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For each sample, we keep computing the energy. Now whatever is the energy, we can find out AGC.

What is AGC? In AGC, we're trying to maintain the energy at a constant level. and How it is done? We're doing that by computing a particular gain. Now in case, the energy falls below our determined level, then we multiply the samples with some factor so that energy reaches back to that level, and we can compute that factor - this gain factor G[n]. The above statement is giving us energy per sample. Lec 8, 22:00 Normally, we compute ZC rate for 10ms of speech. Magnitude is normally used whenever we want to bring down the computational cost. We don't want the process to be computationally intensive, we use magnitude portion, and we saw that its graph is very very similar to energy computation.

RADAR "RADAR" is Radio Detetion And Ranging which is a communication medium to detect the objects which are at a distance that cannot be obsrved visually.It is one of the applications of microwave. Principle: Radar is based on the principle that the R.F signal at a high frequency is reflected back by the conducting target To determine the distance: The distance between the target and RADAR unit is measured in 'nautical miles'(nmi). The RADAR unit is essentially an antenna which transmitts and receives R.F signals.The target may be an airplane ,missile or ship. 1 nautical mile=6076 feet The transmitted R.F signal is reflected by the target and send back to the antenna. The reflected signal is known as 'echo'.The time taken by the signal to travel one nmi is 6.18micro seconds.since the signal is transmitted and received it travells at a speed of 12.34 (6.18x2) micro seconds per nautical mile.The formula to determine the distance of the object 'S' is S=T/12.34

where 'T' is the time taken for the transmission and reception of the signal.
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6. Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) receiver: requires fast Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to compensate the strength loss due to the multipath propagation in mobile receiving condition 7. Digital Still Camera (DSC): sound is recorded along with captured video frames for movie capture application. The sound signal is converted to an electrical signal by a microphone and converted to a digital signal by an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). The need for an Automatic Gain Controller (AGC) is to amplify speech segments to an intelligible sound level, while not amplifying noise only segments