Chapter I Executive Summary

1.1 Company Profile Chevaleresse Events and Designs is operated and managed by the students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran taking Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. The business is named Chevaleresse because it aims to provide good quality of service regarding event presentation. The proponents intend to provide fast and responsive service to the market as the knights want to protect their territory. 1.2 Nature of Product/ Service being Offered The business is specialized for event organizing/coordinating especially debuts. Chevaleresse Events and Designs offers:         Creating an event design Finding a venue for the party Arranging food, decorations and entertainment Planning transportation to and from the event Arranging any necessary accomodations for attendees Coordinating the activities of event Supervising at the site Conducting evaluations of the event

1.3 Size and Growth Trend of Market The proponents are targeting a large group of market that needs the service of organizing a party. The people who needs an event organizer are very much welcome to be a guest of Chevaleresse Events and Designs. They are usually students who are 16-18 years old who are usually known for being “party people”. Chevaleresse Events and Designs is located on Eloisa St., Sampaloc, Manila near University of Sto. Thomas. The place is good for the business because the proponents are targeting the large group of students of University of Sto. Thomas to be their clients.


1.4 Make-up and Background of Management Team Chevaleresse Events and Design is owned by the three BS Hospitality Management students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran. The business main purpose is to provide fully coordinated service to the market especially on those who need a service of organizing their dream events. The business proponents are interested and had experienced organizing small events as well as debuts. De Castro, Ma. Desiree A., 19 years old from Pandacan, Manila is the event organizer and the general manager. She has the skill of planning and organizing particular events such as debuts and simple parties. Guevarra, Daphne, 19 years old from Cainta, Rizal is the Operation and Production Manager. She is in charge of operating the events necessities and luxuries.

Laguitao, Charmaine Marie, 19 years old from Tondo, Manila is the Sales and Marketing Manager of the business. She is responsible for holding and promoting sales and market of the business.

1.5 Financing Requirements The project is considered to require a capital of P90,000. The aforementioned amount will be used to acquire all the assets which are essential for the establishment and its operation. Capital contribution will be as follows:

De Castro, Ma. Desiree --------------------------------------P 30,000.00 Guevarra, Daphne--------------------------------------------Laguitao, Charmaine Marie--------------------------------30,000.00 30,000.00 P 90,000.00

1.6 Key Projection Year Total Service Income 2013 2014 2015 4,429,000.00 5,392,200.00 6,347,660.00 341,444.37 1,014,459.73 1,643,965.50 Gross Profit Net Income after Tax 239,011.06 710,121.81 1,150,775.85


1. and initial payment for the party host. balloons arrangement.7 Proposed Use of Funds The funds will be used for the supplies and necessities of the business. reservation fees for the venues. photography and videography and other needs for the event. 3 . They will be use for the flower designs.

the owners envision Chevaleresse Events and Designs to be a big company that will supply the different event needs such as catering and venue. The business makes it a point to provide you the best for your money’s worth. The three students chose covering events since it is near on their age bracket and they’d already experienced such parties. we are willing to give them the best party experience everybody dreamed. no suppliers needed and all will be done only at Chevaleresse Events and Designs.1 Mission and Vision Statement Mission Chevaleresse Events and Designs commits to give their customer utmost satisfaction and personalized service for their special occasions. They wanted to help those people who want their event to become stress-free and worry-free.Chapter II Business Description 2. They will handle their own business. the students were required to make a business plan with a group of three. They will provide their own photography and videography and other services.2 History Behind the Idea This semester. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations! Vision After 3 years of opening the business. graduation balls and cocktail parties. 2. They will give you the best events everybody dreamed for. They want to have their own catering services and own venue where the party will be held. As an event planning and organizing team. 4 . The business will be promoted through internet and fliers for an easy and positive communications through their clients. The students decided to be together as a group because of the idea that they wanted to impart their knowledge about events planning and organizing especially during debuts.

