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Registration Fee: $15.00

All registrations must include Motorcycle Unit Fee to be qualified for submission and parade entry. Returned checks for insufficient funds or request to reissue a deposit check will result in a $30.00 service charge. Register early to save time the morning of the Parade. Please print clearly and complete ALL information. First Name Mailing Address City Daytime Phone ( ) Email Motorcycle Type / Make License Plate Number Insurance Company I will be riding with (please check only one): Independent State Evening Phone ( ) Zip code Cell Phone ( ) Last Name

Motorcycle Model Drivers License Number Drivers License State Policy Number

Year Expiration Date

Club Name: ________________________________________________

I ride a trike (motorcycle with 2 rear wheels that occupies a larger width than most motorcycles)

Payment Method: Cash Account Number Card Holders Name (as it appears on the card) Billing Address City Daytime Phone ( ) State Evening Phone ( ) Zip code Cell Phone ( ) Check payable to San Diego LGBT Pride Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover) Card Identification Number Expiration Date

San Diego LGBT Pride | P.O. Box 34366, San Diego, CA 92163 | (P) 619-297-7683 ext .107| (F) 619-260-3096 Email:


Please read through the key points listed below and initial each line indicating you have read, understand and agree to that point. If you have any questions please contact the San Diego LGBT Pride Office at (619) 297-7683 ext.107 or Please Initial: _____Motorcycle Registration and Liability Insurance: I acknowledge that I have a current motorcycle registration and Liability Insurance as required by California Vehicular Code. _____Emergency Traffic Lanes: must remain open at all times. These lanes are in both the staging area and on the parade route and are clearly marked. It is unlawful to park vehicles, decorate contingents, wait in, or encumber these emergency lanes in any manner at any time. _____Drugs and Alcohol: Drugs and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the entire pre-parade assembly area, as well as on the parade route. Participants who are found to have any drugs or alcohol in their possession or found to under the influence will be removed and their unit/parade. Please discourage your participants from consuming any alcohol or drugs prior to or during the parade. _____Throwing From Your Unit: Due to the danger of physical injury, insurance requirements and littering problems, all parade participants are forbidden to throw anything from their unit. Do not in any fashion encourage viewers to come onto the parade route. _____Stunt riding: Stunt Riding will not be permitted. This includes: wheelies, weaving, passing bikes in front, dropping behind, and breaking out of line, doubling back against the flow of the Parade, purposely creating gaps, crowding or endangering other bikes. Passengers must be legally seated in the passenger seat. Unsafe maneuvers and excessive speed can result in immediate removal from parade participation. _____Nudity and Obscenity: Nudity & obscenity will not be permitted as defined by California State Code, title 17.04.480. It is against the law to appear nude in public or to be exposed in a manner determined to be lewd, lascivious, and/or obscene, ordinance SDMC 56.53(c). Violators of these laws will be barred from participating in the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade and could be subject to citation or arrest from the San Diego Police Department. _____Indemnify & Hold Harmless: All applicants are responsible for any and all acts and/or omissions on their part, or on the part of their agents, volunteers and/or employees that may result in the injury or damage to themselves their agents, employees, or third parties. Applicant specifically agrees to indemnify and to hold San Diego LGBT Pride, the City of San Diego and its agents, servants and employees free from harmless and to defend it from any and all claims arising out of any such acts or omissions. _____Removal of Participants: San Diego LGBT Pride reserves the right to remove any persons or unit from the pre-parade assembly area or the parade that in, SD Prides opinion is offensive, a hindrance to the progress of the parade, places other participants or spectators in physical danger or violates any regulations application. _____Right to publish: SDPride reserves the right to publish this signed agreement, in whole or in part, in support and pursuit of its aims, goals, and purposes. I have read this entire agreement and shall comply with all rules, guidelines, terms, and conditions. I understand that violation of any regulation is cause for removal from the parade. Information herein provided by me is true, correct, and complete and that I am legally empowered to enter into this agreement. First Name Signature Last Name Date

San Diego LGBT Pride | P.O. Box 34366, San Diego, CA 92163 | (P) 619-297-7683 ext .107| (F) 619-260-3096 Email: