Customer Satisfaction



Customer Satisfaction

The present Indian economy is characterized by increasing in the consumption rate. Today Indian market is exposed to a lot of competitions not only from the domestic player but also global players. The competition in the market is driving every manufacturer to cut costs and focus on satisfying the customer which will surely help him retain his market share and also to enhance it. The customers delight in the business world of marketing today. All the marketers are oriented themselves towards it.

The term market is derived from the Latin word “Marcatus” which means trade, merchandise or plan of business. It means interaction of the buyers and sellers in the person or through telephone, telegraph, mail etc.

Marketing is a comprehensive term. It is not a mere exchange of goods and services. It includes all those activities connected with the process of identifying the needs of the customer and then organizing the business accordingly to meet the needs of the consumer. “Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and group obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others”. “Marketing is the total system of interacting business activities designed to plan, price, promote, and distribute wants satisfying products and service, to present and potential customers”.


Customer Satisfaction

One official definition of consumer behavior is “The study of individuals groups, of organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, dispose of products, services experiences or idea to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society.” This definition brings up some useful points.

Behavior occurs either for the individual, or in the context of group (e.g., friend’s influence what kinds of clothes person wears) or an organization (people on the job make decisions as to
which products the firm should use.)

 Consumer behavior involves the use and disposal of products as well as

the study of how they are purchased. Product use is often of great interest to the marketer, because this may influence how a product is best positioned or how we can encourage increased consumption. Since many environmental problems result form product disposal (e.g., motor oil being sent to sewage systems to save the recycling fee, or garbage piling up at landfill) this is also an area of interest.  Customer behavior involves services and ideas as well as tangible products.
 The impact of consumer behavior on society is also of relevance. For

example, aggressive marketing of high fat foods or aggressive marketing of easy credit may be serious repercussions for the national health and economy. There are several units in the market that can be analyzed. The main trust in this course is the consumer. However we will also need to analyze our own firm’s strengths and weaknesses and those of competing firms. Finally, we need to assess the marketing environment although we may have developed a



• A customer is not an interruption to our work – he is the purpose of it. They may be business people.Customer Satisfaction product that offers great appeal for consumers a recession may cut demand dramatically. Customer satisfaction is not just about service levels or product attributes. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. he/she is a human being with feelings and deserves to be treated with respect. WHO IS THE CUSTOMER? We all think of customers as the people who sit at our tables and pay for the goods and services purchased but they are individuals in their own right. They cannot be looked upon as an amorphous group – their needs are different and your service should reflect the. MYSORE 4 . As competitive advantage and differentiation is achieved through product innovation and service performance (rather than competing on cost). It can be seen as a function of two main components: SDM-IMD-. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Winning customer’s hearts and minds is increasingly important to customer acquisition and customer retention. he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so. It is no coincidence that customer satisfaction research accounts for much of market research activities. retired couples or celebrities. • A customer is the most important person in our business • A customer is a person who comes to us with needs and wants and it is our job to handle them in a manner that is profitable to him/her and ourselves. tourists. youngsters. it is vital to monitor and manage customer satisfaction levels. • A customer is not a cold statistics.

MYSORE 5 . internal processes and departments most likely to cause satisfaction/dissatisfaction.Customer Satisfaction • Perceptions of product and service levels received • Expectation of product and service levels Customer satisfaction is therefore concerned with service delivery/product performance and expectation management. a vital bottom line measurement SDM-IMD-. • Impact on loyalty and propensity to recommend. Customer Satisfaction research delivers key benefits: • Understanding the underlying drivers of satisfaction • Identification of trigger points where satisfaction management is most needed • Prioritizations of action areas (minimum input of maximum return) • Identification of customer-supplier interactions.


To attract and retain customers. MYSORE 7 . Quality means meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations. LITERATURE REVIEW CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: The current global business environment is extremely competitive. must be the primary goal of the organization. not increasing profits. An organization must give its customers a quality product or service that meets their needs at a reasonable price. organization needs to continually examine their quality system to see the responsive to ever changing customer requirements and expectations. effective organization need to focus on determining and then providing what their customers want and values. Which includes on time delivery and outstanding services: to attain this level. Advertising. crises handling and others and other methods of attracting the customer attention or not enough. Today’s’ consumers are more than willing to switch form supplier to supplier in search of better service or courtesy. Customer satisfaction. discounting. market positioning product \ service imaging. Understanding the customer needs and expectations is essential to winning new business. DEFINITION OF CUSTOMER SATISFACITON PHILIP KOTLER defines customer satisfaction as follows: SDM-IMD-. The most successful TQM program s begins from defining quality from the customer’s perspective. Deming added that quality also means anticipating the future needs of customers. Dr.Customer Satisfaction 2.

Sales and promotional activities need to create a positive experience for the customers. Brown defines customer satisfaction as ‘the state in which customer needs. and extraordinary services.g. wants and expectations throughout the product or service life are met or exceed resulting in repeat purchase. loyalty and favorable worth-of mouth. the attitudes of employees to make contact with customer should be positive and professional. moody employee will leave the customer felling let down. user training. There are many definitions of key elements of services. Service delivered by an unenthusiastic.Customer Satisfaction “Satisfaction as a person’s feelings of pleasure or disappoint from comparing a product’s perceived performance in relation to his or her expectations”. It doesn’t matter how much advertising is done or after sales service provided. Customer satisfaction is the difficult concept to define. a recovery process for counteracting bad experiences. However. servicing).  For example. Customers often needs re assurance SDM-IMD-. help lines. four basic element effect customer satisfaction. the following ideas are usually considered to be fundamental in achieving customer satisfaction. but this one is considered appropriate in the context of care of after sales services. wants and expectations for quality and functionality. They are: the basic elements of products and service.  After sales service should also be positive and appropriate (e. basic support services. MYSORE 8 . According to JONES and SESSER.  The product or service must meet the customer needs.

Highly in a survey. Since customer satisfaction is hard to measure. As with more there is variability among people and often with in the same person at different times. Often. Because customer satisfaction is subjective. logically customer opinions and the emotional issues of a purchase are disregarded. Although certain statistical patterns can be developed to represent customer satisfaction. it is hard to measure. Customer satisfaction strategies are developed around clearly stated. it is not an objective statistic but more of a feeling or attitude. for example. MYSORE 9 . Customer satisfaction seems simple enough and yet it is far from simple. a customer may be satisfied with a product or service and therefore rate the product and service. and yet that same customer can buy another product or service. It is best to remember that people opinion and attitudes are subjective by nature.Customer Satisfaction after they have bought something that they have made the right choice. The value customer place on one product compared to another may be better indicator of customer loyalty. and this can be costly mistake. It is of little benefit to understand a customer views about a product service if customer’s views about the product or service are not understood. due to the difficulty of measuring feelings. or help in using the product properly. There are so many facts to the customers experience with a product or service that need to be measured individually to get an accurate total picture of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction should not be viewed in vacuum. the measurement often it’s not precise. Errors can occur when customer satisfaction is simplified too much. DIFFEREENT KINDS OF CUSTOMER SDM-IMD-.

or one who influences the sale of the product or service. Group of customers:Group often pose a challenge due to the increase numbers and diversity of needs involved. serving a party of forty diners in a restaurant as a same time is likely to be more challenging to the staff concerned that dealing with similar numbers arriving in smaller groups over the course of an evening. DIFFERENT CATEGORIES OF CUSTOMER’S Individual customers:In certain circumstances it may be important to ascertain whether individual customer are on their own out of choice or whether they are actively wishing to socialize. Each category provides valuable customer satisfaction information for the organization. SDM-IMD-. An external customer exists outside the organization and generally falls into 3 categories: current.Customer Satisfaction There are two distinct types of customers external and internal. Every person in a process is considered a customer of the preceding operation. Every function. a long holiday maker might be actively in search of solitude or desperate to socialize. An internal customer is just an important. Each employee in the organization must know their job enhances the total satisfaction of the customer and to gain ones. the satisfaction of the external customer should be assured. has an internal customer – each receives a product or service and in exchange. An external customer can be defined in many ways. provides a product or service. perspective and lost customers. Each worker’s goal is to make sure that the quality meets the expectations of the person. When that happens throughout the manufacturing sales and distribution chain. For example. order processing or production. such as the one who uses the product or service. MYSORE 10 . whether it be engineering. For example.

from people requiring wheel chair access. preferences and opinions and this may well have an impact in terms of their needs and expectations as customer. ranging from specialist advice. TRADE CUSTOMER: It is important to remember that many businesses do not deal with the public directly but have other businesses as their customers. However. there can be significant differences in terms of needs. They may require a moral tailored service but it is important that their needs are created for sensitivity to avoid making customers feel self conscious or a nuisance. Customers with specific needs This category covers a wide area of different needs. those with sensory disabilities people with young children. for example. to people with particular dietary requirements. MYSORE 11 . advice and SDM-IMD-. it is important to not to make assumptions based upon generalized assumptions or cultural stereo – types as this like to cause offence. are often sensitive about being banded together with much younger children. Customer’s form different cultural backgrounds: Cultural backgrounds can have a significant influence on people tastes.Customer Satisfaction CUSTOEMRS OF DIFFERENT AGES: These can be split into 2 broad categories – children and adults but even within these groups. Teenagers. These customers will also have a variety of needs. Older people have different expectations of and attributes to customer service than younger people.

allowing new entrants to markets previously run by monopolies)..  De-regulation of markets (i.  E-Commerce and interest marking.businesses can reach customers around the world every minute of the day. SDM-IMD-.Customer Satisfaction assistance with promotion and after care service to trade discounts and free gifts and corporate entertainment. WHY CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS IMPORTANT The modern business environment is characterized by increasing competition (and therefore increasing customer choice) due to trends such as:  Greater freedom of international trade and globalization markets.  Increasingly customer confidence in complaining.e.  Are no longer the preserves of local or national companies who can afford to be complacent about their customers. MYSORE 12 .


