve in a row for a 300 game in the Thursday 3Man League at Farmingdale Lanes. Dan Levin rolled 289-238-232759, George Bove 289, Shawn Blessinger 287-214, Rich Tooker 227-280-278-785, Franki Bernardino 279-247-734, Eric Smyth 238-246-279-763, Rob Foerster 278-247-227-752, Lukas Zito 275-259-752, and Jag Gabino 2692-68-750.

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July 4 - 10, 2012


2012 PBA World Series of Bowling Returns to South Point in Las Vegas
Fourth annual multi-event international competition set for November 2-11
LAS VEGAS South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas will host the fourth annual Professional Bowlers Association World Series of Bowling, a multi-event international competition, Nov. 2-11, that will kick off the 2012-13 PBA Tour season. The 2012 World Series of Bowling, the third consecutive hosted by South Point, will feature four PBA animal pattern championships and conclude with the PBA World Championship. The package of events also will include six ESPN television events, plus the 2012 WTBA World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the PBA. Two PBA Regional special events also are in the preliminary planning stage. Since its inception in 2009, the PBA World Series has evolved into the true world showcase for bowling that we hoped it would become, Tom Clark said. Our newly-adopted relationships with the World Tenpin Bowling Association to expand PBA competition around the world will only enhance the drama that will unfold when we return to South Point in November. World Series IV is going to be fun. The World Series, which last year attracted more than 200 players from a record 15 different countries, will get underway with an open practice session on Friday, Nov. 2. Over the next four days, competitors will bowl eight-game qualifying sessions in the Cheetah, Viper, Chameleon and Scorpion Opens, respectively. At the conclusion of each daily qualifying round, the top 16 players will advance to an additional six-game qualifying session to determine the four players who will advance to the ESPN eliminator finals. Combined 32-game pinfall from the four animal pattern events also will serve as qualifying scores for the PBA World Championship. The top 24 after 32 games will advance to round robin match play on Nov. 7 and 8. After 24 additional games of match play, the top eight players will advance to an eight-player stepladder final. Television finals for delayed telecast on ESPN will be conducted on specially-installed lanes in an exhibition hall at South Casino and Hotel. The preliminary schedule calls for the WTBA World Bowling Tour Mens and Womens Finals, Cheetah Open and Viper Open finals to be conducted on Saturday, Nov. 10, with the Scorpion Open, Chameleon Open and PBA World Championship stepladder finals (in two sessions) to be conducted on Sunday, Nov. 11.


Oren Warter 794
MADISON, NJ - Oren Warter topped the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a high game of 296 and a high series of 794. Trevor Bogert shot 279-739, Harry Franz 280-719, and Stephanie Rahn 230-621. In the Thursday Mixed League Bette Simon rolled 238, Jim Sirica 231, Thomas Litland 230, Bill Phair 215, and Pat Wilfong 214.

Liesl Apgar 729

MADISON, NJ - Liesl Apgar led the Ladies League firing a 248 game en route to a high series of 729. In the Friday Classic League Vinnie Pagnotta shot 253, Jim Moore 248, John Manganiello 247, and David Hanft 694.

Mark Masucci 680

MADISON, NJ - Mark Masucci paced the scoring in the Tuesday 400 Doubles League firing a 247 game for a high series of 680. Frank Fillimon hit 257, Mike Porter 236-610, and Dave Hanft 631. In the Pharma Plus League Dan Smith shot 240-636, Joe Jagiello 232607, Linda Adams 213, John Lulewicz and Scott Harnish 204.

Liesl Apgar 679

MADISON, NJ- Liesl Apgar rolled 258-679, and Elaine Wilson 209 in the Ladies League. Charles Wilfong rolled 234-630, Craig Swartz 226, and Jim Sirici 225 in the Thursday Mixed League

Ian Lerner 266

MADISON, NJ Ian Lerner led the scoring in the Thursday Mixed League firing a high game of 266. Craig Swartz and Travis Wilfong shot 245, Charles Wilfong 684, and Trevor Bogert 673. In the Thursday Mixed League Karen Evangelista and Laura Russo shot 212, and Pat Wilfong 211.

