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Dynamic Parameter File Generation for Informatica PowerCenter Mappings

Introduction This Reusable component will minimize manual intervention in generating the parameter files for Informatica workflows/sessions and will provide an error free generation of parameter files and complete automation. This is Component will be highly helpful in a projects where we reuse the mappings using parameters and variables and where number of parameters/variables are more.

Component Description Component makes use of Informatica OPB tables (Repository Tables ) to fetch parameter information that are defined in the mappings/workflows/session. This Component basically consists of three Informatica mappings. First Mapping will generate an Excel in a user friendly manner to enter the values for the parameters that are to be passed to the Informatica mappings (only for latest mappings i.e. we need not enter the values for entire folder to create the Parameter file). Second mapping loads this parameter values from the excel file into the table. Third mapping will generate the parameter files with values in respective location. This component will generate Parameter files for all workflows/sessions of one folder at a time. The main objectives for this Reusable component are : (i)To automate the parameter file generation. (ii)To make it error free and reduce manual intervention.

(iii)To enable the parameter file generation quick and easy. This Component utilizes the information present in the Informatica OPB Tables which are created when we create a repository in Informatica.

Features (i)Follows the parameter file hierarchy in generating the parameter values Creates parameter file in the location as given in the Workflow/Session. (ii)Expands the value of $PMRootDir if provided in the parameter file path according to the Integration service to which the Workflow is assigned and creates the parameter file in the respective location. (iii)Have features to create parameter values for all mapping parameters/ Session variables including $InputFileSrc $BadFileName etc. (iv)It has got a last modified date as input so that we need not enter the values for parameters again and again. 1. Reduces the manual intervention in parameter file generation. 2. Automates the parameter file generation process. 3. Chances of Errors in the parameter files are nullified as we use Informatica OPB Tables.


Folder Name Inputs Extract parameter information from Informatica OPB Tables

STAGE 1 Creation of user friendly Excel File for Entering the Parameter Values

Last Saved date

STAGE 2 Enter the Parameter Values in the Excel File Load the parameter Table (Update else Insert)

Extract parameter information from Informatica OPB Tables . Folder Name Input Extract parameter values from Parameter Table


Creation of Parameter Files

Stage 1 : wf_GEN_EXCEL_PARAM Stage 2 : wf_PARAM_TABLE_LOAD Stage 3: wf_GEN_PARAM_FILE