Has a Work!
Written by Evangelist Edna Terry

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I never new my place in God's plan, but some believed in me. I was not perfect but yet some helped me through. I even have doubts right now, but the ones that love me hold me up in prayer. I always wanted to work for God in a way that would change lives, so I dreamed. I told my dream to know one but God and He surrounded me with people who had faith in me and who could add to God's work. Unless you have a spiritual community, you won't grow! Thanks to:

God: Psalms 26:7 “That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving and tell of all thy wondrous works.” To the “Force of 5” plus 1 with their prayers and invaluable wisdom. My family members who supported me in love and prayers-- specially to my daughter, Kristina who encourages me daily. To Rachel and Jacki Sullivan for the dedicated efforts and talents lent to me during my writings. To The Unity Church of our Lord Jesus Christ (church family) prayers. To all friends and colleagues who sent up prayers and words of encouragement. To my son, Gary who inspired my need to effect those around me for God's kingdom, in a way that will last even when I am gone. His love empowers me even when he was in prison.

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Faith has its work...1mm. Jesus spoke to all generations through the scripture of Matthew 17:20" Because of our unbelief .... he knew that the novelty of the Holy ghost and belief in God as our Father would wear off! He knew that we would stop seeing His visions and start visualizing. He knew that we would again use our famous excuse, "we are human and we are subject to thinking like this. We start looking at why it cannot happen and how it cannot happen-- so He charged us to better understand and be reminded by a little seed. A mustard seed. Faith is exercised the minute you believe in God and receive Him. Like when we were first-bornagain. It is fresh and new we are almost euphorically in love. You feel you can conquer anthying! That is the faith the God wants us to keep throughout our life with Him. I can remember when I was saved at the age 13 years old, I was invited by a friend to a youth meeting to tarry for the Holy Ghost. I always went to church under the order of my parent, but I always knew that God had a special love for me. I used to sit on my balcony off of my bedroom window and look up to see God. Sometimes I would even pack my bags and wait for Him to come save me. He never did, but I knew him as my protector! I could smile now knowing that He really was. So when I knelt down at the alter, heart suddenly became overwhelmed and my thoughts began to give up all the things that I was holding in and that only He and I knew. Some of which was too much for a child of my age and some of which was someone else's issues. I gave them up! In a matter of minutes, I began speaking in tongues as the spirit gave utterance. You see, I believed that I was going to be different and I grasped onto that hope, even though I did not know what it was. I believed on a little of something and I received the hope of glory. Jesus Christ. Now that same faith, has to be applied to our lives. From this testament i want to encourage you to seek a relationship with Christ. Don't put your hope in man or woman, read the word, ask for your understanding and get a new revelation of God. There are higher heights and deeper depths in God! And it is all by studying for yourself the word of the Living God. THE SEED ITS LIFE FACT: Mustard seeds generally take 4-10 days to germinate if placed under the proper conditions, which include a cold atmosphere and relatively moist soil. Mustard grows well in temperate regions. Major producers of mustard seeds include Hungary, Great Britain, India, Canada (36%) and the United States. SITNSITS: Would you look at that? Something I didn't even discover until this very moment! Mustard grows in controlled environment, referring to Titus 2:2 for directions of teaching. Over the course of our lives,as we cultivate faith our teachers must speak sound doctrine over us sound in faith, love and patience. Maybe because the “believing” is the actual thing that were cultivating, and that will eventually produce results. Faith cometh by hearing…” and a belief began to grow. We have to maintained it, to produce fruit. It will grow itself. Sometimes our conditions are not of the most bearable circumstances. We don't pick the place of our birth, God does so in the natural so in the spirit. With that He orders our steps and direction, if we

allow Him to. We are to be used as a tool in all parts of the world and we are able to grow well in other regions, outside of our church. Hmm. Likewise, we should seek to build not only each other up, for the scripture states "exhorting or urge one another daily Heb3:13, but compel/force them to come in Luke 14:23.