It acquires juridical personality with the agreement of the partners.3 Company’s Current / Proposed Legal Form Chevaleresse Events and Designs is owned by three Hospitality Management students namely Ms. 2011 May Nov Dec Feb Mar Jan Apr Activities Idea Gathering Survey/Distribution of Questionnaires/Analysis Planning Stage Canvassing Bidding 2012 Nov Dec Aug Sep Jun Oct Jul 2013 Feb Jan 5 . sending text brigades promotional through fliers. there are three persons who will contribute equal shares of money. Daphne Guevarra. 2. Charmaine Marie R. The distribution of profit or even loss of the company will be distributed equally and fairly. In the business organization. This kind of legal form has advantages and disadvantages. The company will have partnership as the legal form of business ownership. formal and with the modern way of spreading the information through word of mouth. promo prices and packages. The advantages of partnership are there are three persons to share the expenses and to perform tasks needed in the business. having social network accounts. On the other hand. Laguitao. the proposed entries would be with the use of the traditional. skills. pamphlets and posters as advertisement. and Ms. property. Ms. Ma.2. time. and talent to carry on the business venture. there is equal profit sharing despite unequal attention and time given by partners to business. and there will be three persons that will manage the business which means one must need to consider the opinion and point of view of the other partner. sending e-mails. the disadvantages of having this kind of legal form are there is dissolution of partnership by any personal rifts between partners.4 Proposed Entry Strategy and Time Line of Events As a new small business enterprise that caters the need of the market. Desiree De Castro.

it will provide a stress-free program. Full Coordination Services (Stress-free Package) This includes the full supervision and planning process from the day of conceptualization up to the actual day of the event. This includes completion of plans. sensibilities. and administration on the actual day of the event. a. All the suppliers will be provided depending on the needs of the event. Partial Coordination Services This package is for clients who are partially done with the event planning. completion of the program and program briefing with the host. they will introduce creative ideas. The estimated amount for the professional fees and over all service starts at P10.5 Description of Initial Products The proponents want to fully understand the customer’s style. etc. photographers. likes and dislikes. supervision of the venue setup. From there. Definitely. they will begin to help them create an overall vision for the event. completion of the program and program briefing with the host. providing suppliers that are still lacking. 000 b. On-the-day Coordination Services This is the package suited for clients who are almost done with the event planning. The end result is an event that not only reflects who they are but one that is unlike you or your guests has ever attended. Throughout the planning stages. etc. supervision of the venue setup. The estimated amount for the professional fees and over all service starts at P15. The service includes final arrangements with booked suppliers (caterers. final arrangements with booked suppliers (caterers.Contract Signing Obtain of Financing Registration Receiving the Supplies/ Materials Start of Normal Operation Figure 1.). It includes unlimited 6 . 000 c. Time Line of Events 2. photographers. leverage our network of resources and vendors then manage the day-to-day details in order to make your event vision become a reality. and administration on the actual day of the event.).

Other Party Needs provided by Chevaleresse Events and Designs: .Photography and Videography (starts at P10. The estimated amount for the professional fees and over all services starts at P 25. Other Event Planners Strengths: Have been in the market longer. persons within an organization who are assigned the task of organizing an event. materials and layout of the invitations) .Bubble Machine (P1.Lights & Sounds (starts at P6.300) . have established a reputation and client base.200) .Chocolate Fountain (P1.500) .Photobooth (starts at P4.000) .Mobile Bar Services (P4. a. They compete against other event planners.000) .6 Product Research Development Chevaleresse Events and Designs is in a unique position of competition.000) .Invitation (P80/piece depending on the design. and people who wish to organize their own events without the benefit of assistance.500) . both on the large and small scales.Signature Frame (starts at P500) . d.Tarpaulin (starts at P500) .Catering Services (P350/head and up depending on the menu and inclusions) .Balloon & Flower Arrangement (starts at P3.Party Host (starts at P1800) .500) .coordination with the team and thorough planning to make your event a success. Weakness: Reputation precedes them No systems-based businesses designed to produce consistent results 7 .000.Giveaways (P80/pc depending on the materials and designs) 2.Fireworks Display & Sky Lanterns (starts at P2. The benefits and drawbacks of each of our competitors as compared with the services we offer are hardly a match in quality and price.