SDM-IMD-. however a textile is freely defined as any product any product made from fiber. MYSORE 14 .Customer Satisfaction 3. Business of textiles market now is selling excitement rather than clothing. INDUSTRY PROFILE History of Textile or cloths can be drawn back to the dawn of civilization as understandable. People no longer buy cloths to keep their body warm and cozy. They buy them because of the way fabric makes them feel masculine. huge tapestries. buying cloths has become an emotional experience. now hang in museum all over the world as measured exhibits. The term comes from verb texture “to weave” in textile since. From ancient eras until the eighteenth century. all fabrics were constructed and decorated by hand weaving which was organized at home or in small workshops. glamorous. different etc. It is well known that textile industry is one of the oldest and the largest industry in the world. Textile word comes from Latin “textiles” which means women. Some artist weavers of those centuries achieved great skills and many surpassed such beautiful examples as oriental carpets and rags. porting intricate scenes and early Coptic textile. young. feminine.

the industry will generate 12 million new jobs by the year 2012. Though was predominantly unorganized industry even a few years back. heritage and economic well-being of country with diversified range and versatility. which has now successfully become one of the largest in the world. Textile industry in India provides great contribution for the development of economy.Customer Satisfaction Textile industry represents the rich culture. Further. The opening up of economy gave the much-needed thrust to the Indian textile industry. SDM-IMD-. tradition. It provides ample employment opportunities to people belonging to all classes. but the scenario started changing after the economic liberalization of Indian economy in 1991. but also opens up scopes for the other ancillary sectors. Textile Industry in India India Textile Industry is one of the leading textile industries in the world. It not only generates jobs in its own industry. It also plays a major role in the economy of the country. India earns about 27% of its total foreign exchange through textile exports. India textile industry largely depends upon the textile manufacturing and export. MYSORE 15 . the textile industry of India also contributes nearly 14% of the total industrial production of the country. After agriculture this provides employment to maximum number of people in India employing 35 million people. At the same time industry is competitive enough to fulfill different demand patterns of domestic and global markets. India textile industry is also the largest in the country in terms of employment generation. It also contributes around 3% to the GDP of the country. India textile industry currently generates employment to more than 35 million people. It is also estimated that. It is the second largest industry in the world after china.

elsewhere in the world one cannot fail to how in this country. MYSORE 16 . Be it in the Vedic.Customer Satisfaction India textile industry is one of the leading in the world. A major role is being played by textile industry constitutes around 9% of GNP.13 in 2008-09. Following are area. The very first textile mill was started in India in 1854 with the establishment of Bombay spinning and weaving mills. which is truly representative on India in all its hues. conflicts. “If there is any industry. mogul. the RMG export sector is the thrust area of export contribution. and the export of textile constitutes 35% of the total export earnings. Till 1920 the total extension of textile industry was concentrated around Mumbai but gradually it spread all over India. Currently it is estimated to be around US$ 52 billion and is also projected to be around US$ 115 billion by the year 2012. production and productivity of cotton in India during the last six decades.14 billion in is the textiles. up to 8% of total export from India. social or simply physical angles and comparing it to the way it operates. British or the current democratic era. Presently the Indian textile has grown at phenomenal pace and today it accounts for 25% of the total exports from the country. which saw a stiff rise to reach US$ 22. The textile export of the country was around US$ 19. SDM-IMD-. contracts unity. our textile industry has not only drawn rich lessons from each of them extensively. The current domestic market of textile in India is expected to be increased to US$ 60 billion by 2012 from the current US$ 34. but also has even kept pace with the changing times. The share of exports is also expected to increase from 4% to 7% within 2012. Looking at the ancient history from the economies.6 billion. Similarly. history and enterprise hard work”.

• The productivity of cotton which was growing up over the years has decreased in 2008-09. the role of the textile industries become more important in increasing export from the country and earns valuable foreign exchange. More than one core of persons are connected with textile industry and earns their livelihood. It constitutes 25% to country’s industrial production. • Cotton exports couldn't pick up owing to disparity in domestic and international cotton prices. MYSORE 17 . • Substantial increase of Minimum Support Prices (MSPs).Customer Satisfaction Today when the nation is facing financial crisis. • Acreage under cotton reduced about 1% during 2008-09. Current Facts on Indian Textile Industry • India retained its position as world’s second highest cotton producer. SDM-IMD-.


Abhaya Kumar. they set up a nationwide distribution network in the 1960’s. Shambhukumar S. Using locally available Cheviot wool he created Cheviot cloth that soon caught on the fancy of the landed gentry. kaliwal. Reid & Taylor (India) Ltd. an enterprising Scottish gentleman. It all began in the 1830's with Alexander Reid. The group established the S.Customer Satisfaction 4. Reid & SDM-IMD-.Kumar’s Group was set up in 1948 by Sri. Kaslival and Sri. COMPANY PROFILE 4. a first textile companies to have ushered in the widespread use of polyester and polyester blends in the country. which today is better known as Reid & Taylor.1 BACKGROUND AND INCEPTION OF THE COMPANY The S. Thus. As the clientele and reputation grew. he was joined by financer Joseph Taylor. Kumar’s brand. is a subsidiary of SKNL. embarking on a journey to make his vision a reality. Synonymous with British tradition. It has been a forerunner in the industry for the last five decades and is regarded as one of the most reputed business houses in the country. MYSORE 19 . began the enduring partnership of creating finest cloths in the world. S. Reid & Taylor has been styling the world's elite for over 170 years.

The discerning consumers in India now can experience international-quality garments in their own cities and towns. Pioneered the use of the S Kumar’s brand name in the textile trade Established a nation wide distribution network. shirts ties and accessories along with a wide selection of T-shirts. Established textile manufacturing facilities at various locations. trousers. jackets. the apparel range upholds the finest tradition of quality and cuts in outfitting. MYSORE . The apparel range includes formal and casual daywear suits. Today. Reid & Taylor has emerged as a leading brand in the worsted suiting segment.Customer Satisfaction Taylor continues the journey to create the finest fabric passionately and has thus carved out a distinguished name for itself in the industry. Reid & Taylor was launched by SKNL in India in 1998 with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art fabric plant at Mysore. Consolidated the Group’s textile business by establishing S Kumar’s Synfabs ltd as the flagship company for textile business. 20 SDM-IMD-. Technology and Marketing collaboration with Reid & Taylor of Scotland. Reid & Taylor is the first brand in India to offer both fabrics and apparel under one label. jeans. Produced by Reid & Taylor at a dedicated facility in Bangalore. and other weekend wear. The fine quality of garments and sharp styling has created a space for itself in the customer’s mind. 194 8 196 0 197 0 198 0 199 0 199 Textile business founded.

Quality Policy 1. Substantial water conservation through reuse of 300 KL/day (out of total requirement of 750 KL/day) 4. Adhering to all State Pollution control Board norms. comprising over 2000 trees. Setting up the most modern computer for high value fine cotton fabrics launching “Ready to wear” apparels. 2. providing opportunity to employees and associates to realize their potential to the fullest extent.K. discharge maintains Greenbelt spread over 1. Use of eco. 3.000 square meters. SDM-IMD-. They are committed to be a world-class company by consistently designing and manufacturing suiting’s to the highest standards and customer expectations. Rain water harvesting in use. They shall operate in a just and ethical manner.friendly dyes and chemicals. 15. ISO 14001 Certified Environmental system Management. Environment Policy 1. Commissioned a state –of – the – art worsted computer near Mysore – One of the best in the world. They are committed to comply with ISO 9001 and for continual improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS). Integrated Effluent Treatment Plant.Customer Satisfaction 5 199 6 199 9 200 0 Acquired a stake in Reid & Taylor of U. 2. 3. thereby acquiring usage of the Reid & Taylor brand name for the worsted fabrics range. MYSORE 21 .

Cordial employee relations and adequate training provided to enhance skills sets. Reid and Taylor project is an Rs. 51 junior officers and 30 trainees. As alliance.245. With a plan for a major thrust in global textile markets. Kumars has made available to the Indian market a range of the world’s highest quality fabrics confirming to Reid and Taylor specifications.2 NATURE OF THE BUSINESS CARRIED Reid and Taylor Industry belong to the allied group of the United Kingdom and have a heritage of over 150 years of excellence in the fabrics business. envisaged as India’s most modern. 808 workmen.71 corers project. Right mix of youth and experience.Customer Satisfaction Human Resources  Competent. Kumars forged a strategic tie-up with Reid and Taylor. Work force of over 1100 persons b) c) 96 officers. The Reid and Taylor is the brand focused towards the SDM-IMD-. best equipped and completely world-class fabric manufacturing facility. Team Reid & Taylor is respected across industry for innovation and productivity.   a) 14 team leaders with 92 second – line managers   Team trained in house for greater productivity. The Reid and Taylor product range is synonymous with hi-fashion premium clothing and superlative fabrics in the segment and the company is widely recognized as a world leader in fabrics for menswear.  4. S. MYSORE 22 . S. experienced team led by technocrats with average industry experience of 30 years.

Over 1500 (approximately) design both export and domestics are being offered with blends of polyester wool 65:35... The company has provided employment opportunity to 1. the company continuously initiates new brand management strategies with the aim of maintaining brand dynamism in a competitive market scenario.. middle-east. MYSORE 23 .A. Through this focus. All the machineries are imported from Germany. Switzerland and England. Maintaining. The 25% of its production is exported to foreign country like U. Effluent treatment plant in textile industry for the usage of water per day of various processing. 40:55:45 and 100% wool.K. France. a powerful multimedia blitz and had firmly established Reid and Taylor as the brand for people with class and style. Italy. In their effluent treatment plant 100% of industry effluent is treated and after the treatment the treated effluent is used for gardening. The Reid and Taylor started its commercial production in the month of December 1998 with a production capacity of 50 lakhs meters per annum.continent. The plant in fact is a zero discharge plant.3 MISSION STATEMENT SDM-IMD-.E. Negotiation etc.. synergy across brands and their markets is the centralized brand management department.Customer Satisfaction premium segment associated this brand with the icon of James Bond. Reid and Taylor had successfully promoted itself in the Indian sub. The workmen are employed as company apprentice or training period of 2 years and over 95% of the workmen are recruited from in and around Nanjangudu and adjoining villages.200 workmen including staff and indirect employment to about 200 persons. etc. The range of products varies from medium to higher range. The plant has 12.960 spindles and a captive power generating capacity of 7MW. Japan and U. 4.

