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summer swims into view!

The stream of internet chatter about the rain recently included a Wimbledon reference: "Starting campaign to have a closeable roof built over the whole of the UK"... Not a bad plan I suspect. Officially, however, we're thoroughly into the summer season and school holidays are starting, which means - for All Souls at least - a change of gear over the coming weeks... summer sundays From 22nd July, we do things differently on Sundays until September. Our afternoon service pauses for breath and the morning service is shorter than usual (just an hour), with informal 'self-help' children's activities in the second half - craft tables and a DVD for older children, with toys and a play area for pre-schoolers. We give our children's teams a rest for those six weeks and ask parents to organise supervision of their children either by being with them or taking turns. refresh: the lord's prayer We're also using the opportunity of these Summer Sundays to work our way through the Lord's Prayer - asking what we can learn about prayer through the words Jesus taught his disciples. Here's what we've got lined up - starting a week before we move to one service: 15th July 22nd 29th 5th Aug 12th 19th 26th Our Father (am & pm) Hallowed Be Your Name Your Kingdom Come Your Will Be Done Give Us Today Forgive Us Our Sins Deliver Us From Evil

vicar's letter ~ july 2012

As with previous series, we've a couple of books that we're going to make available for sale on Sundays that you might want to read alongside it, focusing from different angles on the Lord's Prayer. Bring a fiver if you think you might be interested! prayer weekend - 13th to 16th september We're also using the summer to build towards a significant event in September: opening up Church for prayer 24 hours-a-day from a Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. Prayer events (a men's breakfast, evening worship, Sunday services and for children and youth) will sit alongside 'slots' (day and night!) for each of us to be part of it. It's an important and exciting cornerstone of the year to come. Do get it in your diary and look out for more details soon.
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olympic opportunities We've not planned church Olympics events - our hunch being that most will prefer watching in the comfort of home (or a stadium!) rather than sitting on a pew in church! Yet the Games are still a great opportunity: how about having an Opening Ceremony or 100m Final (or whatever your 'blue riband' event is) party at home, with neighbours or your children's friends from school and making it a chance to build community and strengthen friendships? beyond the summer Even as we dodge the raindrops and look forward to the Olympics, we're hard at work planning for the Autumn (and even Christmas!). Here are a few things to watch out for in September: 9th (Sunday am & pm) : Commissioning Sunday for Children's Teams 10th-28th : Team Training events (children, welcome, worship etc.) 13th-16th Sept : Prayer Weekend 25th (Tues eve) : First Aid (children) Training all souls giving The other thing we will be planning towards in the autumn is setting our budget for 2013. We've recently been in receipt of some very significant financial gifts which are going to make possible some significant 'capital projects' (of which more after the summer). However, the importance of regular donations (great or small) towards the monthly expenses of running All Souls is undiminished. I have enclosed, therefore, our annual mailing about giving. I hope you'll take the time to read it and that you'll find it informative and encouraging. It's firstly to say a big "Thank you!" to those who already give, but also a chance to ask those who don't to consider whether they could start. Any questions, comments or suggestions: be in touch. prayer and support Finally, a 'nudge' to encourage you to let me know if there's anything you'd like me - alongside the staff team here meeting several times a week to pray - to be praying for you? And also if you or another member of All Souls is in hospital or in particular need, please do give me a ring (07931533581) or drop me an email ( so that we can make sure you've got the support you need. With my best wishes and prayers for the coming weeks.