CONTROLLING LAWS 1. Customs Ordinance (Chapter 235) Ordinance No. 17 of 1869 Act No. 2 of 2003 2. Import & Export Control Act Act No. 1 of 1969 (Chapter 347) FAUNA AND FLORA 3. Fauna & Flora Protection Ordinance Ordinance No. 02 of 1937 (Chapter 469) Amend. Act No. 49 of 1993

Section 12 Schedule B Section 21

Co-ordinate the application of written laws with C.O.

Provide for the application of the C.O. stipulates

Sec. 11/19/35/36/37/ 38/39/40/41/42 Schedules I – V

Gazette notification 1411/9 of 19.09.2005 Gazette notification 1449/16 of 15.06.2006 4. Plant Protection Act No. 35 of 1999 seeds Gazette notification 165/2 of 02.11.1981 5. Agricultural products Ordinance Ordinance No. 29 of 1939 6. Forest Ordinance Act No. 16 of 1907 Act No. 13 of 1966 Act no 23 of 1995 Gazette notification of 26.12.1979 Gazette notification 1161/6 of 05.12.2000 7. Rubber Control Act Ordinance No.30 of 193 Act No. 11 of 1956 8. Tea Control Act Act No. 51 of 1957 9. Water Hyacinth Ordinance Ordinance no.04 of 1909(Chap 277) Gazette notification 43/4 of 02.07.1979 10. Poisons, Opium & Dangerous Drugs Ordinance No. 17 of 1929 Act No.22 of 1955 (Chap 218) 11. Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act No. 02 19 Extra Ordinary Gazette notifications No.1036/13 : 16.07.1998 No.1098 /3 : 20.09.1999 No.1123/2 :13.13.2000 No.1273/6 : 27.01.2003 No. 1298/1 : 21.07.2003 12. Dried Meat Ordinance Ordinance No.19 of 1908 (Chap 480) Act No. 22 of 1955 PREVENTION OF DISEASES 13. Animal Diseases Act Act no 59 of 1992 14. Animal Feed Act Act No. 15 of 1986 15. Quarantine & Prevention of Diseases Ordinance No. 03 of 1897 Act No.12 of 1952 16. Rabies Ordinance No. 07 of 1893 (Chapter 575) Act No.23 of 1956

Section 45 Section 45 Sec.12/13

Prohibition of Imports & Exports of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and invertebrates dead or alive or parts, eggs, larvae ect. * Permits only for scientific purposes by Director General of Wildlife Conservation. Export permits required for the protected plants in the Schedule V Restriction on the exportation of planting materials of Cinnamon Prohibit the exportation of Salacia species. Prohibition and restrictions for importation of plants, fruits seeds, vegetables and their products etc. as per schedules Importation of Agricultural Products License from Commissioner of Agriculture for restricted goods Application of C.O.


Sec.24 Sec 12 Application of C.O. for regulations to export of Forest produces Export permits for forest produces, forest seeds and timber from Conservator General of Forest Sec 23 Export permit required from Controller of Rubber for any living portion of a rubber plant capable for propagation Export permit required from Commissioner of Tea for any living portion of a Tea plant capable for propagation Prohibition the importation of water hyacinth Power of Customs officers Prohibitions against Import. Export and Transition of Poppy plants, Coca plants or Hemp plants or seeds, pods, leaves flowers or any part of any such plants Fishes which may not be exported except under permit

Sec. 28 Sec.03/05/06/07


Sec 11/29/30/ 63/64/67

Schedule on prohibited , restricted Import & Export of Live fish Schedule on prohibited , restricted Import & Export of Live fish Lobster Fisheries Management Regulations of 2000 Prohibits the importation of two species of live fish Restrictions on export of Chanks Sec 09 Prohibit the exportation of dried meat

Sec 21/33/34/38

Recommend to the Controller of Import & Export on the Import & export of domestic animal, animal products & biological products etc. Recommend to the Controller of Import & Export on Imp / Exp of matters related to Animal Feed Security for expenses of certain landed from air craft or vessel

Sec 5/9/15/22/23 25/31 Sec 09

Sec 14

Power of Principal Collector of Customs when the rabies exists in dogs

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