It benchmarks achievements against international quality standards and every milestone achieved as the stepping. The company’s mission is to grow extensively without compromising on quality. the need to offer best products and services to its consumers. • To blend modern technology with traditional values in our endeavor to be a word class Indian Company global. The company continues to pursue growth both organically and inorganically to contribute to the development of the Indian Economy. MYSORE 24 .stone to the reach zenith. • To pursue our goals in just and ethical manner. Instilling in its employees. • To ensure the consumer remains the focal point of all our activities by offering him high value for money. • To provide every opportunity to our business associates and employees to realize their potential to their fuller extent. SKNL has created a world class enterprise managed by seasoned professionals. It aims to be amongst the top 3 players in every area of operations. thereby creating value for its stake holders. SDM-IMD-. SKNL will continue to operate in all product categories catering to different segments of the market. Business Objectives  To be India’s leading textile group and a world class entity.Customer Satisfaction SKNL aims to be a model company incorporating the best work ethics and corporate governance. SKNL believes in fair play. employees and customers to maximize shareholders value.

And the reason was Bond. To enter made-ups and value added products. it was India’s textile market that had caught the fever. the rare blue Ross.and always only on order.      4. creating an enduring partnership that is known as Reid and Taylor. MYSORE 25 . To enter relating of apparent and soft goods country wide in a big way. Chinese Kashmir and most recently the incredible New Zelandbred Escorial. Using locally available cheviot wool.shire cheviot. it was Reid and Taylor that eye from the many ads that were being aired.4 PRODUCTS/ SERVICE PROFILE In 1830’s Alexander Reid an enterprising Scottish gentlemen had a vision. In million years of homes across the country. After more than 20 years there was a new player in the worsted market.Customer Satisfaction  To continue and expand the position in uniforms and workday materials. The mill won accolades and gold medals for its quality of fabric. It was and is in this pursuit of developing some of the finest cloth in the world that the Reid and Taylor have carved a very distinguished name for itself. he created cheviot cloth that soon was favored so much that he invited financier Joseph Taylor to join him. “James Bond”. To consolidate and expand the position in shirting’s and pants. To become a global player in textile. In June 1999 while the cricket world cup was on. Reid and Taylor exquisite clothes are made from the best wool in the world including Australian merino. To expand exports to 20% of group activity. lambs bale. The Escorial wool today is so rare that Reid and Taylor make only 200 meters of this fabric. SDM-IMD-.

Customer Satisfaction However. The choice of Amitabh Bachchan as the new brand ambassador was unanimous. Market The fabric market for menswear in India primarily comprises of poly viscose (PV) and poly wool ‘suiting’ fabric. Virtually crease proof. Amitabh Bachchan clearly fits this role. fabric is retailed across the counter. business associates including the trade are extremely excited about Amitabh Bachchan’s another example of product innovation is the Reid and Taylor poly viscose range. In fact the deliberation phase. it aims at increased convenience and includes quality such as ‘Zephyr’. MYSORE 26 . post the initial success there was some stagnation in the growth of the brand. 80 billion of the total PV market the branded segment account for Rs. At the top end the worsted (poly wool) segment is estimated Rs. 12 billion while the total poly viscose market is projected at Rs. That meant going beyond metros without losing the premium ness associated with the brand. The conclusion of brand research by A. While it is too early to quantify the result the new campaign. and ‘Vogue’. This is because custom tailoring in India significantly SDM-IMD-. is equally popular with both the masses as well as the elite and has a personally befitting the brand. ‘Mistral’. While no retail audit has been conducted so far. ‘pearl’.C. Neilson was that the brand needed to reach a wider audience in India.60 billion. who is a style icon for Indians. was discussed but none was found to be as appropriate. Typically in India.20 billion while the unbranded is worth approximately Rs. unlike most developed countries. other names. too. industry estimates project the market in three main segments. The challenge required a brand ambassador.

Customer Satisfaction

cheaper than in developed countries and the ready-to-wear segment is still not fully geared up. Reid and Taylor (a Scottish brand, based in Langholm) launched its Indian chapter in 1998 by setting up the state-of-the art plant at Mysore. This meant that international quality was now available customized for Indian conditions. This new initiates brought about renewed excitement in the worsted industry that was stagnating pre- 1998. The launch of Reid and Taylor is considered an important landmark in the Indian fabric industry. Today with a sales turnover of Rs.2200 million, Reid and Taylor has emerged as a clear number two in the worsted segment with an 18% market share. Reid and Taylor are growing at 25% per annum.

Each bold of Reid and Taylor cloth is still made with the same painstaking attention to detail and minutiae that was established by its founders over 170 years ago. The advantages that it enjoys today are the availability and the innovative use of technology as well as state-of-art production processes. Reid and Taylor press them all into service. The brand has been able to get some of the world’s leading houses as clients – an outstanding testimony to its policies of design and customization. Keeping certain factors in mind Reid and Taylor has developed a wide range of fabrics. Primary amongst these was the need to combat the misconception that worsted suiting is suitable only for winter. Reid and Taylor’s research and product development demonstrate that every meter of fabric produced by it can be worn and maintained with ease in any climate.



Customer Satisfaction

With a clear understanding of major user segments and usage environments, the product offering has been created to exceed customer expectations, rewriting the rules with dynamic colors, attractive selvedge and competitive pricing.

A) Fabrics
Reid & Taylor fabrics are acclaimed for their high wear ability, ease of maintenance, and superior shape of retention. The range includes pure wool super fine fabrics made from fine merino fleece in high counts like 90s, 100s, & 130s, fabrics in wool / linen and wool / silk, wool/ silk/ polyester and other blends. The brand has recently launched high quality fine fabrics that include the super 230s, machine washable all wool fabrics and 100% cashmere suiting’s and jacketing fabrics. Reid & Taylor has also introduced blended fabrics like wool-silk, cashmere-cotton, bamboo-wool (70:30), cotton-wool(70:30) easy care all wool-high twist and machine washable, for special occasion. The rare Escorial fabric is the world’s finest naturally grown wool and has been selected from the finest fleece measuring 16 micron or finer. Its natural spiral shape traps air and lends a remarkable elasticity, making the fabric wonderfully light, naturally flexible and stunningly erase resistant. Reid and Taylor manufacturers a wide range of worsted and premium suiting’s including:
• • • • •

All wool super fine Poly wool blends Wool cashmere blends Wool linen and wool silk polyester blends Polyester Viscose blends


Customer Satisfaction

• • • •

Polyester Viscose – worsted Value added polyester viscose blends Wrinkle resistant suiting’s ECOFRESH suiting’s

B) Apparel
In the ready to wear segment, Reid & Taylor has launched suits, jackets, trousers and shirts under the label of Reid and Taylor legends, a range of fine formal clothing aimed at the premium segment. The Reid and Taylor leisure comprises.
• • • • •

Linen suits Cotton trousers Shirts T-shirts Golfing etc.

Flying in the face of conversion is a habit with Reid and Taylor. Launching a worsted suiting brand in the middle of the Indian summer was considered ‘inappropriate’. Just before the start of the Cricket World Cup in 1999 Reid and Taylor did exactly that. The launch strategy and strategic association with James Bond. The role out was planned to perfection – the media strategy and its reach, the advertising support and the radical trade promotion were all synchronized like a good military campaign. Each component was designed to ensure optimum utility. The truth is that even today, after all these years the James Bond blitz is remembered. Customers immediately connected with the brand position of ‘Bond with the Best’.


Kumar’s launched their fabric in May 1999. After they have determined their objectives the next question before them was how to advertise. Shorter duration commercials ensured branding and clearly differentiated it from the other players in the market. including a media strategy that used television as the thrust medium with press playing a secondary role. Main objectives of Reid & Taylor behind advertisement are as follows      To create awareness Positioning the product in the market To separate in to the market To create completion To overcome the existing completion. MYSORE 30 . Reid and Taylor collaborated with S.Customer Satisfaction The advertising campaign had many firsts. The advertising aspect i.. As the company is a recently established on there is no separate advertising department in the company. regarding the advertising of Reid and Taylor is under taken by the parent company itself. Advertisements were making to promote the sales of their product. They choose four main media to advertise the product that are as follows. Most of the people were not aware of the product. • • • • Television Print media Hoardings Sales promotion After deciding the media in order to create awareness there next aim was to penetrate in to the market and positioning the product in the market.e. It was SDM-IMD-.

As most of the people are not in the habit of watching TV. In this regard. they preferred full-page advertisements were put-up at the regular intervals. Reid & Taylor is a fabric of class. Frequent advertisement were put in the television to capture the audience in large more and more people come to know about the product. As the SDM-IMD-. as they say “Reid & Taylor” “Bond with best”. Advertising through Television After selecting the right icon. Newspapers and other forms of print media acts as their close supplement. The advertisement was not only shown in channels like DO and Star Plus. they awaited for the right opportunity to advertise their product.Customer Satisfaction an important brand. MYSORE 31 . As television acts as an important media through which the promotion of product is done. Reid and Taylor first advertise their product on television to create awareness among maximum number of people. but also in other regional – channels so that people can be aware of the product. which helps in reaching the target audience. The problems before them was to select the celebrity or non-celebrity and finally they shoes “Amitabh Bachchan” as there icon or model they choose this person because of his class and attitude as. which is already enjoying elite status expect India. Reid & Taylor selected a few of the popular dailies having wide circulation to put up their advertisements. The next question arises was who will be the brand ambassador? To make the image of high value product they search for the right icon. Print media Print media is also one of the media. and further company put word luxury to put in the image for the product in upper middle and upper classes people. In the earlier stages.

