School Year


Financial Aid Application
Please read the Financial Aid Policies listed on the reverse then fill out this form. Please sign and submit to As-Sabeel Academy administration as soon as possible. Filling out this form does not guarantee financial aid approval.

A. Student Information
Student’s Full Name Grade Gender (M/F) Birth Date

B. Family Information
Father’s First Name Father’s Occupation Mother’s First Name Mother’s Occupation Address City Telephone State Email Yes No Zip Code Last Name Employer Last Name Employer

Has the child applied for financial aid before? (circle one)

C. Financial Information
Please fill in the following anticipated income and expenses for the upcoming school year. NOTE: You must attach a copy of your last two filed tax returns and proof of income. Father’s Gross Annual Income Grants, Gifts, AFDC Unreported Monthly Rent or House Payment Mother’s Gross Annual Income Self Employed and Other Income Total Number of Dependents

I have read and agreed to the Financial Aid Policies (summarized on the back of this form), and I testify that to the best of my knowledge, all information in this form is complete and true. I also understand that As-Sabeel Academy reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the information provided.

Signature of Parent or Guardian


School Year:

Financial Aid Policies
Please read the Financial Aid Policies listed here then fill out this the form on the reverse. 1. As-Sabeel Academy of Greenville recognizes that Islamic education is essential for all Muslim children regardless of their financial status. Insha’Allah, efforts will be made to reduce tuition for families who qualify to receive financial aid. 2. Applying for financial aid does not guarantee an aid award. It also does not indicate admission into the school. 3. To be considered for financial aid, families in need must fill complete the Financial Aid Application and submit it along with all supporting documents to the school administration. 4. Supporting documents may include signed federal tax returns for the past two years, payroll check stubs, etc. 5. Eligibility for financial aid is determined by a set of criteria establish by the School Board of Directors at the beginning of the academic year. First priority is given to applications returned by August 1st. Financial aid is then awarded according to the following criteria and priorities listed below, in order of priority: a. Students belonging to families with low household income b. Families with multiple children enrolled at the school c. Students with prior enrollment at As-Sabeel Academy d. Students with the best academic scores e. Students with the best behavior f. Students whose parents volunteer for the school

6. Financial aid applications will be reviewed confidentially by the school Board of Directors. The Board will be responsible for: a. Verifying information on application b. Verifying applicant’s financial record c. Determine eligibility for financial aid based on Financial Aid Criteria 7. Erroneous or false financial information will automatically result in suspension of financial aid. 8. A separate and new application for financial aid must be submitted for each new school year. 9. Completed and signed Financial Aid application may be mailed to the school at the following address:

Student Financial Aid As-Sabeel Academy of Greenville P.O. Box 17094 Greenville, SC 29606