Linking to Full-Text Articles in Blackboard

You can link directly from your Blackboard course to full-text articles available through Marygrove Library sources. Some databases assign persistent URLs (PURLs) for easy access to individual articles, and by adding a prefix to the PURL, off-campus users can gain direct, seamless access to the articles you want them to see.

First, you need to find the PURLs… and each database provider uses different terms to
identify them.

In Gale databases (Academic OneFile, InfoTrac OneFile, etc.)
When viewing the full-text of the article, click the InfoMark link at the top left of the page. A new window will open displaying the InfoMark (or, the PURL), along with the options to Bookmark or Email the InfoMark.

In the ProQuest Research Library database
When viewing the full-text of the article, click on Copy Link in the yellow area just above the article text. A new window will open displaying the PURL.

In the OCLC WilsonSelectPlus database
When displaying the full-text of the article, click on the Link Pickup icon

After you click Link Pickup, you will be taken to a screen displaying the “IP-address recognition URL for direct article access” (that’s right, the PURL)

Adding the article links in Blackboard…
Login to Blackboard and choose your course Click on Control Panel Click on Course Documents (or other content area where you want to place the link) Click External Link

Fill out the appropriate areas of the External Link form: 1. Type the name you want for the link. This will be displayed as the link to the article. 2. Paste the PURL you copied from the database and add the prefix (see below) in this box 3. Add any descriptive text (optional). This will display below the name of the link. 4. Make sure that “Open in New Window” is set to Yes.

5. Finally, click Submit

Link prefix
The link prefix directs off-campus users to the proxy login screen so they can use resources that are protected by password. Put this prefix at the front of any link that requires users to login. For example, here is a link to an article in Academic OneFile d=AONE&docId=A101939883&userGroupName=lom_marygrove&version=1.0&searchType=BasicSearchForm&sour ce=gale When you add the link in Blackboard, just tack the link prefix to the front, like this: cType=IAC&type=retrieve&tabID=T002&prodId=AONE&docId=A101939883&userGroupName=lom_marygrove&versi on=1.0&searchType=BasicSearchForm&source=gale

Make sure there are no blank spaces in the link Make sure the link is complete. The PURLs are long and complicated, so it might help to first copy the link into Notepad, add the prefix, and then copy the whole link into Blackboard. Using Notepad is helpful because it lets you see the entire link and doesn’t add any extra formatting.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions: Jeff Zachwieja, ext.1347,