It carries the company’s logo along with the slogan “Bond with the Best” Visual Merchandising Shop boards are another prominent form of advertising shop boards are large placards kept at prominent places in front of the shops.Customer Satisfaction advertisement gained popularity the size of the advertisement was reduced to half a page. MYSORE 32 . The hoardings exhibited by Reid & Taylor’s are bright and colorful. Posters The glow signboards use by Reid & Taylor are attractive and colorful. Outdoor Advertising Hoardings are structures erected to carry advertisements. India Today”. The glow signboards used by Reid & Taylor. The advertisement were also exhibited in magazines like “The Week”. “A and M”. Hoardings are cheaper forms of advertising when compared to TV and print media. SDM-IMD-. they are usually hanging boards. “Frontline” and others. The shop boards used by Reid & Taylor are of two types. Glow signboard 2. This is also one of the prominent forms of advertisements. Their advertisement was also up in specialized paper like “Economic Time” and Financial Express”. Reid & Taylor have displayed attractive and reasonable larger size hoardings in prime locations in order to gain the attention of people passing by. They are the most effective forms of advertisements as they influence the customers at the point of purchases. Large sized hoardings in prime locations provide better publicity to the product. 1.

agents and retailers have often found customers asking for the ‘Amitabh-Wala suiting’. it primarily comprises of agents wholesalers and Tag Retailers.40% to 50% on EX mill + duty 10% A company sponsored study revealed that Reid and Taylor enjoyed a high recall (80%) immediately after the 1999 Cricket World Cup. Distribution The company adopts a three tied traditional form of distribution channel. MYSORE 33 . apart from this the company also appoints direct retailers it also has exclusive showrooms. The Posters used by Reid & Taylor are comparatively costlier when compared to those used by other textile industries.3 ½ percent on the net sales value . differentiating it from the other so – called ‘premium’ suiting brands than available.25% on e mill + duty 10% Direct Retailer. SDM-IMD-.Customer Satisfaction Posters are large printed pictures displayed at prominent places inside the shops. This is one the promotion strategy of Reid & Taylor to eliminate completion and gain popularity. The percentage offered is as follows: Agents W/S . ‘Live like Bond’ – a nationwide consumer promotion – was held in association with Reid and Taylor. In fact. Reid and Taylor have been uniquely positioned as a ‘luxury suiting’. Blending with the promise of ‘Bond with the Best’ this positioning has created a unique brand and even today remains distinct and unchanged.

MYSORE 34 . Progress is sacrosanct.. And is responsible for identifying growth areas. from polyester blended suiting’s and cotton suiting’s to home linen and wool suiting’s. Today. S. today’s imperatives balanced by yesterday’s values. vision and professional governance to the group. it is available in more than 3. farming policies setting goals. who founded it over fifty years ago. strategy. quite simply. with a product mix which embraces virtually every kind of fabric.Customer Satisfaction In five years so far. planning. monitoring operations and overseeing other key functions. They provide entrepreneurial dynamism.000 outlets and through twelve exclusive stores. consists of a sagacious combination of east and west: a harmonious blend of technology and tradition. The essence of the group’s management stance. Kumars synfabs Ltd Today India…………… Tomorrow the world…………. Management The S. More than 50 years it was founded S. Kumars group is managed and direct by two generations of Kasliwal family. it is also an exporter of many variety of fabrics and SDM-IMD-. the Reid and Taylor range has the width and depth to meet the growing demand of a mobile India. Kumars finds itself among top few textiles companies in India. it has a sharply defined management structure with the team of seasoned professional is their own right constitutes supervisory board. equally. age-old virtues are scared.

thereby buttressing S. simply and successfully as S. Kumar and company in Mumbai to trade in textiles. e-commerce. It has textile manufacturing units in Dewas. corporate transparence and professionalism led by two generations of the Kasliwal family and professionally managed the group is a global player in textiles. Kumar’s and one of the major thrust areas has been globalization. garments. and is known popularly all over India. MYSORE 35 . the CIS and U. with a growing presence in energy and power. unified by a business. Growing global The last few years have seen a high degree of growth and diversification at S. leisure. A. In 1948. a large business group with a portfolio of activities ranging from textiles and power to leisure and information Tech services a diverse conglomerate. Information Tech services. Scotland makers of the world’s most luxurious cloths for men’s accessories as also open boutique in the U. Ghaziabad.S and Latin America. Kaslival and his elder brother Mr. S. Thereby planning the seeds of what is today.S. Philosophy that lays particulars emphasis on fair play. 4.S Kaslival set up S. easily the biggest and organized in India. Kumar’s globalization objectives.S. Mr. Mumbai and Mysore wide distribution network. infrastructure development and Tyres. a small beginning was made with acquisition of strategic take in Reid and Taylor.Customer Satisfaction will soon emerge as a garment manufacture.5 AREA OF OPERATION-GLOBAL/NATIONAL/ REGIONAL It all began with a small trading company. Indore. Kumar. in addition the group has plans to make several strategic investments in textiles in Europe. relating. SDM-IMD-.

chiefly to Europe and the Middle East. including home lines.KULKARNI ANISH MODI SDM-IMD-. Kumar’s began exporting fabrics from India as far back as 1967 on today export a variety of fabrics.K.CHOUDHARY DIRECTOR (NOMINEE OF IDBI) M. in pipeline are wool worsted and polyester/wool as a part of its effort to become world players in textiles. MYSORE 36 . 4. setup in association with Reid and Taylor. with an annual production capacity of 5 million miters.C SHAH CHAIRMAN NITHIN S.H.Customer Satisfaction Perhaps. A.6 OWNERSHIP PATTERN BOARD OF DIRECTORS DR. S. KASLIWAL MANAGING DIRECTOR ANIL CHANNA DIRECTOR A. makers of the world’s most preferred wool worsted suiting. Scotland. Asia’s most modern textile facility.

Expressed in US dollars. India is still in the phase of upgrading at the commodity end. 4. While India is still concerned with its ‘fine tuning’ policy. It is believed that China is vacating the ‘commodity’ end comprising yarn & gray fabric. Although the textile industry contributes 9% of GDP & 35% of foreign exchange earnings.7 COMPETITORS INFORMATION To understand India’s position among the textile producing countries. in sharp contrast to China’s $77 billion. China seems to have its sights on a more strategic dimension. India’s exports value $10billion.Customer Satisfaction DIRECTOR (NOMINEE OF INDIA DENYS FIRTH DEBT MANAGEMENT PRIVATE LIMITED) VIJAY KALANTRI KUNNASAGARAN CHINNIAH DARA . an Indian textile delegation has scheduled a visit SDM-IMD-. India’s share in global exports is only 3% (China 13. HARIBHAKTI & CO. with sizeable investments in value added processes. Meanwhile. it is necessary to look at its export rates in detail.. MYSORE 37 . & moving into high value processed fabrics.75%).P MEHTA PRADIPANALAL SHAH DIRECTORS AUDITORS M/S. Indeed.

Grasim Table 1. It has increased from 21% to 25% from the year 2008 to 2010. OCM 4. J.Customer Satisfaction to China in March 2002 to scout for business opportunities in lower value intermediates.1 Market Share of Different Domestic Companies in 2011 Percentage Raymond Reid & Taylor Dig jam OCM Dinesh Grasim Others (BSL. Dinesh 5.Hamstede. Grasim. Domestic competitors with their fast moving brands 1.. 2. Dig jam) Total (In %) 60 25 15 100 The market share of Reid and Taylor brand has been increasing from year to year. SDM-IMD-.2 Market Share of Different Domestic Companies in 2011 Percentage Raymond Reid & Taylor Others (OCM. Raymond. MYSORE 38 . etc. Dinesh.) Total (In %) 51 21 9 5 5 2 7 100 Table 1. Dig jam 3.

The Presidential collection 9. MYSORE 39 .8 INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES About 40 acres of land purchased for the purpose of setting up a factory.T. 1. Armani 10.P. Enro 12.5. MW totaling 7. The total area covered for DG sets and Boilers about 3. Tricots St Raphael 6. The production Block is occupying about 10 acres of the area.5. Bobby Jones Tehama 2.0 MW capacity. Colonel Littleton 7. American Alligator 8. Peards Gourmet 13. Fly. Cutter & Buck 3. 4. The supply of electrical power from own DG house wherein 4 generator sets. Eagle Dry Goods 5. The man power recruitment for the plant is about 900 workers and 300 staff. 1. covering an area of about 4 acres. SDM-IMD-. City Scarves 11. The effluent and the polluted water form out of the process to be treated in E. The steam to be supplied by two oil fired boilers.5 acres. 2.Customer Satisfaction International Competitors 1. of 2. Tommy Bahama 4.

In 2002. Thanks to instant customer response and trade support the brand established itself as a leading player in the field. MYSORE 40 . It was in this delicately poised environment that Reid and Taylor was launched.Customer Satisfaction The company is guarded 24 hours by 4 security supervisors and 32 guards. a study conducted by A. The composition. Nielson). Recent Developments Reid & Taylor manufactures suit lengths in 100s super fine merino fleece and superfine polyester.9 ACHIEVEMENTS/ AWARDS Reid and Taylor were launched in Indian in 1998. executive wears in 70s wool and polyester and other popular blends. Leading fashion trends are ‘Crespo’ and ‘Jet set’ which are both high twist fabric qualities. The worsted industry was then going through a phase of stagnation and was loaded with a number of established players. is more adventurous. 4. The winners visited the locations of the film and lived in places where bond stayed. The guards are supplied by a security agency from Mysore. too. Specially developed for ceremonial wear is ‘Silk Ovation’. ‘Linen Kraft’ is a unique combination of linen with 10%polyester for the unruffled look.a 100% silk fabric. Nielson revealed that Reid and Taylor enjoyed a high recall (84%)and was in the top three with an ad recall of 52% (source A. These have been developed especially to cater to the vast number who wants a clean silhouette and shapely drape. The launch. rekindled excitement in the market. The James Bond film “the world is not enough”. through a strategic association with James Bond.C. A best windows SDM-IMD-.C.

Immediately after the research. had achieved a brand fit score 9. ‘relevance’ and ‘empathy’ were lower than desired. To identify and address these.10 WORK FLOW MODEL Dying SDM-IMD-. While ‘aspiration’ scores were consistently high. VCDs and other gifts. Within a year of launch.5. the company developed alternative solutions. 4. who was finally selected as the brand’s ambassador. However certain issues crept up. Reid and Taylor become the second most remembered brand in unaided recall. Making the entire process more involving at the consumer level various promotions were held where buyers of Reid and Taylor received movie tickets. Nielson to do a national study. the company commissioned A. Given the brand’s success in the past with James Bond it was felt that the brand needed a suitable. high – profile Indian personality. The winners went to Thailand for a holiday including a visit to James Bond Island. Also in certain non-metros the ‘sophistication’ parameter had led to Reid and Taylor being seen as an expressive suiting.C.Customer Satisfaction Display contest on the Bond theme was also held for retailers. MYSORE 41 . Amitabh Bachchan.

Customer Satisfaction Spinning Weaving Mending Finishing A) Dying The raw material what is got is usually white this has to be converted into different shades dyeing is the process by which the fibers will be dyed in different shades. MYSORE 42 . There are 3 years of dyeing that is: • • • Top dyeing Fiber dyeing Yarn dyeing In top dyeing the raw material that is polyester and wool are dyed separately and then blended. Fibers are dyed in respective SDM-IMD-. But in fiber dyeing the fibers is make it is dyed in yarn dyeing the yarn is dyed in required color.

