Cheat  Sheet:  Daniel,  part  2   Summer  2012  Bible  Study:  Daniel,  part  2   6/28/2012     Review:  What  happens  in

 this  story?  What  themes  did  we  look  at?   • What  were  the  lessons  that  at  we  looked  at?   • Exile  and  compromise?   • Surrender  is  everything.  Let’s  see  if  this  theme  crops  up  again.   Last  weeks  challenge:  “God’s  calling  is  never  easy,  but  He  always  makes  a  way.”   Thoughts?     Let’s  read:  Daniel  3   • Circle  some  words  or  phrases  that  stand  out  to  you.  Jot  down  why  do  they  stand   out?     Key  things  to  note:   • Idolatry  breaking  a  fundamental  commandment,  and  it’s  interesting  that  in  the   report  to  the  king  by  the  astrologer  that  Daniel  and  his  friends  were  not   worshipping  the  golden  image  he  said,  “but  there  are  some  Jews…  who  pay  no   attention  to  you…  they  neither  serve  your  gods  nor  worship  the  image  of  gold   you  have  set  up.”  (3:8-­‐12)  Implying  thing  that  there  were  probably  some  Jews   who  did  worship  Nebuchadnezzar’s  gods.   o If  you  read  through  the  book  of  Exodus  as  well  as  some  of  the  other   books  of  the  Old  Testament  such  as  Jeremiah,  you  know  how  susceptible   the  people  of  Israel  were  to  foreign  gods.  Perhaps  this  is  way  it’s  the  first   commandment.     • Interesting  passages  to  note:   o 3:16-­‐18  Shadrach,  Meshach  and  Abednego  replied,  “we  do  not  need  to   defend  outselves  before  you  in  this  matter.  If  the  God  we  serve  is  able  to   deliver  us,  then  he  will  deliverus  from  the  blazing  furnace  and  from  Your   Majesty’s  hand.  But  even  if  he  does  not,  we  want  you  to  know,  Your   Majesty,  that  we  will  nto  serve  your  gods  or  worship  the  image  of  gold   you  have  set  up.”                        

Cheat  Sheet:  Daniel,  part  2   Lessons  from  the  life  of  Daniel,  Part  2:  Let’s  do  this  together…  what  can  we  learn  from   this  passage.     1. Surrender  is  not  just  everything…  sometimes  it’s  the  only  thing.  (notice  their   hands,  what  are  they  doing?)  

  Whatever  you  are  going  through,  “whatever  it  be,  let  it  be.”     2. Following  God’s  call  in  your  life,  is  not  a  guarantee  that  you  will  be  safe,  but  God   promises  He  will  be  faithful.   3. Whatever  it  is  that  God  calls  you  to,  He  will  still  allow  you  to  go  through  the  fire.   (3:28)   4. God  will  always  be  glorified  through  you  no  matter  the  outcome  if  you  surrender   (3:29).  


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