Compelling takes a force by necessity and sways it to an understanding. You yourself have to be positive of your walk with God to be Bold. I can remember when I first entered into the real estate field and we had to attend a class for new recruits. I really didn't want to go! As I sat in the seminar, I noticed the different people from all different areas and walks of life. I really wasn't paying much attention until the speaker said, we are different things to all people. We have to wear different hats to accomplish a sale." Yes, we have to warm up to that difficult buyer who is showing signs of mistrust" What, I couldn't believe it , now this is what I said to myself, with my nose wrinkled up! But as I mulled over it and began to really see, he was right. You, the mustard seed are many different things and at different times, we should be able to be what the people need at that time. So if you are ministering to someone who is hungry, you should be able to feed that person. Its more than living, as you have seen with the mustard bush because it was only good for the birds, its a work that produces Godly fruit. A fruit that is good for the master, a sweet smelling savor for he desires none to be lost. We just want to accept the negative to do less work and look for God to bring in souls to our fellowship, when He journeyed to fellowship with those not worthy of fellowship. So some thought! Now we look over our lives and see the conditions, the sicknesses, the circumstances, we can now reach beyond ourselves and save a family of birds. Birds needing a nest, security and hope. The world needs to know that someone has once hurt like them but found a way out! just from that 1mm of hope, faith, belief in something. They feel it, they don't know what it is but it is up to us to "rightly divide the word" into viable truths in that persons life. Showing that allowing Jesus Christ into their lives, He can handle every situation better, the way Christ would. ITS SIZE FACT: The mustard seed was proverbially the smallest of all seeds and are 1 mm in diameter. SITNSITS: It takes about 26 millimeters to get an inch (approximately). This 1 mm is the size of a ink pin head. "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto"... problems, situations, needs and desires--MOVE. Then nothing shall be impossible unto you. But it is! We don't have or don't' do because we don't have that 1mm of faith. How stupid! Some take weeks,months, even years to understand but we need to take God at His written word, if we believe He speaks to us through it. But I am glad I accepted the understanding and applied it to my life. So when people even preachers try to tell me that of the human side of our faithlessness, I believe more on God's faithfulness. A great example of faith was when I was in a situation I did not have any food for my family and I knew it was God that brought me to this understanding! It was Thanksgiving Eve and the kids kept asking "Mom, what are we going to have for Thanksgiving?" I just told them that it was coming. I didn't know from where or who but it was. The very next day, someone came to the door at 9 am from a local church and said that last year, my name was on the list for food but not this year, so they decided to stop by and check to see if I had Thanksgiving dinner. Oh God, how wondrous are your works!! The not only brought a turkey but a gourmet cooked turkey and sliced ham, homemade apple pie and all the fixings from a restaurants donation, that year. I rejoiced and asked God to bless them and their work. That

was God!!! And a gift of FAITH. If we observe the sower he or she must have the ability to handle, to plant and know when to harvest the seed. For instance the seed must be held in a way as to not destroy it but just enough to hold it so it is not dropped before planting. The seed is then placed directly into a prepared soil. Just as the scripture of A went to , the way it was trodden , the of the We are responsible for every seed or word that comes from us. Ministers of God's have a responsibility first to follow God's instructions then to be a servant to the people. I remember when I just returned to church after backsliding at the age of 19 years old. I was just reclaimed by Christ at the alter, and as we were returning to our seats, a young minister stood up and announced, by the permissive will of God, that "some of us here tonight are not worth God's time, so we shouldn't have even knelt at the alter". As I look back, that hindered my spirit of being bold for God earlier. It hurt me and made me reluctant to go forward for God. Don't let any man inhibit what God has bless you with. Sometimes, God allows us to say things we should, but we must be careful to check ourselves, our emotions and our motives. Christ spoke the word of God, in all His human circumstances. We should not say anything, let the Holy Ghost lead us and speak for us. FACT: The mustard plant one of “the largest of all garden plants.” As a tree it can create shadow with its branches on the ground below, in turn can make a place for the birds. SITNSITS: The mustard seed has to come to full growth to be of use to the sower and to the natural inhabitants, the birds. So sitting under the word is needful but there is also a time to harvest; to send out and to get use of. A mustard seeds growth is of no use as a bush but to the birds. It must be gathered and used after a certain time of ripening. Just as the plants ages and become of little us, so do we and we must use our lives for the Masters use while we are able in our health, abilities and age. Just like when I stayed under the word of God, I was able to become a Sunday school teacher and then during the summer begin a vacation Bible school program. With God's help, I was able to do that for 7 years now, just missing this past summer due to my accident. The times that I was able the fruit was ripe to give out to others and when I was in the hospital, some of the same students came to see me and I was able to see what God was sowing for them. It is a blessing to see God come alive in others Ephesians 2:1 And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins,". FACT: Mustard seeds may be colored from yellowish white to black. They are important in many regional cuisines. The seeds can come from three different plants: black mustard (), brown Indian mustard (), and white or yellow mustard (). SITNSITS: Although the seed has many colors, just as Song of Solomon 1:5 proclaims, "Although I may not look like you want me to look, God looked on me and He makes me useful even more than I could do for myself. All because I love my beloved. To have this faith starts that you were chosen to receive it. We all may come from different backgrounds situations and conditions, God can use this and us. . Just as Jesus in His teachings was teaching of a fig tree Luke 13:6, we seek to cut others down because we see know use for it or it does look as we would like it. I love His words "Sir let it alone until I (Jesus) dig around it and fertilize it". Christ went to those who needed Him and He never used their need be the center of His concern. It was all about the kingdom and God being glorified! I love visiting other church families in worship, that is when I get to see how Christ works in another vineyards and He is glorified.