Employees or Persons wishing to do it themselves Strengths: Internalized cost of planning the event Able to add tiny personalized touches that have meaning within the group or family Weakness: Consumes time that could be spent on other things don't have access to the best prices.- Focus on smaller events specialized events are main focused rather than all events do not have the supporting products to market with. or instead of. event planning services. b. and other needed resources available 8 . services.

It gives the customer the easiest way of setting up a party. Frequency of Preferring Parties Response YES Frequency 83 Percentage 83% NO 17 17% Table 1 shows that 83% out of 100% prefer parties and 17% do not. 54% attend once a month. back-drafts and designs. 3. It will help them to have less worries for making an event. The need of the market in providing services is very trending now. photography. Most likely. Table 2. The company must have a creative advertisements and commercials in order for them to catch the client’s attention.Chapter III Market Analysis 3. and hair and makeup. Frequency of Attending Parties Response Frequency Percentage Once a week 18 18% Once a month 54 54% Once a year 6 6% Others 22 22% Table 2 shows that 18% out of 100% attend parties once a week. The business is a merchandising industry. by that the clients will patronize the service/s that the company will offer. 9 .2 Target Market The company sees the market as responsive to the service that is offered. mobile bars. 6% once a year and the remaining 22% out of 100% response with others. bands and performers. the students/teenagers who are turning eighteen. catering services. The target markets are the people who need party organizers for their dream event. 3. it is a small business owned and managed by three junior Hospitality Management students in Colegio De San Juan De Letran. The business will get suppliers from their different service offer like lights and sounds.3 Marketing Research Table 1.1 Description of the Industry Chevaleresse Events and Designs is in line and organizing events.

But the management decided to put the business in the place wherein there is no direct competitor.000 and 65% are willing to spend P50. And with the environment near the business and economic rate of the country would result of having those service worth to avail. Indirect Competition The indirect competitor that Chevaleresse might have.4 Competition The Economies of scale rate of the business may have potential to compete with other competitors because the company offers such services that would click to the market. The Resource requirements rate is high because competitors already have their suppliers. And as a new comer. 999 5 5% P 40.000 – P 39.999. Frequency for the Willingness of Spending Budget for Celebration Response Frequency Percentage P 20. Frequency of Theme prefer by the respondents Response Frequency Percentage Masquerade 9 9% Hollywood 68 68% Retro 11 11% Others 12 12% Table 3 shows that 9% prefer to have a Masquerade for their party. Table 4.999. So that clients would patronize the business. 5% for P 30. 11% response with Retro theme and 12% for others.Table 3. 68% prefer to have a Hollywood theme.000 and above to have a party. are the companies that can offer or give the clients services which Chevaleresse cannot offer. 10 . 3.000-29. 16% for P 40.999 16 16% P 50.999 14 14% P 30. 000 and above 65 65% Table 4 shows that 14% out of 100% are willing to spend P 20.000 – P 29.00039.000-49.000 – P 49. the industry would look for more suppliers that would give them need in an equal deal and agreement Direct Competition Chevaleresse may compete to the company who’s business is giving or offering service like as what Chevaleresse can offer to the clients.

 Workforce: A task of a leader of any organization is the choice of its subordinates. These are major hindrances that affect the entry of a business:  Start-up capital: It is most common barrier because start up costs is the single biggest factor to consider in putting up a business.5 Barriers to Entry Any condition that makes difficult to progress or to achieve the objective of a business. Merriam Webster defines competition in business as “The effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party by offering most favorable terms. Without money how will you initialize your business?  Competition: Competitors are critical factors to consider. The objective here is to select the right people to hire in the company to achieve the targeted goals. They can be disastrous for productivity development of a business.    Computer Shops Restaurants House/Rentals Convenience Stores 3. 11 . It comes in different but effects are relatively the same. so it goes with every business. It occurs naturally between every individual.

