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This internal Ashley Madison visitor report shows the Israeli version of the site was nowhere near as successful as PR claimed ...
בקשה לאישור - עותק מלא סרוק
Ashley Madison Israel Launch PR Agreement with Steinreich (April)
Settlement Agreement Avid Digisec 20140206 Revision
AshleyMadison Israel Class Action Complaint May 2015 בקשה לאישור תובענה כיצוגית_eng (4) (1).pdf
doc13721820150706115226++ (2)
AshleyMadison Stock Art Images Avid Wanted To Buy
AshleyMadison Avid Digisec Settlement Agreement
Avid vs Digisec and Vice Versa- Digisec Answer to Complaint
Gina Smith
Biderman Employment Agreement
Avid Letter to Shareholders (April 2015)-1
Programmatic Advertising Jul2014
Doc on Avid Letterhead
Avid Life Media Legal Entities
Gordon Moore 1965 "Moore's Law" article
Mediating Effects Coping Spirituality PsychologicalDistress
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