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“AnGreen Buildingsgreen buildings doesn't make a sustainable endless number of Aren’t Enough
city. To make our buildings green five-star or LEED-Gold is fine, but not enough.

We have to get the cities to change their ways. If you pay attention to the smaller scale, inviting people to walk and bike, you get a more lively and livable city, a safer city, a more sustainable city. It's a much healthier lifestyle to have people use their muscles in their day-to-day life. There's so much to be gained with making people-oriented cities. So what are we waiting for?” -Jan Gelh
Seattle’s 2008 Community GHG Inventory

Learning from Established Cycling Cultures
•Copenhagen, Denmark (37%) •Aarhus, Denmark (20%) •Malmo, Sweden (30%) •Barcelona, Spain (5%) •London, UK (12%) •Cambridge, UK (15%)

•Groningen, Holland (57%)
•Amsterdam, Holland (40%)

•Tokyo, Japan (20%)
•Kyoto, Japan (25%) •Seattle (3%)

•Paris, France (6%)
•Basel, Switzerland (17%)

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