03 July 2012


Attempt to trend #SunnySideofLife on Twitter

Maldives Marketing and Public Relation Corporation invites the whole nation to join in an attempt to make #Sunny Side of Life a global trend on twitter starting on 12th July 2012. Although officially a date has been set for 12th July, still at the current stage MMPRC welcomes and encourages twitter users to post Maldives news with the #SunnySideofLife. The main aim of this attempt is to globally trend #Sunnysideoflife on twitter and promote Maldives tourism amid the potential followers. Moreover this attempt will further initiate users to become accustomed to the slogan and encourage them to always use #SunnySideofLife associating with Maldives tourism. Part of the cause is also to strengthen and set up a strong networking system among the industry and utilize it effectively as a mechanism for destination marketing initiatives by informing of the latest news of tourism as well as establish an ongoing platform for news from the #SunnySideoLife. The establishment of the digital and social media department comes at a timely manner when the MMPRC has in place a strategic digital and social media campaign to boost the arrivals to the destination to meet the set target of attracting 1 million tourists in 2012. Social media being a solid marketing platform is designed to facilitate rapid and widespread sharing of information, news, audio, video, images and other content to reach wider audience, making an essential tool to communicate destination marketing messages across primary potential customers in the most cost effective manner. Users will find the site especially valuable as a source for news and information. Facts on Maldives, hotel and resort information, news on promotions, events, press releases & joint marketing efforts within industry will be distributed to the users while engaging and interacting with followers on personal level. How you can help us? To achieve this attempt all are welcome to live tweet information of Maldives and tourism related news with the #SunnySideofLife. Maldives official twitter account is @myvisitmaldives. An idea of topics you can discuss to your followers in twitter: o How was your #SunnySideofLife Experience? o What you saw in the morning dive in the #SunnySideofLife o You favourite #SunnySidefLife Photos and videos o What is your dream vacation at #SunnySideoflife o News, activities, Updates in #SunnySideofLife o What are you doing today at #SunnySideofLife- what excursions do you have today? o Any special menu for lunch #SunnySideofLife ~Ends~

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