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com/cristcarter To the University of Genoa, Italy Essay for Scholarship for the Masters Degree on State of Global Law and Constitutional Democracy By Cristin Carter, Temuco, Chile English translation and edition by Daniel Lara, Temuco, Chile

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June 27th, 2012

Cristian Carter

INTRODUCTION The honor to make this essay, raises from my point of view of really important and transcendental issues in life and empathy in true and deep conscious, meditation, and study of different fields (law, psychology, sexology, economy, spiritual issues, etc.) respect to the greatest problems and sufferings that our fellow beings are suffering in their lives, and fragility and care of our democratic regimes. This proposal is expected to be held in the normatives of a real Democratic and Constitutional State of Law.



For a better actual world, which requires political organizations based on superior values, for all the human beings happiness, there must be a political party with universal values, transparent, based on love and happiness, with an elevated and transcendental mentality, which looks for virtue and excellence; non-clerical, with scientific knowledge on behavioural sciences, related with an ecological, humanist, democratic and general welfare point of view; of freedom, respect for peoples dignity and non-discrimination (religious, sexual, socioeconomic, racial, etc.) for the constitution of true Democratic Constitutional States. The reason and superior values are taken from the greatest philosophies and current behavioural, psychological, economics, and human rights sciences; to further the happiness of every person and its integral, intellectual, values, physical and spiritual growth and development.

Cristian Carter Having already overcame the old, basic, sad, short-term, psychopathological, sick, prejudicial, absurd, primitive and unintelligent way to see politics and life, full of hypocrisy and power games made for personal interests, which keeps far virtue, harmony and love between people, the only things that give us true and transcendental happiness for everyone. This can be made by remarking the substance of things, goodness, truth and transcendental happiness, more than form, appearances, materialism and customs that are opposite to those superior universal values.


In a modern, integral, transcendental and universal point of view, the public and private education must be geared to all human beings access and proficiency, to teach them to be integral and virtuous, in where children and youth are the base. So, the system must be geared for them, in care and values, emotional and social richness, and knowledge, and for giving conditions for a decent life, leisure and access to culture, information and technological media. It is certain that a good base in young people consolidates a better future, in the socio-economic and cultural aspects, without any kind of violence, crimes, corruption, depressions, stress and psychopathologies. Also, it is a fact that the entire education system must teach all important issues for virtuous beings, who live with happiness and care for their minds, values, bodies and spirits. A vital element is notions of psychology, in order to have citizens that are highly enabled to make relativism in their thought, to understand better their emotions, to take a higher control of themselves, to achieve their social intelligence, to be more enable to solve conflicts, and to make important substantial issues clear, differentiating from the accessory ones.

Cristian Carter We are conscious that true happiness is not in materials, degrees, professions, etc It is just one part of personal integrity; but it is achieved through love and care for oneself and the others, with harmony, virtue, good mental health, and decent life conditions. The environment welfare eases the individuals happiness, which also eases the social happiness. Conscious people, having also democratic values, a higher level of analysis allows a better society, with a universal and environmental consciousness, tending to love, and enabling the existence of truth, permanent and transcendental happiness. Also, it is relevant to establish basic contents about Human Rights, in order that people can know what their essential universal rights are, such as life, freedom about the limits for hurting anyone else, physical and psychological; which is the same for everyone in dignity; in other words, the person, for the solely fact of being a person, must be respected and never physically and psychologically damaged. Todo en la vida esta unido, y estos contenidos dan seguridad y estabilidad a un Estado Democrtico. All the things in life are linked, and those content further the Democratic State and make it with stability. Also, minimal contents on economy must be taught, in order to manage efficiently their own goods, and the others, and also, to determine his/her own life. These three vital contents must be taught on consciousness, by efficient teachers.

ABOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH Freedom of speech, information and transparency are important icons which guarantee a democratic regime; so, it would never exist any kind of censorship or penal punishment; because it is a human, basic, sacred and unalienable right, out of the State, which guarantees the freedom of thinking, out of taboos, in function of a civilized society, which allows an advance to truth and happiness.

Cristian Carter All censorship and punishment for declarations and speeches, especially in pursuit of academic, intellectual, artistic or value discussion, which can go on support of truth by superior goals, are opposites of human rights. Without detriment of the compensation for damages, slandering crimes and other that penalize opinions made by any media are eliminated, because they limit the right for information and restrict the communication media; and penalties are established for the case to call out violence, terrorism, discrimination or affect to human rights and democratic values.