Joe Marchese 257

MADISON, NJ Joe Marchese led the scoring in the MC Police & Fire Mens League firing a high game of 257. John McNamara rolled 238, Dan Pridham 227, and Carolyn Granato 212. In the Union Rec League Vicki Bosco hit 185,and Debbie Polo 170.

Monday Night BSL League Jersey Lanes 30 North Park Ave. Linden, NJ 07036
We are looking for individuals and teams. 5 person team no cap. Bowling begins September 10th, 2012 at 6:50pm. $50 sponsor fee waived for all new teams*. $ per $25 p week, p bowler. , per Banquet with hot and cold buffet at the end of the season. Last years first place prize was $9,000 with 15 teams. This year s estimated prize based on 20 teams is $10 000 years $10,000. Anyone interested contact Jim Fostinis at (908) 862-7782 or Ken Young at (609) 731-2758
*new team=3 new bowlers to league


July 4 - 10, 2012

By Gloria Volpe

Totoy Andres 682
STATEN ISLAND, NY Totoy Andres led the scoring in the Sr. Mens Club League firing games of 232-231-219 for a high series of 682. Stu Isaacs rolled 225-236-655, Howie Weiss 213-253-637, Al Felline 211-207-217-635, Tom OSullivan 254-609, and Al Pretto 248.

Glorias Anyway Doubles Well this league got off to a great start. Chris Briamonte 300-245 735. Kevin (Tito) Jackson 264-250 733. Paul Tortorici 269-237 700 Steve Mocarski 267 , Travis Komar 257, John Palmieri 256, Our own Lou Rondon 245, Brett Contreas 249 700, Dominick Mancini Sr 239, Mike Kavanagh & Gary Pelikan & Pino Tortorici 237, Vinnie Troncone & Mike (Mush) Barone 236, Vincent Briamonte 234. G & L Friday Night Mixed This league also had a 300 shot by Neil Young. Wonhee Yu 266, Nino Ponanc 246, Damond Anderson 245, Brian Creeley & James Traficante 242, Joley Jackowitz 245 , 215, Donna Bagarazzi 226, 220 Jenny Kim 225 . Tuesday Anyway Foursome The 2nd week of this league an Tom Twist was off to a great start with his 278-276-240 794, Mike Polito 248, John Gonzalez 245, Al Luzzi 242-227-205, 674. Joe DArrigo 233. Shannon Kelly had the high score for the Woman with her 245-222-204 671, Lori Begash 216. Tuesday Early 5 Man Joe Leardo jr. was 289, 265,238 792 Bret Contreas 280 , 257 761 Charles Worth 267, 717, 245 Bob Simone 266, Bill Cappiello & Ed Lisi 258,Dante Lyer 253, Scott Shirmer 252, Jerry Ramirez 249, Denny Tramel , Scott Dunning, Ed Lisi all had 246. Doug Weiler 244.

Summer Bowling Tour Starts July 8th At Coram Country and Farmingdale Lanes
Beginning Sunday, July 8th, at Coram Country Lanes, and continuing every Sunday thereafter through August 26th, Farmingdale Lanes, 999 Conklin Street, in Farmingdale, 631 249 4300 and Coram Country Lanes, 615 Middle Country Road, Coram, 631 732 2022, will be hosting a Singles Handicap Tournament. On July 15th, Farmingdale Lanes is the host center, then on the 22nd, Coram Country Lanes, as the tournament schedule moves from one center to the other, culminating with a Grand Finals, August 26th, at Farmingdale Lanes. Check in time of 5:15 for a 6:00 p.m. start remains the same through all (8) tournament dates. A $30.00 entry fee remains the same for all but the Grand Finals at which the entry fee will be $50.00. Tournament bowlers competing in 4 or more events will receive a $20.00 discount for entry at the Grand Finals. At each tournament competitors will bowl (4) games, dropping their lowest game. Handicap will be 90% of 240, off 2011/12 highest sanctioned average. Total wood, including handicap to determine final standings. At each event there will be; A 300 Game Pot, progressive, rolling over if not hit. Handicap and scratch brackets, paid in full, house takes NO commission, and a 1-6 cashing ratio. For more information or to enter an event please call Coram Country Lanes 631 732 2022 or Farmingdale Lanes, 631 249 4300.

