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Erin Pembroke is a Self-Published author of Divine Verses (Amazon, 2013) (e-book... see more see less

Erin Pembroke
Pandit of Truth
South Florida Hindu Temple
The Man of Many Masks and Faces
Erin Pembroke
The Stare
To My Readers (for Inspiration)
Russia Strategizes Using Crimea
Talks About Russia's Unilateral Referendum Dealing With International Law and the Hague
Reform Educational Institutions
Erin Pembroke
Pot of Luck
Erin Pembroke
Voluptuous Galore
Pike's Place Article
Back to School or NOT Article
Excerpt - Sample Fiction
The Gift of a Virtuoso
Erin Pembroke
Simply Epicureous
Secret Delicacy Found
Passion Abounds Bastille
Research and Case-Study on Maternal Deprivation and Neglect on a Child
The Subjugator and the Oppressed
Capitalist Bank (of United States)
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