List of Awards: Exploratory Research on Biosystems at Nanoscale

NSF 99-109, FY 2000 (Engineering Directorate)
NSF Award # Principal Investigator University Award Title Total Award


Austin, Robert H. Bashir, Rashid Chilkoti, Ashutosh Colvin, Vicki Deming, Timothy Douglas, Elliot

Princeton University Purdue Research Foundation Duke University William Marsh Rice Univ U of Cal Santa Barbara University of Florida

NANOSCALE: Nanoscale Magnetics in Biology NANOSCALE: Hybridization Based Assembly of Silicon Electronic Devices NANOSCALE: Elastin Nanobiosensors NANOSCALE: Using Protein Crystals as Templates for the Assembly of Nanostructured Solids NANOSCALE: Nanoscale Self-Assembled Block Copolypeptide Materials NANOSCALE: Nanostructured Composites via Biomimetic Processing

$100,000 $155,000 $100,000 $200,000 $200,000 $200,000

###9986477 ###9986534 ###9986347 ###9986333


Garcia, Andres

GA Tech Res Corp GIT University of Utah

NANOSCALE: Structural Changes in Fibronectin Binding Domains upon Adsorption to Well-Defined Surface Chemistries $200,000 NANOSCALE: Creating Nanoscale Molecular Imprints Using 2-D Monolayer Templating


Hlady, Vladimir



Kabanov, Alexander

9986305 9986545

Kaler, Eric Kaplan, David Kiehl, Richard Kilpatrick, Peter

NANOSCALE: Dispersed Cationic Networks ('Nanogels) as U of Nebraska Medical Carriers for Drug Delivery Ctr " NANOSCALE: Miniaturized On-chip Biosensors by In Situ University of Delaware Assembly of Colloidal Particles Tufts University U of Minnesota-Twin Cities North Carolina State U NANOSCALE: Shape Control in Nanoscale Crystallization Processes NANOSCALE: Self-Assembly of Nanoparticle Arrays Using Two-Dimensional DNA Crystals NANOSCALE: Engineered Alpha Helices for Pore Transport Regulation NANOSCALE: Evolutionarily Selected Peptides to Direct the Processing and Self-Assembly of Multicomponent Superlattice Heterostructures


$100,000 $100,000 $200,000 $100,000



Korgel, Brian

U of Texas Austin


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Mumper, Russell

U of Kentucky Res Fdn

NANOSCALE: Pharmaceutically Engineered Nanoparticles for $100,000 the Targeted Delivery of Plasmid DNA

List of Awards: Exploratory Research on Biosystems at Nanoscale, NSF 00-109 (Engineering Directorate)
NSF Award #
###9986614 ###9986488

Principal Investigator
Pizziconi, Vincent Rathman, James Requicha, Aristides A. Robertson, Jan Saltzman, William Sligar, Stephen Stewart, Russell Tiwari, Sandip Visscher, Koen

Arizona State University

Award Title

Total Award

NANOSCALE: Nanoscale Optical Biomedical Hybrid Detection System $200,000 $100,000 $100,000 $50,000 $100,000 $100,000 $200,000 $200,000 $100,000

NANOSCALE: Nanostructured Biocomposites for Use as Ohio State Univ Res Novel Films and Coatings Fdn U of Southern California Lafayette College Cornell UniversityEndowed U of Ill UrbanaChampaign University of Utah Cornell UniversityEndowed U of Arizona NANOSCALE: Exploratory Research on Biosystems at the Nanoscale NANOSCALE: An Integrated Ion Channel Testing Laboratory NANOSCALE: Modular nanoscale DNA delivery systems NANOSCALE: Nanobioelectronics NANOSCALE: Kinesin-powered MicroChemoMechanical Systems (MCMS). NANOSCALE: An Electronic Gain Cell for Monitoring Charge on Molecular Chains NANOSCALE: The Ribosome: Motor-Driven Protein Synthesis

9986348 9986450 9986446



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