1.1 Product VENUE Chevaleresse Events and Designs will help you find the most convenient and best yet affordable venue for their clients whether they want it on an indoor or an outdoor celebration.Chapter IV Operation Aspect 4. 12 .1 Marketing Strategies 4. TABLES & CHAIRS Chevaleresse Events and Designs will help you find the best presentation of tables and chairs depending on the theme of the event.

13 . DESIGNS & BACKDROPS Chevaleresse Events and Designs will help their clients find designers who can make different types of designs and backdrops depending on the theme of the event.CATERING SERVICES Chevaleresse Events and Designs will help their clients find catering services for the entire event.

They will make sure that all precious moments will be captured on your special day. PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY Chevaleresse Events and Designs will help their clients find different packages for the photo and video coverage of the event.EMCEE/HOST If you still don’t have the master of ceremonies for your event. Chevaleresse Events and Designs will help their clients find emcees/hosts that will make the event more alive for you. 14 .

15 . liquors. cocktails and mocktails to be served. MOBILE BAR Chevaleresse Events and Designs will help their clients find mobile bars with different packages depending on what shooters.PHOTOBOOTH SERVICES Chevaleresse Events and Designs will help their clients find affordable photobooths for fun and also for souvenirs of their guests.

Graduation Balls or other cocktail parties. Debut Chevaleresse Events and Designs is in line with debut party because the owners already experienced having debuts on their own. 16 . b. They have the knowledge of organizing such parties and assisting on it.1. 4.2 Product Category a. The organizers can arrange it according to the request of the client. Simple parties/Cocktail parties Chevaleresse Events and Designs also want to serve their clients for Junior and Senior Prom.INVITATIONS and GIVEAWAYS Chevaleresse Events and Designs will help their clients find personalized invitations and giveaways depending on what they prefer.

4 Packaging Since the product would be services.4. there will be no packaging needed aside from the giveaways that will have our logo on its packaging.1. 17 .3 Brand (Logo) 4.1.

there are a lot of smaller opportunities that may work well for your business. Giveaways 5.500 4.  Cross-promotions.2. Photo & video packages 3.2 Pricing PRODUCTS 1.000 Ravenouz PhP15.that client is likely to spread the word about your company. joining forces with other businesses can greatly increase your advertising power and your marketing reach.   Transit advertising may be the best advertising idea for you since it has mass audience.2  Promotions Word-of-mouth advertising is a large influence on the success of personalservice businesses.and ask for referrals -. Invitations 4. Facebook. from trade shows put on by local business associations through trade shows focused on particular industries. 4.1 Place of Distribution Place of distribution of Chevaleresse Events and Designs will depend on the client’s choice.2.4. World Wide Web and Multiply are the best social websites to advertise. Professional Fee 2. 00 starts at PhP10.000 starts at PhP80/pc depending on the materials to be used starts at PhP80 starts at PhP6. Twitter.588 starts at PhP100 starts at PhP110 starts at PhP7. so service quality plays a large role in word-of-mouth advertising. 000 starts at PhP19.  Trade show participation thru this your business will be seen and get known. Local website advertising. The opposite holds true as well. 18 . Lights and Sounds Chevaleresse Events and Designs PhP10. While participating in big trade shows can be quite expensive. however. if you create an unforgettable experience for a client -. more people are spending more time online than ever before.

The clients will chose from it and the organizers will respond whatever the decision was made by them. All materials and event needs will be check before. They will have the checklist for the entire event. The benefit and advantage of the customers is that they know the different kinds of services Chevaleresse Events and Designs can offer.4. 19 .3 Uses of the Product/Service Each packaged have their designated function.4 Production Plan Chevaleresse Events and Designs had their own suppliers for the event needs. It will be really trusted and gives a great impact to their customers because of the service they had. Chevaleresse Events and Designs will be a great help to all debutants for easier and stress-free event. The proponents served this product by means of offering different packages according to the needs of their customer. The business will give the best supplier for each of the services offered. 4. during and after the event. They suggested different services which will be a big help to the customer to choose the kind of service they wanted. The organizers will give their best to have the best event they are dreaming of.

