Final Investment List

Middle Georgia Baldwin County
Project ID RC06-000001 RC06-000002 RC06-000004 RC06-000005 RC06-000006 Project Name Baldwin County Airport Improvements Blandy Road Resurfacing and Operational Improvements SR 540/FALL LINE FWY ON NEW LOC FM US 441/WILKINSON TO SR 24 Transit Capital-Purchase New Vans US 441 North Bypass Construction

Bibb County
Project ID RC06-000007 RC06-000008 RC06-000012 RC06-000016 RC06-000017 RC06-000018 RC06-000019 RC06-000020 RC06-000022 RC06-000023 RC06-000027 RC06-000028 RC06-000030 RC06-000032 RC06-000033 RC06-000034 RC06-000035 RC06-000036 RC06-000038 RC06-000039 RC06-000042 RC06-000043 RC06-000046 Project Name Bass Rd - from I-75 to New Forsyth Rd - Widen - Intersection Improvements Bass Rd-from New Forsyth Rd to Riverside Dr-Widen-Intersection Improvements Houston Road Widening from Sardis Church Rd and North Walden Rd to South Walden Rd I-16 Widening from SR 11 to SR 87 I-16/I-75 Interchange Improvements I-75 Widening from Pierce Ave to I-16 Industrial Highway Center Turn Lane from Avondale Mill Rd to Walden Rd Jeffersonville Rd and Millerfield Rd Widening Macon Transit Authority Capital Funds for Buses and Vehicles Macon Transit Authority Maintenance Facility Middle Georgia Regional Airport-Runway 5/23 Extension Norfolk Southern Track Improvements in Bibb and Monroe County Pierce Ave Bicycle/Pedestrian Facility from Ingleside Avenue to Riverside Drive Riverside Dr Sidewalks from Madison to Pierce Riverside Dr, Bass Rd & Arkwright Rd Intersection Signalization Riverside Drive Widening and Improvements from New Forsyth Rd to Bass Road Rivoli Drive Bike Lanes Sardis Church Road Extension PH II- From SR247 to I-16/Sgoda Rd (PE and ROW only) Sardis Church Road Widening and Extension Connecting I-75 to SR 247 Seventh St Truck Route-Seventh St at Walnut and Seventh at Eisenhower Pkwy Intersection Improvements US 41/Houston Road Bridge Replacement at Rocky Creek Widen Bass Rd - from Zebulon Rd to I-75 Wimbish Road Bike Lanes

Crawford County
Project ID RC06-000048 Project Name SR 7/US 341 Passing Lanes

Houston County
Project ID RC06-000050 RC06-000053 RC06-000054 RC06-000058 RC06-000059 RC06-000062 RC06-000063 RC06-000064 RC06-000067 RC06-000070 RC06-000071 RC06-000074 RC06-000076 Project Name Collins Avenue Sidewalk Addition Gunn Road Widening Houston Lake Road Widening Perry Houston County Airport-Runway 36 Localizer Replacement Perry Houston County Airport-Runway 36 Rehabilitation and Extension Perry Houston County Airport-Terminal Expansion Perry Parkway Extension Perry/Houston County Airport Hangars St Patricks Drive Extension Widen Lake Joy Road (SR 127 to Sandefur Road) SR 247C (Watson Blvd) Intersection Improvements Widening and Improvements of Elberta Road from North Houston Road to SR-247/US-129 SR 247 Passing Lanes

Jones County
Project ID RC06-000077 RC06-000078 RC06-000079 RC06-000080 RC06-000083 RC06-000085 RC06-000086 RC06-000089 RC06-000090 Project Name Bridge Replacement on Turner Woods Road at Milsap Creek Construct SR 899/Gray North Bypass from NE SR 18 to SR 22 CR 28/Howard Roberts Road at Chehaw Creek West of Clinton Griswoldville Industrial Park Railroad Spur Intersection Improvements to US 129/Gray Highway at Greene Settlement Road Jones County Transit-Capital New Clinton Rd - Sidewalks on Both Sides SR 49 - Sidewalks SR 49 Crossing 733415H

Monroe County
Project ID RC06-000095 RC06-000096 RC06-000097 RC06-000100 RC06-000101 RC06-000154 Project Name Indian Springs Drive / L. Cary Bittick Drive / Georgia PSTC Intersection Improvement North Jackson Street Underpass Montpelier Road Minor Widening and Reconstruction Roundabout at Hwy 74 and Hwy 42 Roundabout at SR 83 and SR 87 Johnstonville Rd Bridge Replacement @ I-75

Peach County
Project ID RC06-000103 RC06-000107 RC06-000114 RC06-000117 Project Name Chapman Road Widening Russell Parkway Extension: Phase I SR 96 Widening From I-75 to CS 1121-Lake Joy Road White Road at SR 49, Intersection Improvement/Realignment

Pulaski County
Project ID RC06-000122 RC06-000123 RC06-000124 RC06-000126 Project Name Hawkinsville Pulaski County Airport Improvements Intersection Improvements SR 11 and SR 230 Pulaski County Section 5311 Transit System SR 247 Passing Lanes from U.S. 341 to Houston/Pulaski County Line

Putnam County
Project ID RC06-000128 RC06-000132 RC06-000136 RC06-000137 RC06-000139 Project Name Eatonton NE Bypass Old Phoenix Road Minor Widening and Reclamation SR 16 at SR 44 Intersection Improvement SR 24/US 441 Widening from the N. Eatonton Bypass to the Morgan County Line SR 44 Operational Improvements

Twiggs County
Project ID RC06-000141 RC06-000142 RC06-000147 Project Name Bridge Replacement - SR 19/US 80 CSX RR 2.8 Miles SE of Dry Branch Interchange Reconstruction at I-16 at SR 96 Widening SR 96 from east of CR 540/Old Hawkinsville Rd to West of SR 87

Wilkinson County
Project ID RC06-000151 RC06-000152 RC06-000153 Project Name Resurfacing J. R. Simms Road CR 188 from SR 96 to SR 57 Resurfacing Jackson Road/CR 14 from Ivey City Limits to Laurel Branch Road/CR 182 Gordon McIntyre Road Resurfacing and Operational Improvement from Fall Line Freeway to US 441

Region Wide
Project ID RC06-000155 Project Name Program/ Administration Fee

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