Karolyn Buono 660

STATEN ISLAND, NY Karolyn Buono led the scoring in the Junior Scholarship Doubles League firing games of 201-202257 for a high series of 660. Carola Ann Spoto 242-235649, Anthony Mattariello 229, Robert DeSimone 214-211, and Anthony Everts 213. In the Youth Leaders Triples League Brandon Cutrupi hit 212, Vincent Gide 213, Matthew Covas 204, and Jonathan Petrizzi 204.

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George Stephens Jr. Wins NABI

George Stephens, Jr shoots 248 scratch to win his first NABI club title. George has been a member for more than 4 years, and has several second place finishes to his credit, but in his home house, Woodmere Lanes, he was not to be denied. Great lane conditions and staff led to three honor scores from Steve Williams who shot a 300, John Laurtia with a 290, and Robert De Lacruz who had 11 in a row for a 279. Second place went to John Laurita followed by 3rd place Alan Liu and 4th place Steve Williams.

Jib Lanes is again proud to be the host center for the Tiara Tri-Doubles Tournament $12,000 Guaranteed 1st Place
Squads each weekend: Saturdays 7:00 pm until ? ? ? Sundays 2:00 pm until ? ? ? Visit for more info


July 4 - 10, 2012

Steve Bermudez 860
FARMINGDALE, NY Steve Bermudez blasted a scratch game of 278 and finished the session with an 860 handicap series to win the Maple Family Centers BVL Tournament. Mike Garfinkel hit 280, Joy Ayroso 279-776, Pete Smith 279728, Willie Fessler 275, Steve Suhadolink 274-725, Tom Agostino 267, and Tony Pepe 267707.

Tom Colon 753

FARMINGDALE, NY Tom Colon led the scoring in the Wednesday Early Mens League firing 284-263-753. Steve Gonzales shot 256-244715, Joseph Kelch 265-234-708, William Code 256-247-706, Joe Niemczyk 266-235-701, and BJ Fuller 289-690. In the Wednesday Party League Lloyd Hasluck shot 235-223-659, Eric Vazquez 235-222-664, and Mike Marrazzo 235-222-662.

Lloyd Hasluck 688

FARMINGDALE, NY Lloyd Hasluck topped the scoring in the Tuesday Party League firing games of 227-234-227 for a high series of 688. Howie Garfinkel rolled 279, Wayne Embleton 257-247, Brian Siemers 252, Dennis Dowdican 251, Paul Constantinopoli 242, Bryan Allen 237, Brian Meade 235, and Deirdre Scollins 218. In the Youth League Brandon Soedarmasto hit 214, and Chris Valentine 213.

Chris Watson Rolled 279 At Coram Country Lanes

CORAM, NY Chris Watson led the Perfect Fit Quads bowling a 279 high game followed by Adam Kraus with a 268 and Joe Demartini tossed a 267. Topping the Wednesday Night Mix was Josh Nordstrom rolling 267 and Jay Faut with a 266. Dave Sherwin with a 278 in a 751 series took lead in the Friday Summer Trios and Margaret Finne hit 257 for a 642 series.

Craig Bogart 775

FARMINGDALE, NY Craig Bogart led the scoring in the Sunday Early Mixed League with 237-279-259 for a 775 set. Joe Giammarino, Jr. rolled 257245-700, Wayne Embleton 247, and Rich Fiorentino 245.

Mike Garfinkel 726

FARMINGDALE, NY Mike Garfinkel led the scoring in the Thursday Goodtimers League bowling 258-256-212 for a 726 set. Dale Alberino hit 279-693, Howi Garfinkel 235, and Rafael Ongjoco 258.

Chris Valentine 664

FARMINGDALE, NY Chris Valentine led the Skydive Fun Doubles League firing games of 256-247 for a high series of 664. Sean Mott shot 226, and Casey Sparacio 223.

Chris Buzzonetti 280

FARMINGDALE, NY Chris Buzzonetti took high game honors in the Saturday Nite Fun League firing a 280. Rich Thomas, Jr. rolled 268, Christ Traina 266-224, Vinny Inpone 266-253, Paul Bouchard 258, Wingo Hom 257-246, and Matt Traina 256-224. In the Friday Late Mixed League Bob Starzec rolled 268225, Joe Camacho 268, Clay Hunte 248, Tony Cardi 247-223, and Junior Pascal 242.

Adam Chase 266

FARMINGDALE, NY Adam Chase led the scoring in the Pro Shot Challenge League firing a high game of 266. Adam Sher hit 243, and Joe Costanzo 227.

Ta k e Yo u r Fa m i l y B ow l i n g

Brian Beale 765

FARMINGDALE, NY Brian Beale topped the scoring in the Wednesday Party League firing a 266 game for a high series of 765. Mike Siry, Brian Siemers, and George Mazzarro hit 236.

Clay Hunt 755

FARMINGDALE, NY Clay Hunt topped the scoring in the Saturday PMS League firing 222277-256-755. Tom Burke rolled 257-218-659, and Gregg Thilbourg 244-231647.

July 4 - 10, 2012


Tony Gee Won His Second LIGBT Title

SYOSSET, NY: LIGBTs first summer tournament was held at AMF Syosset and when all the pins had stopped falling Tony Gee, Floral Park, NY emerged victorious with a $1,000 pay day. This was Tonys second LIGBT title and both have come at AMF Syosset. Tony won the title by defeating second place finisher Tom Grunwald, Astoria, NY 269-258 in the final shootout. Tom earned $500 for his runner-up position. Finishing third was Carlos Nieves, New York, NY who shot a 233 worth $250. Scoring was quite high considering a 40 foot sport shot was put down. The first squad leader was Carlos Nieves who rolled a 778 series to earn a seed directly into the final shootout. The 3pm squad leader was Gene Zohlmann, N. Babylon, NY with an 851 which gave him 1 bye in the finals. The wild card winner, which goes to the highest 6-game series by a non-finalist, was won by Tom Piazza, Roslyn Heights, NY with a 1463 series.

Jim Dworak Topped OLV

By Al Smetana WAYNE, NJ Jim Dworak shot 247-708 to lead all scoring in Our Lady of the Valley Bowling League at T-Bowl II. Scott Busch bowled 258-676, Gary Narayan 244-672, Marty Hansen 235-649, Mike Vigorito 267-638, Rich Shanley 225-


July 4 - 10, 2012


Kevin Kennelly 794
HOPELAWN, NJ Kevin Kennelly topped the scoring in the Thursday Mixed Nuts bowling 237-278-279 for a 794 high set. Don M. Hellhake shot 243-246216-705, William Bailey 259-213222-694, Brian Petretta 237-244656, Rolando Vazquez 222-236641, Mike P. Kennelly 257-638, and Gloriane Sabo 204.

Don Anione 749

HOPELAWN, NJ Don Anione led the scoring in the His & Hers League firing 211-248-290-749. Tom Poulos rolled 204-235221-660, Mike Conte 225-211208-644, Michael Holoka 204254-640, and Cyndi Bolesta 203239-637. Steve Marshall shot 253 and Brian MacDonald 224 in the South Shore League.

Joe Bloodgood 704

HOPELAWN, NJ Joe Bloodgood led the scoring in the Sunday Nite Mixed League firing games of 266-224-214 for a high series of 704. Elio Carrasco shot 266-238694, Sean Williams 236-241-216693, Tino Mendez 297-213-688, Frank Nebus 267-212-687, Kevin Fountain 232-257-683, Willie Figueroa 226-211-216-653, and Kathleen Fountain 204-231-625.