00 Laptop Printers Filing and Organizing Equipments Projector 20 .4.4. it will undergo through the business before it is offered to the customer.000.3 Equipments List of equipments needed: Equipments Costing P10. 4.000. For the meantime.00 8. they want to invest on the events like assisting on simple parties and events. All types of services offered in the business are handled by the management team of Chevaleresse Events and Designs.1 Description of the Process From the different suppliers of Chevaleresse Events and Designs.000.4. Supp Suppliers Chevaleresse Events and Designs Customers 4.4.00 5.00 3.2 Alternative Process Considered The owners want to produce their own services if they have the enough money to buy and supply the customers’ needs.000.

The rent for the office will also pay according to the owner of the space. Chevaleresse know that they must comply with the Government Duty of Care legislation which sets out how commercial or business waste should be stored.4. transported. 4.5 Compensation The owners are planning to give the suppliers their payment every after the project so that financial problems will be avoided. For the one person who will be an assistant to the office. the owners plan to give her salary weekly.4. 4. The office supplies and event needs will be organized in the office and will have a stock so that problems will be avoided.4 Location 4.5 Utilities Utilities such as water and light will be paid and handled by Chevaleresse Events and Designs.6 Waste Disposal Chevaleresse will make sure waste is handled and disposed of properly.4. 21 .4. disposed of and recorded.

Chevaleresse Events and Designs want to organize all things starting from the simple things in their office going to the events. Through this strategy. As soon as the business would be stable and earned large profit. Down payment must be half of the price and should be paid before the event start organizing and the other half after the event. facebook page and twitter account.8 Future Research and Development Plans Chevaleresse is confident to the fact that this business could grow as years go by. website. They are also able to hear the different comments so that they can improve more their job and had a good feedback to others.4. Clients should be coordinate with the Chevaleresse to distinguish their wants. 4. They would also add extra services to be able to respond to the growing demand of their clients.6 Organization Policies Policies must be follow to avoid unnecessary problems. the proponents of Chevaleresse would expand. The policies that must be observed are:      Contract signing for every clients who will need an event organizer. 22 . All problems must be go through the owners. 4.7 Customer Support Chevaleresse will be concerned to get the feedback from their clients through comment cards. Suppliers must be under Chevaleresse Events and Designs. they will be able to ensure what actions they must do to satisfy clients demands.

Taping and Fastening Items 4. Stapling. LCD & Projector 7.9 Plant Size and Layout 4.00 20.00 23 .00 1.000. Calendars.500.00 500.00 2. Papers 2. Pens.10 Supplies Supplies Costing 500. Office Maintenance Materials 6. Bubble Machine 2. Planners and Presentation Boards 5.00 2. Pencils and Markers 3.000.00 200. 000.4.

A management team must have their capacity to market and operate the proposed business.2 Organizational Structure Ma. The proposed business needs a management team to operate and to cater to all the needs of their clients as well as to offer quality services in the field. Accounting & Finance Manager Charmaine Marie R.1 Background and Primary Responsibilities of the Management Team Chevaleresse Events & Designs supply to all types of services relating to the events industry and take on the responsibility of coordinating all the logistics involved in making the event work to the client's satisfaction. Guevarra Operations. Desiree A. De Castro General Manager Daphne G. Laguitao Sales and Marketing Manager Personnel 1 Office Runner Figure 2. Accounting and Finance Department and Sales and Marketing Department.Chapter V The Management Team 5. The team will have three departments which will handle the whole operation: Operations Management. There will also be one personnel who will be our Runner. Organizational Structure 24 . The over-all management of Chevaleresse Events & Designs will be under the General Manager. 5.