ITS USEFULNESS TO THE BODY FACT: The seeds are either used whole or ground into a powder. The leaves may be used in salads.

SITNSITS: Sometimes in our lives it doesn't seem that God hears us. We are going through so much physically, mentally, spiritually socially and financially. But He hears you, we have to believe up to the deadline that you ask God and even past the deadline. Our time is not God's time! Just as Job waited his appointed time Job 14:14 with God for deliverance of his hard service, we must but have faith regardless of how grim it looks. At times, I have bouts of God not hearing me, but I say to my self, God is "all knowing", if I get in line to go through the grinding process to become useful in the kingdom, He will supply my need. We need to be useful to God. Some of us in our current state, are of no use to kingdom building. We forget that people are outside our church walls hurting, needing and wanting Christ. So I say to myself, God you let me be abused to be used for your glory. Look at the woman that had the infirmity for 18 years and was bent over, in God's time Jesus offered her FREEDOM to glorify God. Luke 13:10-13. She came with faith, in her state of being ground into powder, she was then raised and when Christ laid His hands on her--fertilizing her--she was able to be used to glorify God. FACT: Despite its ability to be grown worldwide, mustard can be regarded as a spice. It arose in the Mediterranean countries, but its “exotic” taste led to it being transplanted to India and other Asian countries in medieval times and it was imported into the Americas by Spanish missionaries. In California, wild mustard is now a common weed whose yellow flowers can be seen widely beyond the trails to missions alongside which they were first planted. SITNSITS: We are to try to reach worldwide in our ministry however we can. If we can not go, send the money to effect the missions. We are to be salt of this earth Matt. 5:13, a spice that adds to the roads or trails of life to those we touch. If we do not affect those around us spiritually our words or our example is then left in that persons trail to be trodden over. I can remember driving on a back road one day and the road workers were putting down new markers; one of the workers forgot to put the sign out, “wet paint” and the cars that did not see the work drove in the paint and it all had to be redone by another crew. Don't let God give you this opportunity to affect someone and you do it wrong or not at all and He has to send someone else to do the job right. Be that spice to everyone in a godly manner. See the need and ask God to help you help them! FACT: The most pungent mustard taste is obtained from freshly ground seeds, but numerous other ingredients are added to commercial condiments, including various spices, herbs and alcohol. Mustard seeds develop no odor when crushed, but the pungent taste is more relevant than its odor. The name mustard comes from the product that was derived by adding sin apsis (the Roman name for mustard seed) to unfermented grape juice, or “must”. This resulted in a “hot must” or mustard; the latter part of the word comes from the Latin, “ardere”, which means “to burn”. In Sweden, the old Latin name is recalled by the current name for mustard, senap; in Italian it is called senape. When initially mixed the sauce is mild in flavor, but it develops in time. Strong mustard has a very powerful (and painful) effect on the nasal membranes if eaten carelessly.

