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Sta.Maria, Elvira L.

BSED 4 STORYTELLING Walt Disney: The Man Behind the Dream

Engl 18 10:30-12:00

This is a story of a boy named Walt. Walt was one of five children in the family born to his father Elias and mother Flora. Walt had very early interests in arts and would sell drawings to neighbors to make extra money. Walt started to love and appreciate nature, wildlife, family, and community during his childhood. Encouraged by his mother and brother, he pursued his talents. After working in France, he started a small company called Laugh-O-Grams which eventually was not successful. With his suitcase and twenty dollars, Walt headed to Hollywood to start anew. He then had this great idea to create a new animated character named Mickey Mouse. Mickey was constructed from two large circles, one for the trunk and one for the head, to which were appened two smaller circles, representing ears, along with rubber hose arms and legs that terminated in plump hands ( ungloved at this early stage) , and large booted feet that provided him stability. He was also equipped with a long, skinny tail, a plump shaped nose, and buttoned eyes.

Another factor that that he had good tune to be the right time (Steamboat soundtrack). Disney was quick upon wedding sound to the he realized, would demand Walt never gave up on animated musical Seven Dwarfs.

made Mickey an immediate hit was the right mouse at the right place at Willie, was the first cartoon with a to see that his future would depend cartoon medium. To do this properly, care and imagination. his dreams and produced the first cartoon called Snow White and the

Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo,

and Bambi. (SHOW


Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Toy Story (1995) (SHOW OTHER ILLUSTRATION)- cartoons As Walt Disney sat at a bench, at an amusement park, watching his daughters play, he noticed how ragged and filthy the small amusement park was. He

also observed people's reactions to different rides, and noticed how children's parents had nothing to do. They would be anxious to go home, while their children were still having fun, and playing. Walt Disney presents his vision of a magical park. The more he dreamt of it, the more elaborate his plans became.

This park opened in 1955 and called it DISNEY LAND where all kids dream come true and grown-ups feel like children again.


***** Show other pictures This is the story of a boy who dreamed big and brought us closer to fantasy and the joy of being a child. This is Walt Disney.