B) Spinning Spinning is a process where raw materials (polyester and wool) are converted into yarn. The weaving process comprises of 3 different motions on the loom Primary motion Shedding SDM-IMD-. 65/35. 1/60. 1/80.e. 1/32. polyester and wool are blended in different percentage as required.e. 40/60 i. There are different count spun like 1/24. Fabric is just interring placement of yarn or thread in called WARP or ends and transverse threads are called WEFT or picks. etc. MYSORE 43 . The spinning process comprises of three-sub process • Re-combining • Spinning preparatory • Spinning C) Weaving Fabric is the final main product and weaving is the process of converting yarn into fabric. which have to be separated individually and for this each thread is drawn through healed eye of the healed and all the healed together mounted on a shaft and there healed shafts can be mounted on loon where fabric is made.55/45. 1/70. The threads.Customer Satisfaction shades keeping in mind the required blend of fabric i. 1/48. 1/38. Clockwise direction of twist is ‘S’ twist and anti-clockwise of twist is Z twist. The yarn are said to be twisted into ‘S’ or ‘Z’ twist depending upon the direction. 1/56.

After picking the wrap should advance to accommodate the next pick. One set of wrap is lifted and the other is kept down. as soon as the warp sheet opens one rapier brings weft in the center and the other rapier takes up the weft to the other end. So when the let off motion takes place the fabric is taken up on the roller. MYSORE 44 . SDM-IMD-. Take up: take a fabric on the roller. the warp sheets have to be lifted as per the weave to insert the weft. Beat-up Beating weft to the fall of the fabric as soon as the second rapier reaches and of the fabric. Picking In section of weft through open sheet. Auxiliary Motion Wrap stop Motion When any of the ends break the machine stops the drop wire on the wrap drops and completes a circuit tripping the machine.Customer Satisfaction Opening of the warp sheet. the reed pushes the weft in the direction of the previous weft and insures the weave of the required thickness. This motion corresponds to the wrap has to have the required tension on the loom. Secondary Motion Let off: release of wrap in a fabric the weft should be arranged uniformly they should not be too tight or loose.

MYSORE 45 . After the completion of wrapping. This is the process by which the fabric attains its own handle. on the grey perch to check for any mendable fault. and tint and to make it clean. aesthetic feel comforts etc. 4. D) Mending The purpose of the marketing department is to identify and mend the faults/defects encountered in the fabric after weaving. First of all the fabrics will have protruding fibers. E) Finishing The mended fabrics are sent finishing. A process called SINGEING removes these. and tint and to make it clean. The fabric is inspected in detail on the tables by the menders and the fault if mendable is mended after this one more check is done on the fabric. A process called SINGEING removes these.Customer Satisfaction Weft stops Motion The mended fabrics are sent finishing. From here the fabric is given to the finishing department. stains. Then the fabric has to be washed to remove dust. First of all the fabrics will have protruding fibers. aesthetic feel comforts etc. This is the process by which the fabric attains its own handle. for this different chemical heat treatment are given. Then the fabric has to be washed to remove dust. When the weft breaks the machine stops in case of ample the yarn is wrapped on a Suzuki machine. the beam is taken to the weaving section where it is drawn manually.11 FUTURE GROWTH AND PROSPECTS A bird’s eye view into distant horizons SDM-IMD-. it is then fixed on the loom and the sample fabric is woven. stains. for this different chemical heat treatment are given.

A special facility to produce fine cotton is planned to build near New Delhi.12 McKINSEY’S 7s FRAME WORK The 7S framework has first appeared in the book “The Art of Japanese Management” by Richard Pascal and Antony Athos in 1981. They published their Books “The Art of Japanese management” and “In search of the difficulties of organization changes”. TOM peter & Robert waterman have been consultants at McKinsey’s & Co at that time. It then appeared in the book “In search of Excellence” by Peters and Waterman in 1982.Customer Satisfaction The future plans includes expansions of home linen and terry towel production jointly with an oversees company and the including of Denim. 4. What is 7-S-Model? The seven-S are a framework for analyzing organization and their effectiveness. The 7S Model was born at a meeting of the four authors in 1978. then on it became famous as Mc Kinsey 7S Model. Subsequently. The two authors were looking at how Japanese industry had been so successful. it was taken up as a basic tool by the Global Management Consultancy Company Mc Kinsey to diagnose the cause of organizational problems and to formulate programs for improvement. It looks at the seven key elements that make the organizations SDM-IMD-. MYSORE 46 . as well as garments and fine cotton fabrics. at around the same time Tom Peter and Robert waterman were exploring what made a company excellent. The 7-S-Model is better known as McKinsey’s 7’S. This is because the two person who developed this model. industrial fabrics knit wear in the groups products range. The model shows that the organizational immune systems and many interconnected variables involved makes change Complex and therefore an effective change effort must address many of these issues simultaneously.

They are highly determined by the people at work in the organization. they can have a great impact of the hard Structures. Work for Analyzing and improving organizations “Seven-S” formula. i. Strategy.e. SDM-IMD-.Customer Satisfaction successful. Style. Although the soft factors are below the surface.A comprehensive guide is to analyze the Culture and Behavior of Corporations. Skills. Staff & Shared values. Therefore it is much more difficult to plan or to influence the characteristics of the soft elements. They are difficult to describe since capabilities. The hard elements (green circles) are feasible and easy to identify. values and elements of corporate culture are continuously developing and changing. or not. are hardly feasible. The four soft S’s however. Systems. Strategies and Systems of the organization.. corporate plans. MYSORE 47 . organizational charts and other documentations. Structure. Those seven elements are distinguished in so called hard S’s and soft S’s. They can be found in strategy statements.

the company is not really organized even if its structure looks right. the company is “Organized”. SDM-IMD-. MYSORE 48 . When the needled are aligned.Customer Satisfaction A Systematic approach to improving organization: The 7-S Model is a tool for managerial analysis and action that provides a structure with which to consider a company as a whole. The McKinsey 7-S frame work should be through of as a set of seven compasses. so that the organization’s problems may be diagnosed and a strategy may be developed and implemented. When they are not.

Mission. 1. organizational charts and other documentation. Objectives. Goals and major action plans and polices. corporate plans.Customer Satisfaction Those seven elements are distinguished in so called hard S’s and soft S’s. The hard elements are feasible and easy to identity. MYSORE 49 . Some of the strategies of Reid and Taylor as follow. Strategy: Strategies are the actions a company plans in response to or anticipation of changes in its external environment. They can be found in strategy statements. Customer oriented  Attracting and retaining customers  Uses non-traditional marketing strategy  Behavioral psychology  Used young population as strategic blessings  Movie centric promotions  Two time offers are provided in a year  More organized floors Employee oriented  Consider biggest assets  Employee welfare  Employee growth /training programs  The employee suggestion plan  Standardization of staff room SDM-IMD-. It also includes purposes.

Customer Satisfaction  up gradation for education 2. SDM-IMD-. For management Finance. matrix structure and network. Style: The leadership style of Reid & Taylor is flat in nature. For Reid & Taylor. 3. Human Resource. Purchasing departments are created separately which works independently. MYSORE 50 . The four basic structural forms are the functional form. weaving. Some of the structures of various departments of Reid and Taylor are as follows. Structure: In general structure is referred as the framework in which the activities of the organization’s members are coordinated. spinning. divisional structure. Marketing. finishing. mending. the divisions are dying.

Customer Satisfaction Structure of Finance Department: Unit Head Head Commercial Commercial Manager I [Capital Equipment] Commercial Manager II [Co-ordination & License] Finance Manager [Accounts] Finance Manager [MIIS] Finance Manager [Costing] Finance Manager [Bank & Treasury] Finance Manager [Bill Passing] Finance Manager [Imports & Exports] SDM-IMD-. MYSORE 51 .

In order to maintain better quality there will be two sessions for continues improvement for the skill up gradation. Main intension is continues improvement in products and processes.Customer Satisfaction Quality Assurance Department: QA . MYSORE 52 . Skills can be acquired by Experience. SDM-IMD-. Skills: Skills refer to the fact that employees have the skills needed to carry out the company’s strategy. Reid & Taylor gives more stress on quality of the brands. Certain standard skills are required in employees in order to perform or carry out the company strategy. Training and Development – it ensures people known how to work and stay update with the latest techniques.HEAD QQA Manager 3 EMS (Environmental Management Services) QMS Manager 4.

operation Monitoring and Analysis. Personal and Material Resources and Time Management. Critical thinking. set-up. Listening. operate and correct malfunctions involving Equipment Maintenance. System analysis and Evaluation. Repairing. MYSORE 53 . Resource Management Skills: Developed capacities used to allocate resource efficiently for the purpose of Management of Financial. writing. Speaking. service orientation and social perceptiveness. Trouble shooting and Technology Design. Technical Skills: Developed capacities used to Design. which the employee should possess at different levels of Organization: o Basic Skills: Developed capacities that facilitate learning and rapid acquisition of Knowledge for the purpose of Active learning. Complex Problem solving Skills: Developed capacities used to solve ill-defined problems in complex. Selection.Customer Satisfaction Following are the different skills. Negotiation. Persuasion. o Training: SDM-IMD-. o o o o System Skills: Developed capacities used to understand. Installation. real-world settings for the purpose of Complex problem solving. monitor and improve socio-technical system for the purpose of Judgment and decision making. Social Skills: Developed capacities used to Work with people to achieve Goals for the purpose of Coordination. Instructing. Programming.

5. tank chemicals and its safely. ISO documentation. safety. OFF THE JOB TRAINING: For Effective communication. Turning. management information systems and Capital allocation systems that govern everyday 6. performance evaluation systems. cost accounting procedures. basic hydraulic. including activity. regulations and procedures both format and informal that complement the organization structure. capital budgeting systems recruitment. Grinding. compensation systems. innovation systems. planning & budgeting systems. consisting of management information system. MYSORE 54 . It includes all the processes and information flows that link the organization together. supplier development. Systems: In general systems refer to “The formal and informal procedure. Heater Operation. Systems in the 7S framework refer to all the rules. Cutting machine Setting. training & development systems. handling storage and preservation. safety about chemical.Customer Satisfaction According to Flippo “Training is as act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular Job” ON THE JOB TRAINING: For Fire Fighting. production planning and control systems. Milling. manufacturing strategy and communication skill. ISO internal auditors course. housekeeping. Crane Operation. Staff: SDM-IMD-. Regeneration process.

