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Solving Trigonometric Equations

Solving Trigonometric Equations

tan2 t + 1 = sec2 t equation (1) is a trigonometric equation. Here tan, sec is
trigonometric functions. We know in trigonometry there are six trigonometric
Sin, cos,tan cosec ,sec , cot. A trigonometry equation that hold true for any angle
which is called trigonometric identity, and these angles are true for certain angles
which is known as conditional Trigonometric Equations.
Now we will see some techniques for solving trigonometric equations and also we
will learn how to derive the equations an infinite number of solutions to an
equation based on a single solution to that trigonometric equation.
Trigonometric equations can be solved easily without using a calculator. Like if we
Want find value of sin 300 then we can solve the value of sin 300 =1/2 =.5 . but
some condition like tan (x)=3.2 such equations has no simple answer that will
have to memorized. It would we tedious to use calculator to finding this value.

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For above problem like these, the inverse trigonometric functions are helpful. The
inverse trigonometric functions are also same as trigonometric functions except x
and y value which is reversed form. For example cos(y)= x is y = arccos(x). here
is not a function because this is assign more than one element and that element
have a range to each element of the domain of function. For example if we find
the all solutions of sin(y)=1/2 then solution is y=30 degree, 150 degree, 390
degree, and so on.
If we solve this value by inverse trigonometric functions, normally it is very
difficult, but it becomes possible by calculator.
Now we are going to discuss the solution of trigonometric equations, for solving a
trigonometric equations first we use to trigonometric quantities and algebraic
techniques to reduce the given trigonometric equation to an equivalent
So that was the proper explanation of trigonometric equations now we are going
to learn how to solve trigonometric equation.
Example:1 Find the all possible solutions values of given trigonometric equations
cos x + 2 = -cos x where interval [0,2]
Solution: For finding all solutions we need to follow the below steps:
Step 1: In the first step we write the given trigonometric equation.
Cos x +2 = -cos x

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Step 2: In this step we solve the trigonometric equation for finding value of cos x
cos x + 2 = -cos x
cos x + cos x + 2=
cos x + cos x = -2
2 cos x = -2
cos x = -2/2 after simplification we got the value of cos x.
Step 3: Now we solve the value of cos x for finding the value of x .
cos x =-2/2
we know cos x has period of 2
Step 4: In this step we we calculate all solutions in given interval
In this problem we have given interval [0,2] so we find the value between 0 to
Now we got the value x = 3/4 and x =5/4 .
In conclusion we add multiple of 2 to each of getting values
Now the general form of x = 3/4 +2n and x = 5/4 +2n Here n is an integer.
So that was the article Trigonometric equation. I hope you will understand this
article and in the next article we will learn other properties of equation.