Tremco understands construction joints: expansion joints, control joints, interior joints, exterior joints, all joints.

Design the right joint, construct the right joint and use the right sealant in the joint. Firestop sealants are no exception. Work with the firestop company that treats joints everyday.

Floor-to-floor. Floor-to-wall. Wall-to-wall. Head-of-wall. Curtain wall. If there’s a fire-rated floor or wall, there’s a need for firestopping. Firestopping is required by commercial building codes, including the International Building Code, the Uniform Building Code and the Standard Building Code, to name a few.

Product TREMstop Acrylic SP TREMstop Acrylic SP TREMstop Acrylic (GG) X Type of Joint
Floor-to-floor Floor-to-wall Wall-to-wall Head-of-wall Curtain wall





TREMstop IA (Intumescent Acrylic) X TREMstop Silicone (Fyre-Sil) X Dymeric 240 Exterior Joints Only X


Dymeric ULC X Available in Canada Only TREMstop Silicone (Fyre-Sil)

SERVICES Tremco offers more than 400 independently
tested and listed firestopping systems for the US and Canada. Our testing program is on-going with new systems being added weekly to meet the changing needs of our customers. For the complete list of systems, visit our website at

SOLUTIONS In addition to our broad product line
and extensive system library, we offer the following support: s Engineering judgments with professionally stamped drawings for specific applications produced in a timely manner on a North American basis s Sales representative and technical support on job sites s Firestopping training – installation or general

Dymeric 240 is a Tremco . TREMstop IA (Intumescent Acrylic) – An intumescent firestopping sealant More often used for through penetrations. TREMstop Acrylic SP is tested for curtain walls with up to a 2 hr fire rating. TREMstop Silicone (Fyre-Sil) TREMstop IA (Intumescent Acrylic) Dymeric ULC – A multi-component polyurethane sealant Available only in Canada. For joint applications.rajesh. general purpose sealant providing a flexible.00971 55 481 3069 Email . TREMstop IA is the perfect choice for static joints listed up to a 2 hr rating. It is approved for joints up to 3” with plus or minus 25 percent movement. UAE Phone . TREMstop IA is approved for 95 percent of the applications commonly encountered on a jobsite. this high-performance sealant is specially formulated for firestopping applications. and prevents fire from spreading. With superb unprimed adhesion. water-based sealant for both joints and through penetrations. easy gunning and the ability to be painted once fully cured. TREMstop Acrylic (GG) has listings for up to 2 hr in both joints and through penetrations. TREMstop Silicone is approved for use with both through penetrations and FPSG-051 02/06 . FIRESTOPPING FOR JOINT APPLICATIONS TREMstop Acrylic Spray – The ideal solution for head-of-wall TREMstop Acrylic SP offers significant labor savings on long joint runs without compromising any of the high-performance characteristics of the gun grade version. TREMstop Silicone is a single-component. Easy to gun and easy to clean up. Dymeric 240 Tremco products are recognized by: Silver Member Founding Member www. TREMstop Acrylic is a single-component.thakur@tremco-illbruck. TREMstop Acrylic (GG) – A gun grade acrylic firestopping sealant The most economical and user-friendly sealant on the market. TREMstop IA expands to fill the void left when combustible materials burn away during a fire. Dymeric 240 – A multi-component polyurethane sealant Designed specifically for exterior fire-rated joints. durable. and will provide a flexible.tremcofirestop. the following products are used. neutral cure silicone available in both a gun grade and non-sag self-leveling formula that can be applied in cold weather or when moisture is present. weathertight seal for both new construction and renovation projects.3034. TREMstop Acrylic SP & (GG) TREMstop Silicone (Fyre-Sil) – An all-weather firestopping solution Our premier sealant. durable seal for both new construction and renovation projects. long life. Dubai. Dymeric ULC is specifically designed for fire-rated joints.Middle East and Africa Region PO Box .PRODUCTS Tremco offers a variety of TREMstop products from sealants to devices to duct wrap to meet most firestopping applications.

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