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Torchbearer Nomination Process

BACKGROUND On 18th May 2011 LOCOG launched the 2012 Torch Relay. In total there will be 8000 Torchbearers of which 90% have been allocated to the three presenting partners; Coca Cola, Lloyds and Samsung. 90% of these slots will be allocated to the general public through each company's own public selection process. The remaining 10% has been allocated to other deserving bodies, of which the British Olympic Association is one. The Relay will begin at daybreak on 19 May in Land's End and LOCOG's focus is on youth and engaging the general public across the country. 50% of the runners will be between 12 - 24 years of age and each individual will be within 1 hours transport to the Relay route. CRITERIA Each Torchbearer, regardless of the nominating organisation, must be nominated by another individual through a 150 word submission demonstrating how that individual meets the Torchbearer criteria as follows; Has inspired people to do something never thought possible Always tries to be the best they can be Makes a real difference in their school or local community Has shown what it means to be a real friend Shows respect for other people and knows the importance of fair play

GOVERNANCE A selection panel has been agreed by the BOAs Board including; 1 BOA Board Member, the BOA CEO, Chair of the BOA Athletes' Commission and the Director of Olympic Relations, who will ratify all of the final nominations received by the BOA. NGB NOMINATION PROCESS Each NGB has 5 nominations; 3 athletes, of which 1 must be a past Olympian if applicable to that sport and 2 must be drawn from the sport's current long list. Please note one of the current long list nominations must be between 12 - 24 years of age in line with LOCOG's youth focus. 2 NGB volunteers, officials and/or staff members. Please note one of the nominations must be between 12 - 24 years of age in line with LOCOG's youth focus.

Each nomination, whether it be for an athlete, official, volunteer or staff member, must be accompanied by a 150 word submission as nominated by another individual outlining how the nominee meets the criteria as listed above. No Torchbearer is able to nominate themselves. We strongly urge you to seek the voice of your athlete population for your nominations. All those NGBs which have been represented at previous summer or winter Games, must nominate 1 past Olympian within their 3 athlete slots. The BOA has advised the Olympians Club members that should they wish to nominate another Olympian they must do so via that sport specific NGB Torchbearer Coordinator. Therefore, you may receive these nominations from past Olympians by 15 August which we would ask you to consider.

For those sports which have not competed at a previous Games, all 3 of your nominations must be drawn from your current long list. However, 1 must be between 12 - 24 years old. DEADLINE The 5 nominations (3 athletes and 2 volunteers/staff/officials) must be submitted to the BOA by midday on 1 September. Please note that there are two forms which must be completed: completed nomination template (attached and to be returned by email) signed Torchbearer Participation Terms (hardcopy by post only)

The Selection Panel will then ratify these nominations by 21 September and present them to the BOAs Board for final approval and submission to LOCOG. The BOA reserves the right not to ratify a nomination in exceptional circumstances. The BOA's decision is final. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION All Torchbearers must have a valid UK address and phone number. If you are submitting details of a nominee who resides overseas, please provide one nominated organisation address e.g. your head office. Anyone with a British Forces Postal Office (BFPO) address will need to nominate a UK registered address e.g. a family member or friend. All Torchbearers will be required to carry the Olympic Torch weighing 1.5kg for the full distance of their assigned slot which will be approximately 300metres. Please note that Torchbearers will be advised of their successful place on 6 December by LOCOG at which time the individual will also be informed of the town/community in which they will carry the Flame. Please note that the BOA is unable to commit to any specific location for any of the nominated BOA Torchbearers slots. These will be allocated solely by LOCOG.


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