-Character Name: Senritsu is her nickname, literally meaning "Melody".

Her real name she will only reveal to those she trust to keep quiet. -Gender: Female -Age: 20 -Height: 5 foot 2 -Weight: 138lb -Rank: Missing-nin (rouge) -Division: Intel -Group: Akatsuki -Partner/Team: Keke -Village: She originated from the land of sound -Likes: Sweets, studying, composing, singing, talking, rain, snow, fall/winter, cute styles, pranks, games, listening to music, birds, cooking -Dislikes: Bitter food/drinks, silence, waking up early in the morning, summer heat -Appearance: You can see how she dresses in the pictures I provided. Senritsu dresses in such a manner because she uses her looks to her advantage to get what she desires. (Not in a sluty way god no, just using her cuteness to get something she needs or wants for the time being.) But most of the time since she is in the Akatsuki she does wear the cloak appropriately. Her hair is a cream/pale blonde color and no she doesn’t dye it that color. Her eyes are also a very deep black with pale skin. Her hair nicely frames and curls around her face and yet it’s long in the back, it will often do a strange little curl in the back too. Around her head, she wears a big bow. She’s not afraid to be feminine and she loves “cute” styles. She does not have any scars, but her figure is a bit on the curvy side. The cloak hides her figure for the most part. Under her black dress she wears mesh armor. Also, she has mismatched accessories. Same styles, just one glove is fingerless and short, the other a long black glove. Her shoes are the same deal. One longer cut than the other and her mesh armor on her legs are the same. She hates looking “normal” or like anyone else. The bow around her head is her trademark. Something she never goes without, unless she’s going to sleep. -Fighting Style: Senritsu is of course a sound genjutsu specialist and a vocal artist. However she does not rely solely on genjutsu as she does on her ninjutsu. Sound genjutsu for her takes up more chakura and time, so she will only use such genjutsu if she finds herself in a tight spot. What Senritsu lacks in brute force however she makes up for in great speed. Also the vocal techniques she has developed on her own is something she is most prideful about. Very few of her jutsus require any hand signs, only her combination of chakura and sound to perform her jutsus. Though most of these techniques are long-range, she has two

spring loaded daggers she made specifically so a) she wouldn’t lose them and b) for close range fighting. These blades are hidden in two gaudy emblems she has strapped to the back of her hands. It only takes a quick flick of her wrists to flip the switch so they will pop out of their hidden compartment. To hide them again it takes the same motion. When fighting with her partner Keke, she will prefer to hide away while her partner is the close range fighter. With her camouflage technique she will stay about 5 meters away from Keke at all times as she uses techniques like Extreme Decapitating Airwaves, and the Unseen Warrior. However, she quickly adjusts her songs to Keke’s needs at the time if they’re facing more than one person. Using songs she’s specifically made to handicap them to make defeating them easier. However, when she meets with someone upfront and they see her before she is able to hide away in her camouflage technique, she will readjust her tactics to be upfront. She will rely more on short melodies and harmonies that require only a minimum of 4 notes. This is because during a hand to hand fight she cannot keep an even breath for her more advanced techniques. Senritsu even before the blindness always had impeccable hearing. When she’s paying attention that is. The same range her songs can reach is the range she can hear anyone who would be following behind. Usually she would use this to avoid people because from the longest range, it makes it easy. She cannot tell who it is that usually comes into range. But if they’re following she will be able to tell. -Flaws in her fighting style: Even before her recent blindness, her techniques follow the same basic rule. If the sound stops, so does the jutsu and the effect. So there is numerous situations in which someone can force her to stop even for a brief moment. When she is caught off guard, she will stop for a moment to react appropriately like to dodge or block. Covering her mouth or sealing it also works, then there’s slitting her throat, but that would put her in the worst situation possible so she’s constantly on her guard about that. Another thing after fighting for so long, she can hardly catch her breath. Without her breath, no matter how much chakura she has left, she cannot use her sound based jutsus. With her recent blindness it’s added a few things she cannot perceive and also other things that would do more harm than help. One is with her impeccable hearing. It is her way of seeing. The more sound there is, the more she sees. However, with a very loud sound say, an explosion or loud sound based instrument, it would distort her “sight”. The other thing is even though she can “see” fairly well with her hearing, there are still some things she cannot see. Wires, senbon, these sorts of things she cannot perceive since sound does not bounce off of them the same way it does on any other object. Weapons: Her spring loaded daggers. That's about it. Jutsu's: 1.Vocal Mind Techniques [The user uses a simple sound to reflect the hearer’s inner thoughts. However, they must remain in contact for the technique to work. Once the sound is heard and so long as there is contact, the user can hear their thoughts. It’s a very broad skill, allowing the user to hear every bit of vocalized thought within the day at least. The user however cannot hear thoughts from the previous day or years.] 2. Extreme Decapitating Airwaves (real) 3. Haze Clone Technique (real) 4. Body Flicker Technique (Shunshin no Jutsu) (real) 5. Vocal Song Technique: Still [The user sings a song of major chord. It makes the hearer unable to move, their nervous system irresponsive] 6. Hiding with Camouflage Technique (real)