Willie Zammitto 789

HOPELAWN, NJ Willie Zammitto topped the scoring in the Madison Park Mens League blasting games of 267-264-258 for a high series of 789. Pete Tirado shot 259-243-222724, Mitch Sacks 248-216-226690, Buddy Verardi 249-202-238689, Rob DOnofrio 212-239-233684, Eric Oppenheimer 258-214210-682, and Erin Drakoulis 227.

John Baginsky, Jr. 736

HOPELAWN, NJ John Baginsky, Jr. led the scoring in the La Buona Pizza League with 255278-203-736. Vinny R. Medvetz shot 228270-202-700, John Baginsky 236235-660, Ron Tanko 201-214242-657, Joe Herber 234-225-654, and Kristen Troutman 213.

Michelle Gurbisz 675

HOPELAWN, NJ Michelle Gurbisz led the scoring in the Family League firing games of 262-217 for a 675 set. John Porcellana hit 234-210231-675, Robert Krimin 257-217666, Steve Venito 248-213-655, Rocco Fortunato 227-245-640, Anthony Angotti 221-221-608, and Bobby Nebus 238.

Mitch Sacks 770

HOPELAWN, NJ Mitch Sacks led the scoring in the Madison Park Mens League firing games of 224257-289 for a high series of 770. Danny Knopf rolled 265-267727, Eric Oppenheimer 243-227257-727, Kristopher Brus 210231-278-719, Travis Tilley 234236-235-705, Scott Porto 258-257701, and Erin Drakoulis 246-247.

Scott Akalewicz 722

HOPELAWN, NJ Scott Akalewicz led the scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed rolling 247209-266 for a 722 series. Andrew Smith shot 246-247201-694, Vinny Medvetz 233-613, and Danielle Medvetz 224-204. Wayne Michel shot 262-246647, and Larry Johnson 220 in the Senior No-Tap League.

Walter Malecki 706

HOPELAWN, NJ - Walter Malecki led the scoring in the Guys & Dolls League firing games of 244-236-226 for a high series of 706. Don Anine rolled 248-248-688, Randel Hernandez 219-267-643, and Mike Acevedo 208-201-216625.

Elio Carrasco 758

HOPELAWN, NJ Elio Carrasco led the Sunday Nite Mixed firing games of 259-256243 for a high series of 758. Dennis Quintana rolled 235233-217-685, Mike Acevedo 290649, Cid Stentella 223-206-215644, and Carole Lopez 223.

Joe Thurston 719

HOPELAWN, NJ Joe Thurston led the scoring in the Friday Nite Mixed League tossing 290-214-215 for a high 719 set. Kevin Cristi shot 243-234-223700, Kevin Eccleston 243-227212-682, Jason Ricciardelli 222210-212-644, Ron Krakowski 229-210-633, and Barbara Woitowicz 202.

Joe Plescia 686

HOPELAWN, NJ Joe Plescia led the scoring in the Monday Adult/Junior League firing games of 225-213-248 for a high series of 686. Vinny Medvetz hit 205-268201-674, Chris Poythress 226601, and Steph Crane 201-203.

Don M. Hellhake 757

HOPELAWN, NJ - Don M. Hellhake led the scoring in the Thursday Mixed Nuts bowling 245-265-247 for a 757 set. William Bailey rolled 203-226261-690, Kevin Kennelly 225228-232-685, Rolando Vazquez 204-234-622, and Mike V. Kennelly 237. In the Friends & Family League Ben Martino shot 221206-620, Wayne Torzilli 205, and Joe Moy 200.

Andrew Smith 718

HOPELAWN, NJ Andrew Smith led the scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed League firing games of 257-216-245 for a high series of 718. Vinny Medvetz rolled 277-237698, Rollin E. Ball 236-228-645, Thomas Poulos 265-247-639, and Robin Ball 223

Matt Mitchell 661

HOPELAWN, NJ Matt Mitchell led the scoring in the Performance Ball Trios League firing games of 231-224-206 for a high series of 661. John Kertesz hit 217-235-644, and Ryane Mench 201. In the Junior Hav-A-Ball league Branden Barrese hit 224, Ashely Espy 127, and Jonathan Barrese 119.