SITNSITS: Strong mustard has a powerful and painful effect to the membranes of the nose. If the seed is grown under the right conditions and has bloomed to a tree, the sower will know that it is time to harvest because of the smell. Like our leaders should know and not stand in the way of effective growth, but assist the seed for the furtherance of the fruit for the kingdom. A seed has to finish its

course. If it doesn't it will not be good for nothing. Once a mustard seed is given out to the region it is directed, the aroma which is the word of God can the go out in a powerful manner to effect who it is for. We know that the word rightly divided will be approved of God II Tim 2:15. And it does not come back void, it accomplishes its mission. It is effective when it is ripe. Your walk with Christ is going to be powerful because He will supply all your needs when you put His word, His work and His desires for you first. How do you do that? By allowing the Comforter to take over. Don't become overwhelmed! Allow Gods peace to reign. Its so rewarding and there is nothing like it. Then your walk will be painful at time to the “soul” but always remember that “all things work together for the good of those that love the God, to them who are the called” to the purpose designed for the by God. FACT: The pungent and irritating allyl isothiocyanate (“mustard gas”) that is released from brown mustard, horseradish and other pungent vegetables, has been used in war gas products and other offensive preparations both for attack and for personal defense. Derivatives, such as nitrogen mustard (mechlorethamine) have been used as antineoplastic drugs. The plant source of the active chemicals is sinigrin (or allylglucosinolate, which is also known as potassium myrosinate); crushing the brown mustard seed releases the enzyme myrosinase, which converts the sinigrin to allylisothiocyanate and related compounds that have irritating, lachrymatory properties. SITNSITS: As a seed of God use the tools God has given as a personal defense to ward yourself of evil. 2 Samuel 22:33-51 shows us how though we are attacked, God gives us the equipment to win with His strength. The seed has active chemicals in already that work on its behalf. We have these same strengths in us and God just completes them with additional tools of the spirit, when He gives Holy Spirit. God provides for us in Eph. 6:10, we have to be strong and powerful—but not over powering in God's power to put on the clothes of warfare. We are going to fight, we may even lose some battles but if we stay on the offensive within the Holy Ghost, watching as well as praying God will be our personal defense. We don't want to be irritating, but we want to be active chemicals to others. AS MEDICINE FACT: “Similar to, but milder than, those of black mustard seeds. When swallowed whole they operate as a laxative, and have been used as a remedy in dyspepsia, and in other complaints attended with torpidity of the bowels. But their use in this state is by no means free from danger, as they sometimes accumulate in the intestines, and have produced fatal effects." Mustard Seed stimulates blood flow and helps to improve circulation and warm the skin, easing painful muscles and sore joints. As a stimulant, it helps to improve digestion and metabolize fat. SITNSITS: The seed is medicinal when picked and swallowed whole. The word when given out sometimes is not easy to take but does ease the complaints of many when it is taken and absorbed into the body. Even in our walk of giving the Word to others we must be careful on how we give it. Because we may thwart the use of the Word and it may not be taken in the right context and it may

accumulate with that person and produce fatal spiritual effects. You know to adhere to the Word, give the Word in love, just as Jesus did. Jesus accepted every character, every flaw of each person and worked with it when He spoke, worked and even commissioned His followers. In my walk with God, I would always aspire to be like other saints of God. I want the power they had and or wanted to be as

them to make them happy, but God sat me down and said plainly "I cannot use you in someone else's skin--Your new wine in an old wineskin!" I had to accept ME as God's instrument and be subject to God's voice of direction. When I began to do that, I was more effective to the listener. We have been called out to stimulate and share why Jesus gave His life on the cross and to add to the cause "good and Godly" things to increase the kingdom of God. ITS ROOTS FACT: The root is the organ of a body that typically lies below the surface of the . The two major functions of roots are 1.) absorption of water and inorganic nutrients and 2.) anchoring the plant body to the ground. Roots also function in synthesis, which supplies some of shoot needs. They often function in storage of food. SITNSITS: Now as it grows, its roots deepens down to the ground sucking up all the nutrients to live to grow. So in the natural so in the spirit. Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness Matthew 5:6 . We must hang on every word of God anxiously awaiting the proof. There is never too much learning, reading and studying of God's word. Paul's prayer for Ephesian church was "That God....may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him" Eph. 2:17 We then must become kingdom minded and be a wholly whole individual. This takes work on our part to heal foremost the spirit all mind, body and soul. The roots of a potted plant begin to outgrow its pot or its housing and it must be transplanted to another pot. When it is transferred to a bigger pot it can flourish. People of God are dying within the four walls of their churches because they have not room to grow. So many times in my life people have always interjected what they wanted in my life the way I spoke, whom I spoke with, where I went and on and on, until this very point in my life that I knew it was wrong because it was all their thoughts. None of it was biblical. But when I was transplanted into a new relationship with God I was charged and I grew in areas I never knew I would come to. The roots need room to grow or they will die. Don't die, ask God to shield you from things that are unhealthy for you—let it go over your head—on fertilizing things, actions and results.