7. Vocal Song Technique: Void [The user sings a song of minor chord. It leaves the hearer blind.] 8. Vocal Song Technique: Bind [The user sings a song of major chord. It leaves the hearer unable to use their ninjutsus.] 9. Vocal Song Technique: Collapse [The user sings a song of a major chord. It destroys the hearers from their inner ears into their minds. Leaving their bodies useless. This vocal song technique uses up most of Senritsu’s chakura. It is her ultimate technique.] 10. Ventriloquism Skill (Fukuwajutsu) [The user uses their own mouth to transmit chakra and essentially bundle up sound until they want to release it. This allows them throw their voice or move any sounds they can make with their mouth to any location without the sound fading. If they know where a person's ear is, they can use this to actually whisper into it.] 11. Hell’s Ears [By concentrating chakra into the ears, the user of this jutsu is able to detect exact details of movement by the means of sound. This requires extreme concentration, and all users (including Jounin) must close their eyes to achieve such a state of mind. This Jutsu does not require hand-seals.] 12. Unseen Warrior (Hitoshirenu Buke) [This is a more combat oriented version of the Unseen Servant. This jutsu utilizes the ability for strong, high pitched sound to physically affect objects. This jutsu creates a sound at a high enough pitch that it can't be heard, and strong enough were it can actually hit objects. The sound can not maintain constant pressure on an object, so it is ill suited for more tasks outside of battle. Inside of battle, the Unseen Warrior can actually create enough force to bruise an opponent. The exact amount of force that this jutsu can exert is limited only by the user's ability to control and produce chakra (anotherwards, the user can exert one pound of force for every point of int he or she has). This jutsu can not focus the force emitted enough to pierce or cut a person. The "force" or "servant" manifests for a small amount of time, during which it can perform a variety of actions. It is impossible to control more then one servant.] 13. Sound’s Barrier [This allows the user to bend sound and air around their hands with their chakura, forming a small momentary barrier to deflect any projectiles. It is not a permanent barrier nor does it last very long.] Personality: Senritsu is a very sweet-natured girl. Or so she likes people to think. Though it’s true she’s more kind to her comrades, she does not restrain herself when she’s fighting or feel compassion for those she feels to be a threat to her. To most it seems she takes everything too lightly and jokes about everything. But that is her way of dealing with stress or unhappiness. Senritsu will always mask her unhappiness with her plastered grin. Not because she’s forcing herself to, it’s a habit she long began since her childhood she cannot stop. It would take something very drastic for her to lose that mask she wears so often. However, just because she smiles often to hide her discontent doesn’t mean she is never truly happy or incapable of expressing other emotions. She can express concern, fear (or in her case spazzing), curiosity/interest, sometimes even shy. When she does feel sorrowful or angered about something, she will surely speak it and it will be heard through her tone, but her face will remain smiling. Senritsu does have a sort of “reflex” with certain situations. Or to be more accurate, habits. When she feels uncomfortable, she pulls her Akatsuki collar up over her nose and mouth to hide her face. When she is speaking to someone she feels flattered by or feels shy she will twirl the curls of her hair around her index finger, sometimes with both hands. As some people already know because it’s been repeated over and over it’s that Senritsu is never good with romance or anything of the sort. So at times she has flirted to get a rise or a reaction out of someone to amuse her. Much like her pranks or just being a nuisance. But if someone returns the affection or flirts with her, she gets easily flustered and

embarrassed. If done enough times she eventually gives up trying to get a reaction out of them for her amusement because she’s too worried about what they may do next.

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