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Yaounde, 10 July 2012

The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Mr Philemon YANG, today Tuesday 10 July 2012, as from 11:00 a.m. in the main building of the Prime Minister’s Office chaired a Government seminar on the evaluation of 2012 Ministerial roadmaps. Apart from his close aides, the seminar was attended by Ministers of State, Ministers, Ministers-Delegate and Secretaries of States. Two items featured on the agenda, namely:
• the special statement of the Prime Minister, Head of Government ; • the statement by the Secretary-General of the Prime Minister’s Office on

“Practical modalities for the evaluation of 2012 ministerial roadmaps”. The Head of Government revealed in his special statement that the roadmaps of the “Greater Accomplishments” seven-year term were slightly different from those of previous years because they seek to concretize the commitments taken by the President of the Republic. He pointed out that the approach to be used of the interim evaluation of roadmaps scheduled in August 2012, in line with the instructions of the Head of State, will be mainly managerial. Consequently, the Prime Minister asked Members of Government to become personally involved in preparing the evaluation and to draw lessons therefrom so as to correct weaknesses observed, as appropriate. Next, the Secretary-General of the Prime Minister’s Office presented the roadmap evaluation framework, revealing that each minister will conduct a selfevaluation of his/her roadmap based on a matrix designed for that purpose. Their pre-evaluation reports should be forwarded to the Prime Minister’s Office not later than 27 July 2012, which will conduct a documentary review possibly on the spot, based on a well-defined scale and criteria. The progress report on the implementation of actions contained in roadmaps will be submitted to the President of the Republic for appraisal in the second half of August 2012. To better assist ministries in preparing the evaluation exercise, a method conference will be organized in the days ahead for secretaries-general of ministries. The ensuing debates enabled Members of Government to further discuss the roadmap evaluation process, highlighting the constraints to their implementation

and to be informed that the results of the mid-term evaluation should be exceeded during the final evaluation to be conducted at the end of the year. The seminar was adjourned at 12:00 noon.Yaounde,

Louis Paul MOTAZE, Secretary-General of the Prime Minister’s Office