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AS WELL AS ALL PERSONS WHO ARE EMPLYOYED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BY THE COAL INDUSTRY WHEREAS, the United States has more coal reserves than any other country in the world, having 272 billion tons of coal reserves, using only 1.1 billion tons of coal per year, at which rate all coal reserves are expected to last at least 250 years; and, WHEREAS, approximately 50% of all electricity created in the United States is derived from coal-fired power plants, and, WHEREAS, there are 21 major coal-burning electricity generating plants in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and almost all (92.7%) of Kentuckys electricity is generated from coal; and, WHEREAS, the economy of the City of Coal Run Village is almost entirely supported by the coal industry; and, WHEREAS, current executive administration policies coupled with stifling EPA policies on the federal level has made it nearly impossible for those in the coal industry to conduct business resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs throughout the Appalachian coal fields, in which the City of Coal Run Village is located; and, WHEREAS, executive directives and EPA regulations have resulted in the bankruptcy of one publically traded major coal producing company, Patriot Coal, and the closure of many other smaller, family-owned coal-mining operations; and, WHEREAS, executive directives and EPA regulations will result in an increase of $10 billion per year in electricity bills which will be passed on to consumers in addition to destroying as many as 215,000 jobs by 2015; and WHEREAS, each job lost in the Appalachian coal fields affects 3 more jobs that support the coal industry and countless unrelated jobs are also affected as workers in the coal industry who have been laid off are no longer able to support their families, much less our local businesses and economy; and, WHEREAS, the City of Coal Run Village wishes to recognize the importance of each and every coal miner, coal truck driver, and all others employed directly or indirectly by the coal industry, regardless of whether they are laid off or currently employed ; and,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Coal Run Village, Kentucky, goes on record to show its support and respect for all persons directly or indirectly employed by the coal industry, including those persons who have been laid off, and to support a regulatory environment that will allow for the creation of electricity through coal, keeping energy costs as low as possible for Coal Run Village citizens as well as for the citizens of the Appalachian coal fields, which will provide jobs and financial stability for our entire region. Done this 12th day of July, 2012 on a Motion made by Commissioner _______________ and seconded by Commissioner _______________. Upon roll call, the votes were as follows C. Laverne Dye, Mayor Andrew Scott, Commissioner Jerry Bliffen, Commissioner Marilyn Compton, Commissioner Steve McQuerry, Commissioner _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________

ATTEST: ________________________ Debra J. Tackett, City Clerk

______________________________ C. Laverne Dye, Mayor ______________________________ Jeff Baldwin, City Attorney