ABOUT POLITICAL PARTIES AND ORGANIZATIONS Any group can be freely organized in any aspect, whilst respectful of democratic values, universal human rights, especially the respect for every peoples dignity, freedom and equality, and care for power alternation. A healthy democracy is something basic. And also, it must exist decent, virtuous authorities, who go in pursuit of superior goals, and a multiplicity of groups that can express different opinions in the framework, and limited in human rights, for a fearless free society. Any person, by him/herself or as a member of political parties can be eligible for public positions elected by people. The requirements to accede to these positions are eased, and any bureaucratic difficult is eliminated. The formation of political parties is eased, with fewer requirements and no limitations within its existence, rather than a certain popular support, as, for instance, to have five hundred members to its formation and continuance. Then, the multiplicity of parties is allowed, can be easily created and permanent; in order to have agreements. The popular representatives are the ones who obtain most of popular voting, and any other law system of counting is eliminated; for instance, to abolish the binomial system, in order to give the system more legitimacy. Political participation, as well as freedom of speech, is a basic human right.

Cristian Carter

ABOUT POSITIONS AND AUTHORITIES As said before, the person who exercises an authority position administrative, political and law must be specialized persons in their positions and functions. As they exercise State powers over other people, and their wages are paid from everyone, through taxes, they must be integral and virtuous, apt and capable. This implies that they must be: - Socially intelligent: He/she knows how to relate to other people, of good healthy lifestyle. This is obvious and, no doubt, that a person without emotional social skills, without any empathy to others, bitter, frustrated, or having psychopathological disorders, such as narcissism, machiavellism, or psychopathy, etc. Because of this, he/she CANNOT, is not capable, nor apt to order the others lives; so, he/she cannot have any authority position, since their psychopathologies and lack of conscious and humanity, is not healthy and his/her mind does not work properly to service others. To be an expert in technical abilities such as reading is not enough. He/she is ought to know how to live and having democratic universal values. People who can relate easily with other people, affable, empathic people are needed, because of their integral point of view about life. He/she must have overcome psychological issues and trivial arguments according to behavioral sciences. - Must be a specialist or have previous experience on the exercised position. For example, the director of a hospital must be prepared to manage it, so he/she must be academically skillful for the position to be exercised. - Each and every position must be selected by applications. This is needed for transparency; avoiding corruptive acts, and therefore the most capable persons in the matter are elected, which guarantees the equality and everybodys option to be eligible. - And, in his/her job, paid by the country, he/she must carry it out efficiently, in pursuit of effective solutions, without bureaucracy; in pursuit of the superior transcendental values previously indicated, to further the happiness of the people and the country.

Cristian Carter

ABOUT ECONOMY AND SOCIAL SECURITY In a world in which everything is related, economy is essential to achieve a better personal and social life. Property to develop any economic activity is allowed, as well as the right to open new businesses, paying off reasonably, for adequate State social services; with full respect for human rights, sustainable exploitation of natural resources with nonpolluting technologies, with a fair and decent treatment to workers, without any kind of fraud or other criminal or corruptive media, o attempting against good business practices and transparency. This is especially directed to exploitation of natural resources, mines, hydrocarbons, and other substances harmful to health, in order to invest better in the State. The State must encourage its growth in all the social aspects, i.e., all these aspects most be respected and benefit for the State policies to keep on growing. So, the State must help the opening of new business from the poorest one, in order to achieve its goals as business. The expropriation for public use, must act with fair compensations in prices, and must be regulated by the administrative and law organizations. With this, the State must give decent provisions that allow peoples life in friendly healthy spaces and Medias, and allow its growing and development in all of his/her life. Thus, it is important to establish decent retirement pensions, with a minimal percentage of the 50% of the average total wage earned by the worker (See my book Retirement Pensions System, Chile Spain). No matter it is a public or a private system. The only thing that counts is to allow the retired to have an acceptable life quality. Quality education is an essential right for everyone, which includes postgraduate studies at national and foreign universities. So, money cannot be a hindrance to follow studies and make concrete contributions to their communities. Decent salaries enable peoples life and integral development. A democratic state is not legitimate, and is not secured, if an abnormal income difference exists.

Cristian Carter All the salaries must be complementary with all the services the State must guarantee: health, education, law and leisure. That is, a minimum of material aspects is given in order that a person can freely live in a healthy environment to be happy. Right to health: beyond the place a person lives in, the State must guarantee the health services which tend to protect the right of life, and sanity in physical and psychological integrity for everybody. This can be done through public or private systems, or non-profit welfare services. It is something healthy to engage in an enterprise. Its a severe fault to democratic values, however, that people die for starvation or for not having a timely health treatment, only for lack of money. It is unbearable and unjustified in a global level, because there are resources available in the world (the 90% is concentrated in less than 1%). Then, the State will promote the measures, such as taxes and contributions, to protect these rights and to tend to a better wealth distribution, for all human beings dignity.