Motivation and assigning to appropriate work are all key issues. Shared Values: Shared values are what engender Trust and link an organization together. Here in the Reid & Taylor there are ‘’’’’’ permanent employees and ‘’’’’ temporary employees. MYSORE 55 . That the company has hired able people trained them well and assigned them to the right jobs. Training. Shared values are also the identity by which an organization is known throughout its business areas.Customer Satisfaction A STAFF MEANS a group or team formed to carry out a particular function or a task. Retention. Thus. This is done by the process of Selection.13 SWOT ANALYSIS SDM-IMD-. and are classified by giving grades on the basis of the seniority and superiority in the company. some of the values that are shared by both the employees and the management at big bazaar are as follows • Product and service quality • Productive efficiency • Team work concept • Customer satisfaction • TPM (Total Productive Management) • TQM (Total Quality Management) 4. Reward and Recognition. 7.

Weakness. which is used for identifying the company Strength. Strengths         Vast textile production capacity Large pool of skilled and cheap work force Entrepreneurial skills Efficient multi-fiber raw material manufacturing capacity Large domestic market Enormous export potential Very low import content Flexible textile manufacturing systems Weaknesses      Increased global competition in the post 2005 trade regime under WTO Imports of cheap textiles from other Asian neighbors Use of outdated manufacturing technology Huge unorganized and decentralized sector High production cost with respect to other Asian competitors 56 SDM-IMD-. the particular capabilities and resources that a firm possesses and the superior way in which they are used. Opportunity and threats. MYSORE .Customer Satisfaction SWOT analysis is the technique. But also in the identification of opportunities. the firm is not currently able to take advantage due to a lack of appropriate proven to be the most enduring analytical technique used in strategic management. SWOT analysis not only result in the identification of a corporation’s distinctive competencies. This reflects an important issue facing strategic managers should we invest more in our Strength’s to make them even stronger or should we invest in our weakness to make them competitive.

 End-users respond to new ideas.  Local competitors have poor products. Existing core business distribution risk.  Could extend to overseas. Environmental effects would favors larger competitors. organizing.Customer Satisfaction Opportunities  Could develop new products. after plant training me felt empowered with confidence and understood different management concepts in pragmatic manner. This sensory impression guide in production units theoretical concepts. 4. Threats     Legislation could impact. Retention of key staff critical. • I got to know how centralized structure is doing through others and with others work and things. • I came to know the importance of different management functions such as planning. The Management concepts were difficult to analyze.14 LEARNING EXPERIENCE Project training created a sensory impression in my mind putting across what actually is an organization and how it operates to serve the public along with the fulfillment of their objectives. MYSORE 57 . SDM-IMD-.  Profit margins will be good. But. staffing. directing and controlling which guide the organization in facing stiff competition from competitors.

thereby improving loyalty from customer side. attitude etc. • I learnt the importance of leadership traits which guide in achieving personal as well as organization goals. that guide me in contributing to organization as well as nation by working efficiently and effectively.Customer Satisfaction • I understood the way in which. I feel that in plant training has shaped my personal skill. At last. ability. the workflow model helps in organizing work by determining authority and responsibility for staff. • I came across the importance of time management. SDM-IMD-. which helps the entire organization in meeting delivery dates of customers. • I also learned that how quality control and assurance guide the entire organization in providing quality brands to customer. • The marketing department bridges the gap between organization and customer by various promotion tools as well as regular feedback from customers. talent. • I came to know how individual should be dynamic in corporate sector which guides in career planning and development. MYSORE 58 . • I manage to know how information technology and various systems have reduced the time of an activity and documentation also.


The growth and success of the organization depends upon not only its market segmentation adopted. • To find out the drawbacks and the key areas that needs to be improved. • To ascertain satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the customers.A study at Reid & Taylor.1STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The research problem selected in view of this project is to know customer satisfaction level towards Reid & Taylor products in the competitive textile market. by analyzing customer satisfaction level in the competitive market. promotional activities. marketing management. • To study various factors influencing customer satisfaction towards Reid &Taylor fabrics. • To analyze and compare the different brands available in the market. marketing policies.Customer Satisfaction “Customer satisfaction” . but also depends upon customer satisfaction level to the organization. SDM-IMD-. • To understand the nature and extent of competition that is existing in present day textile industry.2OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To find out the customer awareness towards Reid &Taylor products. So it is essential to make the study more competent and effective in nature and the study aims to find out how is the customer satisfaction level towards Reid & Taylor products. MYSORE 60 . combination of marketing mix . extent of market research. 5. 5. As Reid & Taylor is performing better in the market in the recent days it is necessary for the company to have a feedback report. advertising. • To find out the current market position of the company with respect to its competitors.

Employed. in the Indian market.Customer Satisfaction • To get the suggestion from the customers for any improvement they want in Reid & Taylor fabrics. SDM-IMD-. Students and people belonging to other profession.3 SCOPE OF THE STUDY The present study intends to provide an integrated picture of the level of customer satisfaction towards Reid & Taylor. Doctors. as the textile industry is facing a stiff competition due to globalization. Customers of Reid & Taylor have been chosen for the study. The study is also intended to know the level of customer satisfaction towards Reid & Taylor fabrics when compared to other brands. The study was conducted in the city of Mysore. The study applies to Businessmen. • The ultimate goal of the study is to find out the actual customers satisfaction level and in turn convert non-satisfied customers into satisfied and delighted customers respectively. Housewife’s.4 METHODOLOGY Type of research The research design used for the study was exploratory. Engineer. Availability and accessibility’s are twin factors for the study held in Mysore city. The respondents have chosen from Mysore district. 5. 5. MYSORE 61 . so as to indentify and explore the customer satisfaction level towards Reid & Taylor products.

Customer Satisfaction The research was conducted through structured questionnaires to gather with formal interview. Study Area: The study is limited to the city of Mysore. SDM-IMD-. Sampling Technique: Sampling technique used was distributing the questionnaire among the customers in Mysore Sample Size: Sample size was only 100 and all of them were given to the customers. Questionnaire was administered personally. Scaling interview techniques were employed for consumer’s opinion on change in price of Reid & Taylor. Source of Data: Preliminary data: Questionnaires was prepared which includes both open ended and close ended questions. Sample methods: Convenience sampling method. Open ended and closed ended question have been used to get response from the respondents. MYSORE 62 . Secondary Data: The major source of secondary or supporting data is journals and magazines and data collected through internet.

The copy of the instrument used for primary data collection is attached in annexure. The collected data has been represented in the form of tables. 5. MYSORE 63 . such as buying the product at a given point of time. SDM-IMD-.  The respondents might be subjected to bias.Customer Satisfaction Tool of Analysis: The response was tabulated and analyzed through percentage analyses method. scientific and accurate. Satisfaction scale was also used to measure the level of satisfaction of customers with regards to the existing retail outlets. Measurement scale: Respondents were asked to evaluate different types of apparel brands.  The accuracy of the report depends upon how honestly or sincerely the respondents have answered. Thus there is bound to be some limitations Some of the limitations of the study are:  Due to time constraints the study is limited. column chart and pie charts.  As the scope of the study was limited to Mysore city. Behavior intention scale was also used that measures likelihood that customers will act in a certain way in the future.5 LIMITATIONS OF STUDY All the studies to be made have their own parameters and it is difficult to make a study on assumption despite all possible efforts to make this analysis comprehensive.

MYSORE 64 .Customer Satisfaction SDM-IMD-.

Classification of respondents based on age. Table – 1 SDM-IMD-.Customer Satisfaction CHAPTER-6 ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION OF DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION OF DATA Part-A: Personal Profile 1. MYSORE 65 .

1 2 3 4 Total Age in Years Below 25 25-35 35-45 Above 45 No. Table – 2 SDM-IMD-. the 24% respondents belong to the age group of below 25 years and 40% of respondents belong to the age group of 25-35 years and 26% respondents belong to the age group of 35-45 years and 10% respondents belong to age group of above 45yers. it can be inferred that majority respondents belong to the age group of 25-35.Customer Satisfaction Sl No. MYSORE 66 . Classification of respondents bases on Sex. Interpretation From analyzing. of Respondents 24 40 26 10 100 Analysis Above table reveals that. 2.

MYSORE . 1 2 3 4 Place Metro city City Rural Others No. Interpretation From analyzing it can be inferred that majority of respondents belong to male group of 88%. 3. 88% are male respondents and other 12% are female respondents. of Respondents 0 74 16 10 67 SDM-IMD-. Classification of respondents based on Place. of Respondents 88 12 100 Analysis Above table reveals that. Table – 3 Sl No. 1 2 Total Sex Male Female No.Customer Satisfaction Sl No.

the 74% respondents belong to the City and 16% respondents belong to the Rural and 10% respondents belong to the others. 4.Customer Satisfaction Total 100 Analysis Above table reveals that. 74%. Classification of respondent based on Education. Table – 4 Sl No. of Respondents 16 42 18 68 SDM-IMD-. Interpretation From analyzing it can be inferred that majority respondents belonging to the city. 1 2 3 Education Pre University Degree PG No. MYSORE .

Classification based on Occupation Table – 5 Sl No. of Respondents 4 74 22 100 69 SDM-IMD-. 1 2 3 Total Occupation Students Working Others No. it can be inferred that majority of respondents belong to the Degree level 42%.Customer Satisfaction 4 5 Total Above PG Others 8 16 100 Analysis Above table reveals that. 5. MYSORE . the 16% respondents belong to the PreUniversity level and 42% respondents belong to the Degree level and 18% responded belong to the PG level and 8% respondents belong to the above PG level and 16% respondents belong to the others level. Interpretation From analyzing.

1 2 3 4 Monthly Income (Rs) 5000-10000 11000-20000 21000-30000 31000 and above No. Interpretation From analyzing it can be inferred that majority of the respondents are working 74%.Customer Satisfaction Analysis Above table reveals that. of Respondents 30 40 16 14 70 SDM-IMD-. Table – 6 Sl No. MYSORE . Classification of respondents based on Income level. 6. the 47% respondents are Students and 74% respondents are working and 22% respondents are others.

