Fakhra Hassan

The Moment of Change is the Only Poem
Cross-dressing for the Fatherland - Sexual Humor, Masculinity and German soldiers in WWI
Blogging Self-Presentation and Privacy
Fakhra Hassan
Special Delivery
Fakhra Hassan
Gateway Lesbian
Better to Believe in a Flying Cow Than a Lying Monk
Types of Hygiene & School Hygiene
Dairy hub modernizes farming in Punjab
Wake up, stand tall, speak for your bones!
Zeb-Haniya-Paimona (Farsi/Dari with Urdu Translation)
The curable curse of contaminated wastewater
Climate concernes trigger search for solutions
WWF conserves vultures
Mobility mobilizes handicapped Afghans
Creating an ODF Society
On Queerness & Stereotypes
Literary Narratives in the Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in South Asia
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