Heinrich Pöll

Bhutan Early History of an Himalayan Kingdom
Klimburg-Salter the Tibetan-Himalayan Style 2015
++Roy South Asian Partition Fiction in English- From Khushwant Singh to Amitav Ghosh
Bayly Caste, Society and Politics in India From 18c to Modern Age (New Cambridge History of India 4-3)
Hadl Rev Recherches Archaeologiques à Begram AA 9 1946
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Raymond Archaeological Evidence of Buddhist Links Between Sri Lanka and Arakan
Obermiller Tr Buston History of Buddhism
Parry Sikhs of the Punjab 1921
2500 Years of Buddhism
Little Clay Cart Ryder Tr HOS 1905
Kohn Mani Rimdu Festival
Coomaraswamy Mathura Sculpture
Abel-Rémusat Description de Cambodge au 13 c 1819
Guenther Levels of Buddhist Understanding
Cairo Museum Greek Sculpture
App Zen Bibliography en 1977-92
App Reference Works for Chan Research
Heinrich Pöll
Berger Ways of Seeing
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