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I’m currently visiting my mom and her husband in Mexico. They are planting a Calvary Chapel in my mom’s home town, Colonial LeBaron, Mexico.

Season of Silence ~

After coming back to the And as promised, He lead me States last Spring, I’ve been on a out of the darkness without a dark and silent path --one so word! dark I haven’t been able to see And now although still from one step to the next! quiet, He is giving me small Even though I glimpses of what’s to complained a bit at come. One of those “And after the first, God made it glimpses is earthquake a clear that He wanted Mozambique. As a fire... and after the fire a still me to walk by faith result, I’ll be off for a small voice.” and not by sight. short ‘vision tour’ in 1 Kings 19:12 Despite the silence, August and He promised to still September. lead me, if I would Please pray for my just believe and not fear. time in Moz, for God to be my So what did I do? I closed vision, and for this season of my eyes and held on tighter than silence to end. I can’t wait to ever before. (Let’s face it... you discover what’s next! really don’t need directions Love, Stephanie when you’re holding His hand!)

~ Wish List ~
I’m looking for a few things to take with me to Moz as gifts for the missionaries & orphans. If you have any of these, let me know. • A large NKJV Bible, scripture only (not study Bible) • Gifts for the girl’s home (i.e. bracelets, earrings, hair ties) • Vitamins for orphans (i.e chewable or mulitvits, etc.) • Acrylic & oil paints for artist missionary (Please note: You’ll need to get them to NV by Aug 15th.)

My blog is updated a little less regularly these days, but check it out anyway!

Summer Itinerary & Vision Tour dates!
12-27th: Visit with missionary friends in Oaxaca, Mex. Do a mini-retreat, outreach to mountain, then teach a midwifery workshop. 28th: Back in Vegas & Mesquite, NV. Prepare for Moz.

Fun Facts on Mozambique!
Moz is just under twice the size of California. Moz boarders six other African countries. Moz was a Portuguese colony for about 500 yrs, but became independent in 1975. Moz has a tropical to sub-tropical climate. Moz has one of the highest rates of people living with HIV.

16th: Fly to Mozambique via S. Africa. (a 2 day trip!) 20th: Arrive in Maforga, Mozambique where I’ll spend the month researching what it will take to start a clinic there! 29-31st: Pastors Rick & Marie Jackson and missionaries Luke and Kristen Ryder come to visit me in Maforga.

20th: Fly to South Africa for a Calvary Chapel missions conference in Cape Town. 30th: Fly back to the States.

Mailing Address:
None for the moment. Please contact me through my email or blog.

Support Address:
In Deed and Truth Ministries Po Box 51253, Colorado Springs, CO 80949 Or call 760/ 707-7367 Memo line: Stephanie Williams

Maforga is marked w/ a blue star

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