LEISURE AND ENTERNTAIMENT In this elevated, transcendental, democratic view, happiness is established as the State transcendental goal to their inhabitants, so it must provide services for leisure, culture, arts and sports, a must for a healthy and happy society. It must be focused towards the poorest, to travel and do some sports and outdoors life, in order to allow their integral growing. Also, it is necessary to give friendly public spaces to do that, connecting to and respecting nature, which is of and for everybody, created by God, nature or universal energy as you prefer for the communion with human beings, as a part of it.


Cristian Carter An integral deal is given on this topic in terms of education, prevention, sanction, treatment and rehabilitation. It is needed a strong crime policy against delinquency, corruption, drug traffic and crimes against Human Rights and democracy. The priority is the citizens safety, with a healthy and pacific behavior; without detriment of procedural law and the accuseds Human Rights. Enough empowerment is given to public prosecutors, judges and the police to act proficiently, and integrity of these institutions is protected with the needed measures, penalties are toughened for attempts against authorities, without detriment of the due control of their acts. For an excellent performance of the constitutional democracy, authorities who are not afraid to prevent it are needed. A democratic state helps in rehabilitation, and decidedly reacts over the one who persists or do not make an effort to change. In this sense, the one who commits severe crimes against people or society, and/or is a genuine danger for society, would be taken apart from it in adequate institutions, respectful of human dignity, in order to sanction and make the due process of treatment and/or rehabilitation. It is suggested that any person or entity for instance, a wild dog, a psychopath, or a boy/girl under 18, which is a danger for society must be in decent separated places, in order not to put any physical risk to the others something basic and minimal for a free, pacific and safe democratic society, in where the State fulfills the role of assuring protection for life, physical and psychological integrity, i.e. the values of a democracy. It is also established the principle of responsibility based on the indemnity for reparation and sanction of the done damaged, for the doing of a crime, or neglect or fault, or non-completion. The courts fix elevated amounts of money, which generates a vicious circle of higher responsibilities and diligence to avoid paying such high indemnities. So, more investments are made on security, and conflicts are solved through conciliations; thus, you can avoid to pay such a tedious and expensive court intervention.


Cristian Carter

A country with all the previously describes democratic and universal values is an example; it has a universal, transcendental, humanist, integral, leading universal version; with a pacific resolution of conflicts, no wars, care for environment, with alternation in the power, and respect for Human Rights and minorities; and acting based on reason towards dignity, freedom and equality, without discrimination; everything in order to reach the peoples happiness, in a healthier world and respecting every human being. The geographic boundaries with other countries are mathematically established with electronic media and technology, in order to make the further pace stable and guarantee it, and focus the resources in transcendental, economic, cultural and social issues. Thus, free circulation of people and goods with other countries is allowed, creating and promoting treaties and agreements, in where job contracts, salaries, social security systems, savings, etc., are respected, no matter if the person is from its own countries, leaving behind those irrational concepts concerning brotherhood of man. The happiness of a person depends on the happiness of his/her family, community and society. Also, the happiness of a country depends on the happiness of the other countries. The aim of these transcendental values is to reach the greatness of human being in a global democratic society.

A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT A healthy environment is needed, with full respect for nature, flora, fauna, genetic material and ecosystem. The production and industrial media must respect this. So, a removable economy of exploitation of natural resources is established, and protected places are preserved. In case of damage against nature of animals, sanctions are tough. We live together with it, and we do respect the environment; if we benefit from it, it must be responsibly and respectfully, towards healthy preservation of future generations.

Cristian Carter

10 Also, healthy places to live are generated, in where the politics of building and town planning is the existence of decent and aesthetically nice houses and buildings, in harmony with nature, and having adequate spaces for growing. So, it will be tend to give benefits to beautify and expand the current private and public constructions, connecting to natural and universal harmony, and to implement healthy energetic technologies. In this same sense, the disabled always have to have access to each and every public and private building. Nice light colors are chosen for construction and locomotion, and also from all environments. Those colors appeal to mental and social sanity, indeed. All of this makes possible a healthier personal and social life, and eases the happiness of all persons, which is the aim of this project.

SYMBOL: THE HAWK, the meaning of freedom, the superior transcendental glance and truth. And it includes a human HEART as a symbol of love. COLOR: LIGHT BLUE, of transparency, freedom, truth and trust, and closeness to universe and, in consequence, to divinity. The pro Superior Universal values reason, Human Rights, Respect for Dignity of every person, respect for life, non-discrimination, freedom, are the keys for social and individual welfare and happiness. If you believe in it, WELCOMEYOU ARE A UNIVERSAL DEMOCRAT!

Cristian Carter