Alex P., Scribd Editor
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The great American memoir…

Maya Angelou’s extraordinary narrative autobiography is an incredibly powerful portrait of a black woman coming of age in America. Told with beauty, honesty & courage, Angelou’s resilience is perennially astounding.

Ashley M., Scribd Editor
Editor's Choice

A lifetime of experiences...

A feminist response to George Orwell’s “Why I Write” that comprises few pages but contains a lifetime’s worth of experiences and observations in the sharpest detail. The vivid imagery will stay with you long after.

Mallory F., Scribd Editor
Editor's Choice

A Modern Pastoral...

A novelist’s poetic account of his transition from urbanite to pastoralist. Never before have goats been such loveable protagonists, and by the end of this deeply affecting story, they will have stolen your heart.

Mallory F., Scribd Editor
Editor's Choice

A delicate constellation...

Fashion & culture journalist LaCava's memoir of her expatriate adolescence in France and her quiet mental unraveling is a delicate constellation of poetic prose, beautiful illustrations, and in-depth footnotes.

the Scribd Editorial Team, Scribd Editor
Book Spotlight

Funny girl...

The comedian and creator of the Golden Globe-winning show “Transparent” brings her perspective on life, love, and Los Angeles to the page in this hilarious memoir.