Interpretation From analyzing it can be inferred that major of the respondents fall in the Rs. MYSORE Opinion Yes No No.Customer Satisfaction Total 100 Analysis Above table shows 14% of the respondents have an Income of Rs 31000 and above and 16% of the respondents have an income of Rs 2100030000 and 40% of the respondents have an income of Rs 11000-20000 and the reaming 30% of the respondents fall in the Rs 5000-10000 income level. 11000-20000 income level.Are you aware of Reid & Taylor fabric? Table – 1 Sl No. Of Respondents 98 2 100 71 . 1 2 Total SDM-IMD-. Part-B: General Question related to company Products 1.

1 2 3 4 5 Source Newspaper Television Internet Outdoor Ads Others No.Customer Satisfaction Analysis Above table shows that 98% of respondents have know the Reid & Taylor fabric and 2% of respondents not know the Reid & Taylor fabric. Interpretation From analysis. How did you come to know about Reid & Taylor brand? Table-2 Sl No. 2. it can be inferred that 98% of respondents have known the Reid & Taylor fabric. of Respondents 8 42 12 32 6 72 SDM-IMD-. MYSORE .

Did advertising Influence you to buy Reid & Taylor fabrics? Table – 3 Sl No. 3. 1 2 3 Total SDM-IMD-. Interpretation From analysis it can be impact that Television place a main roll in attracting customers towards the brand 42%. the 42% respondents came to know by TV and 32% respondents came to know by outdoor ads and 12% of respondents came to know by Internet and 8% of respondents came to know by newspaper and rest all respondents (6%) came to know by other sources. MYSORE Opinion Wholly Partially Not at all No.Customer Satisfaction Total 100 Analysis Above table revels that. of Respondents 22 62 16 100 73 .

Customer Satisfaction Analysis Above table revels that the 62% of respondents partial influence by advertisement and 22% respondents wholly Influenced by advertisements. of Respondents 98 2 100 74 . Interpretation From analysis it can be inferred that majority of the respondents (62%) partially influenced by the Reid & Taylor fabrics. MYSORE Opinion Yes No No. and the rest 16% respondents not at all influenced by the advertisement to buy Reid & Taylor fabrics. Can you identify the brand ambassador of Reid &Taylor? Table – 4 Sl No 1 2 Total SDM-IMD-. 4.

What is you opinion on the advertising strategic of Reid & Taylor of fabric? Table – 5 SDM-IMD-. Interpretation From analysis it can be inferred that majority 98% respondents can identify the brand ambassador of Reid & Taylor.Customer Satisfaction Analysis Above table shows that. the 98% of respondents can identify the brand ambassador of Reid & Taylor and remaining 2% respond do not know the brand ambassador of the Reid & Taylor. MYSORE 75 . 5.

Interpretation SDM-IMD-. Nobody respondents are told that advertising strategy is poor. the 58% respondents feel that the advertising strategy of Reid & Taylor is good. and 38% respond feel that the advertising strategy is excellent and reaming 4% respondents fell that is insufficient. of Respondents 38 58 4 0 100 Analysis Above table reveals that.Customer Satisfaction Sl No. 1 2 3 4 Total Good Opinion Excellent Insufficient Poor No. MYSORE 76 .

it can be inferred that majority of the respondents fell that the advertisement strategy of Reid & Taylor fabric is good 58%. According to you which brand is effective in Advertisement? Table. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Brand Reid & Taylor Raymond’s Grasim Dinesh OCM Mayur No. of Respondents 35 41 8 6 2 8 100 Analysis Above table shows that. the 41% respondents feel that Raymond brand is effective in advertisement and 35% respondents feel that Reid & Taylor brand is effective in advertisement and other reaming 8% respondents feel SDM-IMD-.Customer Satisfaction From analysis. 6. MYSORE 77 .6 Sl No.

Customer Satisfaction Grasim. 6% respondents feel Dines. Interpretation From analysis it can be inferred that 4% respondents feel that Raymond brand is effective in advertisement. 2% respondents feel OCM and 8% respondents feel Mayur barnd is effective in advertisement. The fact that. the perception difference is only 6% with the Reid & Taylor however old and early entry than anything else. MYSORE 78 . SDM-IMD-.

MYSORE 79 . Which Brand having more effectiveness in promotional activity? Table – 7 Sl No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Brand Reid & Taylor Raymond’s Grasim Dinesh OCM Mayur No. of Respondents 36 42 8 6 4 4 100 Analysis SDM-IMD-.Customer Satisfaction 7.

The reaming % of respondents satisfied with Grasim. Dinesh. SDM-IMD-. Interpretation Though. the perceptional difference of hardly 6% behind Raymond’s can be due to a late entry than anything else.Customer Satisfaction Above table reveals that the 42% respondents are satisfied with Raymond’s and 36% respondents are satisfied with Reid Taylor. it is evident that the majority of the sample survey reflects that Raymond’s occupies a leading position. OCM and Mayur. MYSORE 80 . the fact that.

Selection of Fabric: Table – 8 Sl No.Customer Satisfaction 8. 24% of responds preferred poly cotton. of Respondents 32 0 24 22 16 6 100 Analysis Above tables reveals that. 22% of respondents preferred poly wool. 16% respondents preferred to 100% polyester and 6% of respondents preferred other fabrics. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Fabric 100% Cotton 100% Wool Poly Cotton Poly Wool 100% Polyester Others No. the 32% of respondents preferred 100% cotton. MYSORE 81 . No one preferred 100% wool SDM-IMD-.

Interpretation SDM-IMD-. 1 2 Total Yes No Opinion No. MYSORE 82 .Customer Satisfaction Interpretation From analyzing it can be inferred that no one prefer 100% wool and 32% respondents preferred poly wool. Have you ever purchased Reid & Taylor fabrics? Table. of Respondents 74 26 100 Analysis Above table shows that 74% of respondents are purchased the Reid & Taylor fabrics and 26% of the respondents are not purchased Reid & Taylor fabrics.9 Sl No. 9.

1 2 3 4 Total Opinion Once in a Year Twice in a year Quarterly Not at all buy No.Customer Satisfaction From analysis. the 62% of respondents by the product of Raid & Taylor once in a year. How often do you buy the product of Reid & Taylor? Table – 10 Sl No. 10. 2% of SDM-IMD-. it can be inferred that 74% of respondents are purchased the Reid & Taylor fabrics. of Respondents 62 10 2 26 100 Analysis Above table revels that. MYSORE 83 . hence the company should make the remaining customers also to go for their products. 105 of respondents buy twice in a year.

SDM-IMD-.Customer Satisfaction respondents buy quarterly in a year and reaming 26% of respondents not at all buy the product of Reid & Taylor. and 26% of respondents not at al buy the product of Reid & Taylor. it can be inferred that 62% of respondents satisfied with the brand and buy the product of Reid & Taylor once in a year. MYSORE 84 . The reason for such is the entrance of new brand in the market and in this brand fight the chances of losing targeted customer may arises. Interpretation From analysis.

1 2 3 4 5 Total Opinion Corporate wear Wedding Daily wear Others (Gifting) Not at all purchase No. of Respondents 30 26 10 8 26 100 Analysis Above table shows that 30% of respondents are purchase the Reid & Taylor fabric for corporate wear.11 Sl No. 8% of respondents for others (gifting) and reaming 26% of respondents not at all purchase the fabrics.Customer Satisfaction 11. MYSORE 85 . Interpretation SDM-IMD-. What is the reason behind your purchase? Table. 26% of respondents for wedding. 10% of respondents for daily wear.

No one says it is not satisfactory. it can be inferred that major 30% of respondents are purchase the Reid & Taylor fabric for corporate wear. of Respondents 56 34 10 0 100 Analysis Above table reveals that.Customer Satisfaction From analysis. MYSORE 86 . Interpretation SDM-IMD-. 1 2 3 4 Total Opinion Very comfortable Comfortable Average Not satisfactory No. 10% of respondents it is average. and 26% of respondents not at all purchase the fabric. How do you feel about the Reid & Taylor Products? Table – 12 Sl No. 56% of respondents have given their opinion Reid & Taylor fabric are very comfortable to use. 12. 34% of respondents ranked it is comfortable.

MYSORE 87 . that is affordable. 60% of respondents feel that the product prices are reasonable. while most of the respondents that is around 30% feel that prices of fabric are too high when compared to the prices of other products. 1 2 3 Total Opinion Expensive Reasonable Below the expected No. Interpretation SDM-IMD-. How do you feel about the price of Reid & Taylor product? Table – 13 Sl No. of Respondents 30 60 10 100 Analysis Above table reveals that. 13.Customer Satisfaction From analysis it can be inferred that no one had dissatisfaction towards Reid & Taylor products. while only 10% of the respondents feel that they are satisfied with the price.

14. 1 2 Total Yes No Opinion No. Interpretation Above table shows that 28% of respondents are not satisfied with the retail outlet of Mysore SDM-IMD-. Do you like Reid & Taylor out let? Table – 14 Sl No.Customer Satisfaction From analysis. the 72% respondents are satisfied with outlet. of Respondents 72 28 100 Analysis Above table reveals that. MYSORE 88 . it can be inferred that 60% of respondents feel that the product prices are reasonable.

58% of respondents are satisfied with the service. According to you which brand is effective in sales? SDM-IMD-. 20% of customers responded it is in average level. What is your opinion about customer service in Reid & Taylor showroom? Table – 15 Sl. Interpretation From analyzing. of Respondents 22 58 20 0 100 Analysis Above table shows that. MYSORE 89 .Customer Satisfaction 15. it can be inferred that no one has poor opinion about customer service in Reid & Taylor showroom. 16. No. 1 2 3 4 Total Opinion Excellent Good Average Poor No. 22% of respondents are highly satisfied with the service provided in Reid & Taylor outlet.

Sl No.Customer Satisfaction Table – 16 No. 45% of respondents believe that Raymond products are effective in sales and 10% of respondents feel that SDM-IMD-. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total Brands Reid & Taylor Raymond’s Grasim Dinesh OCM Vimal Mayur Respondents1 36 45 10 4 4 1 0 100 of Analysis Above table reveals that the 36% of respondents feel that Reid & Taylor products are effective in sales. MYSORE 90 .