6% of total investment 6% of total investment Operations Manager Accounting and Finance Manager Under OM 25 .POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES  She will be responsible for the overall aspect of the business.  She will discuss plans and marketing strategies with sales managers to increase company profits.  Her goal is to increase profit and retain loyal clients.  She will plan and implement marketing and sales activities.  She is in-charge of budgeting and cost control.  She will handle issues that arises everyday due to some discrepancies in following the set procedures of working or due to some unknown unforeseen cause.  She will assess the performance of the employees SALARY General Manager as well as the business as a whole.  She will provide the employees of the organization with a proper working environment where creativity can foster and team spirit can develop.  She will monitor how target markets respond to 6% of total investment Sales and Marketing Manager marketing efforts.  She will maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work within the company and a favorable image of the business.  She will be responsible for managing activities that are part of the production of goods and services.  She will implement the company’s policies and procedures.  She will monitor and control the flow of cash to meet the business and investment need of the business.

Each general partner is personally responsible for any partnership obligations that arise during the existence of the partnership. 26 . A partnership is a flexible business form because the arrangement is purely consensual.  She is responsible for budgetary decisions and planning. and expects to share in the profits and losses of the business. Guevarra and Charmaine Marie R. Desiree A. or skill. logging and carrying out staff requests or forwarding to appropriate alternative staff if necessary PhP2. Office Runner  He / She will assist in the day-to-day running of the offices. Laguitao. Capital per Person The form of business ownership of Chevaleresse Events and Designs is Partnership. She will file and organize financial documents and supports. labor. property.00 Figure 3. De Castro.000 per month 5. Partnership is simply the relationship existing between two or more persons who have joined together to carry on a trade or business for profit. Each person contributes money. general partners legally have equal abilities to contribute to management decision making.000. Also.3 Capitalization/Ownership Php30. which is owned and operated by Ma.00 De Castro Guevarra Laguitao Php30.000.000. Daphne G.00 Php30.

Chapter VI Critical Risk 6. To be able to get that. The following is a brief list of common risks.1 External Risk When you start operating your business. you have to give your clients a good quality of services  Location Since the business is located at España. Manila.  Personnel Problem The personnel that the group will hire serve as the frontage for the operation of the business. The personnel might encounter some problems like sickness. These risks are outside of control of your management and these might be the cause to stop the success of your business. your management provided you have the aptitude and attention to detail to exercise it. because they have limited knowledge in operating and managing the business yet they are willing to find all the possible solutions to make it up. and the main problem with the location is that it gets easily affected during heavy rains hence the abrupt flooding where in the business must forced to shut down until the water subsides. personal problem and other reasons that the personnel cannot make it to operate the business 27 .2 Internal Risk Internal risks are essentially within the company’s control.  Robbery It is the act of stealing and it will be a big problem if the money of the business will be robbed.  Clients loyalty Once you undertake a business. your company will surely face critical risks. you must have the loyalty of your clients. 6. Such risks could include the following:  Lack of expertise This risk is the most common problem of all the first timer businessmen.

6. the management will solve it through formal and proper conversations. 6. Internal Risk Contingency Plan If in client complain occurs regarding the Lack of Expertise services being offered. the business wouldn’t have 28 . Lack of financial resources The group can encounter insufficient budget because the business is a new entry in the industry and still adjusting.3 Insurance Provisions Fire Insurance: To protect the property in the event of or damage caused by fire. explosions.4 Contingency Plan External Risks Contingency Plan Chevaleresse will always provide good Clients Loyalty quality services in order to maintain their loyal clients. The team will always have a prepared Personnel Problem substitute so that whenever events like this would happen. and acts of nature or other accidents Property Insurance: This covers protect the assets including the equipments and real property used in business operations. Sales might be low at first and the income will be affected that can cause lack of financial resources to support the business. The team would constantly remind the Robbery personnel to always be aware and alert for people who aren’t trustworthy. The management should provide free Location transportation for the clients so that it will not be difficult for them to reach us.

29 . .any problems regarding the personnel. The team would capitalize their own Lack of Financial Resources money which would serve as in investment to the business or Search for a sponsorship.

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