Preparation FACT: can be extracted from the seeds. The seeds, particularly the white ones, can also be ground
into a , and mixed to a thick paste with a little water to make the condiment . The ground mustard powder is usually mixed with ordinary flour to reduce the strength of the resulting condiment. The brown cultivar is more pungent, and is used in the popular Dijon mustard; the milder American or English mustards are often made more colorful by the addition of the yellow dye, turmeric. FACT: In the they are often used whole, and are quickly fried in oil until they pop to impart a flavor to the oil. Likewise, we must be used when we are whole and used quickly because when the night comes no man can work John 9:4. The night is an hour or time of stillness or of age, where we because

of age cannot bear the fruit for the kingdom of God. The whole seeds can be soaked in liquid before grinding to create whole grain mustard. Although mustard paste is today predominantly prepared with vinegar and wine, the Romans (who made mustard seeds popular in Central and Western Europe) used must (young wine).

SITNSITS: A friend once said to me "don't despise the preparation". preparation is grueling yet needful for the kingdom of God. As the mustard needs to be ground to reduce the strength, we have to go through God given trials to reduce the "Peter" in us. Some of us have traits that are not needful for the ministry of God. If you thought I was going to say temperament or argumentative attitudes, haah! God can work with that! Look at Peter when he drew his sword and tried to cut of the head of Malchus but cut off his ear instead. He was immediately rebuked by Jesus Christ himself and Malchus' ear was restored. With our characters God helps us through the operation Holy spirit to bring them under subjection. Heb 12:9. Many things may happen in our lives for the furtherance of the gospel, but we don't utilize it for Gods glory. We should use it for witnessing. But no, we want attention and want others to attend and understand our condition! I great pity party with thousands of guests arriving daily. I know about that and the devil cheats us out of gaining a soul. Its not about you, ITS ABOUT GOD! When we learn to appreciated small beginnings, we gain large returns. God makes provisions even for this in II Corinthians 9. How we can learn from our preparation. Start to finish! Even though it may be a different generation, God's word is applicable. Its just different in the way you apply it. I can remember when I was younger, conversations about the Bible were who can memorize the most scriptures. Now who can apply that Balm from Gilead to my brokenness. The people are hurting! It shows by the addictions of sex and drugs, hardness of hearts and the constant use of psychologists. Everything sickness or behavior is prescribed But it is up to us to use the only real remedy Jesus Christ. Stop looking to the next person to do what you could have, would have and should have done. Burst forth in the oil under hot and tragic conditions and be salt to the earth and don't lose your savor. Matt 5:13. Matthew 17:20 ye shall say unto this mountain, removed hence to yonder place, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Faith all begins in the spirit, it becomes a work after being God's gift, it comes from the heart as a substance of unseen things, it results from the scriptures, and preaching of the gospel. It is saving yet temporary, it is intellectual but can become dead. It is always boundless, can be common but great, always holy and humble, starts out little becoming perfect, has mutual understanding with precious inheritance, never unfeigned and oh so venturing. If we just take God and His word at what it is simply, don't try to doctor it up to how we feel and make it meet us at our need but let our need come to edification, we would have faith. So just think about this 1mm mustard seed, we don't have because we don't have the faith. Not only materially but spiritually. Hmm! *****Use this book as a reminder every now and then to become electrified in your walk and cause for the Kingdom.