MYSORE Opinion No.Customer Satisfaction Grasim. Interpretation From analyzing. Table – 17 Sl SDM-IMD-. the perceptional difference of hardly 9% behind Raymond’s can be due to a late entry than anything else. 17. 4% of each respondents feel Dinesh and OCM. no one says Mayur is effective in sales in Mysore city. 1% of respondents feel Vimal. If you want to buy the Reid & Taylor material or fabric. list the factors that influence you to purchase the product. it can be inferred that the majority of the sample survey reflects that Raymond’s occupies a leading posting that face that. of Respondents 91 .

1 2 3 4 5 Total Advertisement in electronic media Product display in outdoor media Advertisement published in print media Glow sign boards Influence by others wearing it 42 30 12 6 10 100 Analysis From the above graph we found that advertisement in electronic media 42% is having effective advertisement followed by product displayed on outdoor media.Customer Satisfaction No. SDM-IMD-. MYSORE 92 . Glow sign boards 6%. 30% . and influence by others wearing it by 10%. advertisement published in print media 12%.

MYSORE 93 .Customer Satisfaction Interpretation So the above table shows the good quality of the advertisement is taken place in electronic media and outdoor media. SDM-IMD-.

Customer Satisfaction CHAPTER-7 FINDINGS. MYSORE 94 . 11000-20000 P.M. SDM-IMD-. SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSIONS FINDINGS  Majority of the respondents are in the age of 25-35  Income level of the majority respondents has been indicated as Rs.

have adopted a good distribution policy.  Reid & Taylor is the only company which has competitive advantage over Raymond’s  It was found that Reid & Taylor ltd. the supply chain is functioning effectively.  These also found that print media is also main medium.  The study reveals that television has played a major role in creating the brand awareness amongst the customer compared to all other media’s.  Supply of materials is restricted to only authorize dealers. SDM-IMD-.  Majority of the respondents identified the brand ambassador of Reid & Taylor. it can be improved with broachers and colorful advertisement regularly.  Majority respondents felt that advertising strategy of Reid & Taylor is good. MYSORE 95 .  Most of the respondents were influenced by advertisement in purchasing the product. franchises and showroom.Customer Satisfaction  Respondents at large are working  According to the study 98% of respondents aware of the brand Reid & Taylor. wholesalers.  66% of respondents use Reid & Taylor fabric for their personal use.

so that the company product could be little cheaper and compete with the other competitors in the market. therefore in the study it is suggested to the company to undertake some promotional measure at the dealer level.  In the promotion activity (Advt) company should change the perception of the consumer because consumer feels that Reid & Taylor product are so costly so they don’t make enquiry or avoid to see the fabric. it should be remaining as it is. promoting the customers through local media.  The step should be taken to reduce the manufacturing costs. etc. if they made attempt to acquire sum part of their areas than the demand for Reid & Taylor product will increase. towns sub cities etc.  Reid & Taylor is not yet attempted in to small market like. it is found that presently the company is using corporate advertisement to promote the brand images. SDM-IMD-. which can be easily absorbed in the market.  It is also necessary for the company to improve the standards of existing varieties.  One of the advertisements media in the present day is visual advertising. boarding’s.Customer Satisfaction SUGGESTIONS  Company has to provide variety of color products. MYSORE 96 . But at retail level there is no much effort in building the customer loyalty. like newspaper.  From the study.  It is suggested that. Thus much of the advertisements should be done through television.

 Company should look for good theme in advertisement for promoting the products and also incorporating the brand ambassador in their particular advertisements.  The company needs to open its official showroom in the country at present there are only 14 all over the country.  In the analysis of study it is found that.  Company should frequently publish its ads on different types of media. it can effectively enhance the local market potential. which is greater essential for profitability. Therefore in this it is suggested to the company to appoint some more showroom ( at least 2 more) so that being local company. SDM-IMD-. MYSORE 97 . presently there is only one exclusive showroom.  Company should improve the retail ser5vice and its feedback is not satisfied. The market potential of Mysore is more than the supply of the company products.Customer Satisfaction  The company selected channel of distribution must be economic and advantages to the company.

More over the company launched the product in India with much fan fare riding on to charming glory of its world famous brand ambassadors like James Bond 007 and Mr.Customer Satisfaction CONCLUSION Reid & Taylor is one of the dominate company in textile. They have a fantastic well developed distribution channel. With more urbanization. Their innovations were well accepted by the Indian customer compared to its contemporaries. It is beyond doubt that the Reid & Taylor as a brand has excelled in all its branches of marketing functions. Today the brand is second to only Raymond’s in its product category and has been declared as the super brand in a short span of time. Amitabh Bachachan. Their marketing policies have attracted the attention of general dealers. it is famous for luxury suiting. This speaks volumes of success of its marketing Strategy. Indian families also consume more luxury suiting. demand for Reid & Taylor fabric is also increasing in India. more ready-made textiles. Company should increase the promotion of Reid & Taylor fabric to create awareness among people about SDM-IMD-. With the income level rising. MYSORE 98 . as it is very trade friendly.

Consistent delivery has supported the formula and bonded with the important aspect of trade faith in the brand.Customer Satisfaction the concept of Reid & Taylor products and convince customers about the misconception about the price of Reid & Taylor fabric. MYSORE 99 . The best quality. There is great opportunity for Reid & Taylor Company to capture Indian textile market as well as textile market of other counters. International quality at value for money pricing has been the basic formula for Reid & Taylor. SDM-IMD-. According to the analysis and interpretation of the survey the brand Reid & Taylor is reputable and has a good name and image in the market that attracts the customers to purchase more frequently. the best trade associates and values has the best by the consumers have all come together to pay tribute to the tagline ‘BOND WITH THE BEST’.

Customer Satisfaction SDM-IMD-. MYSORE 100 .

MYSORE 101 .Customer Satisfaction BIBLIOGRAPHY SDM-IMD-.

com Others sources: Company journals Business magazines SDM-IMD-.Customer Satisfaction BIBILIOGRAPHY Reference Books: Marketing management(12th edition) – Philip kotler and Kivin lane keller Marketing management – Dr. MYSORE 102 . Verma and agarwal Research methodology(2nd edition) .C. Kumar’s. Reid&Taylor. Kothari Websites: www. S.R.

Customer Satisfaction




Customer Satisfaction


Dear Sir/Madam, I Harshith S. Shetty, conducting survey on “customer satisfaction”A study at Reid &Taylor. I kindly request you to please spare your valuable time to answer the questionnaire. This information will be used for academic purpose and would be kept confidential.


Harshith S. Shetty




Customer Satisfaction


: : A) Below 25 years ( ) B) 25-35 years ( ) C) 35-45 years ( ) D) above 45 years ( ) B) Female ( ) B) City ( ) C) Rural ( )


: A) Male ( ) : A) Metro city ( ) D) Others ( )


: A) Pre-University ( ) B) Degree ( ) C) PG ( ) D) Above ( ) E) Others ( ) C) Others ( )


: A) Student ( ) B) Working ( )

6) INCOME (Monthly) : A) 5000-10000 ( )

B) 11000-20000 ( )

C) 21000-30000 ( ) D) 31000 and above ( ) PART-B: GENERAL QUESTIONS RELATED TO COMPANY

PRODUCTS 1) Are you aware of Reid &Taylor fabric? A) Yes ( ) B) No ( ) 2) How did you come to know about Reid &Taylor brand? A) Newspaper ( ) B) Television ( ) C) Internet ( ) D) Outdoor Ads ( ) E) Others, please specify ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3) Did advertising influence you to buy Reid & Taylor fabrics? A) Wholly ( ) B) Partially ( ) C) Not at all ( )

MYSORE 106 .Customer Satisfaction 4) Can you identify the brand ambassador of Reid &Taylor? A) Yes ( ) B) No ( ) 5) What is your opinion on the advertising strategy of Reid &Taylor fabric? A) Excellent ( ) B) Good ( ) C) Insufficient ( ) D) Poor ( ) 6) According to you which brand is effective in advertisement? A) Reid & Taylor ( ) B) Raymond ( ) C) Grasim ( ) D) Dinesh ( ) E) OCM ( ) F) Vimal ( ) G) Mayur ( ) 7) Which brand having more effectiveness in promotional activity? A) Reid & Taylor ( ) B) Raymond ( ) C)Grasim ( ) D) Dinesh ( ) E) OCM ( ) F)Vimal ( ) G) Mayur ( ) 8) Selection of fabric A) 100% Cotton ( ) B) 100% wool ( ) C) Poly cotton ( ) D) Poly wool ( ) E)100% Polyester ( ) F)Others ( ) 9) Have you ever purchased Reid & Taylor fabrics? If not which other brand you have purchased? Please mention. A) Yes ( ) B) No ( ) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------10) How often do you buy the product of Reid & Taylor? A) Once in year ( ) B) Twice in a year ( ) C) Quarterly ( ) D) Not at all buy ( ) 11) What is the reason behind your purchase A) Corporate wear ( ) B)Wedding ( ) C) Daily wear ( ) D) Others (gifting) ( ) E) Not at all buy ( ) H) Dig jam ( ) SDM-IMD-.

Customer Satisfaction 12) How do you feel about the Reid &Taylor products? A) Very comfortable ( ) B) Comfortable ( ) C) Average ( ) D) Not satisfactory ( ) 13) How do you feel about the price of Reid & Taylor product? A) Expensive ( ) B) Reasonable ( ) C) Below the expected ( ) 14) Do you like Reid & Taylor out let? A) Yes ( ) B) NO ( ) 15) What is your opinion about customer service in Reid & Taylor showroom? A) Excellent ( ) B) Good ( ) C) Average ( ) D) Poor ( ) 16) According to you which brand is effective in sales? A) Reid & Taylor ( ) B) Raymond ( ) C) Grasim ( ) D) Dinesh ( ) E) OCM ( ) F)Vimal ( ) G) Mayur ( ) H) Dig jam 17) If you want to buy the Reid & Taylor material or fabric. list the factors that influence you to purchase the product A) Advertisement in electronic media ( ) B) Product display in outdoor media ( ) C) Advertisement published in print media ( ) D) Glow sign boards ( ) E) Influence by others wearing it ( ) 18) If you have any suggestions to Reid &Taylor. MYSORE 107 . please give the same below --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SDM-IMD-.

Customer Satisfaction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Thanks for your valuable contribution” DATE: SIGNATURE SDM-IMD-. MYSORE 108 .

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