World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

21 January 2004

An unofficial World Bank document

Why Are We Here? What are the Objectives of the Safeguard Policies? What Are the Bank’s Safeguard Policies? How do we ensure Compliance? What are the New Challenges?
World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

Why Are We Here?
Improved knowledge of Bank Safeguard Policies Utilization of knowledge for review clearance of low risk projects Identify opportunities for increased reliance on national requirements for environmental and social assessments.
World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

Objectives of the Bank Safeguard Policies
Ensure that Environmental and Social issues are evaluated in decision making; Reduce and manage Risk of project/program; Provide a mechanism for Consultation and Disclosure of Information;

World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

The Bank 10+1 Safeguard Policies
4.01 4.04 4.09 4.11 4.12 4.20 4.36 4.37 7.50 7.60 Plus….

Environmental Assessment (EA) Natural Habitats Pest Management Physical Cultural Resources (Draft) Involuntary Resettlement Indigenous Peoples (OD being conv.) Forests Safety of Dams Projects on International Waterways Projects in Disputed Areas BP17.50 Public Disclosure
World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

Compliance with Safeguard Policies
SP compliance is the responsibility of our borrowers; we support SP apply to investment lending and sectoral adjustment lending; At PCN stage, projects are categorized for EA as A (potentially large impacts), B (smaller impacts), FI (Financial Intermediary) or C (little or no impact);
World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

SPs - New Challenges
The new context:
Simplification (see VPs note of 10/20/03) Move back to more infrastructure funding Push for Sector Wide Approach Programs (SWAPs) which are investments. Scaling up of CDD (20% of operations) New development support policy – uncertain outcome on environment/social
World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

Safeguards change agenda
Harmonization among donors Increased use of national environmental and social assessment systems Review and clearance of corporate and regional risk projects retained by Regional Safeguard Coordination Teams Transfer of responsibilities to Task Teams and Sector Managers for low- B and C projects clearance All Regional Procedures adopted and posted
World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

Changes in Behavior
Proactive Approach Practical Advice Consistent Advice Problem Solving Approach Timely Responses Support for Implementation

Acceptance of Policies Honesty Starting Early Use of Specialists Increased Training Implementation of Agreed Actions

World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

After-Training Maintenance
Safeguards Training Program: If it’s Wednesday, then it’s Safeguards Training Type “safeguard”in your URL Call Help Desk x 32001 or write to

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World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

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