Igor Demić

Justice as mutual advantage and the vulnerable - Peter Vanderschraaf
Sharing the costs of political injustices - Avia Pasternak
Sociobiology and Politics Review
Radical Street Performance by Jan Cohen Cruz
The Selfish Gene Debate
Gregory Derek Defiled Cities
Elinor Ostrom - Biography of Robert Axelrod
More Effective Choice in the Prisoner's Dilemma
Advancing the Art of Simulation
Evolution of Cooperation Without Reciprocity
Evolution of Contingent Altruism When Cooperation is Expensive
The Emergence of Cooperation Among Egoists
Must There Be Human Genes Specific to Prosocial Behavior
Promoting Democracy Through International Organizations
Sacred Barriers to Conflict Resolution
The Further Evolution of Cooperation
The Emergence of Social Organisation in the Prisoner's Dilemma
The Place of Policy Analysis in Political Science
Jonathan Haidt - The New Synthesis in Moral Psychology
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