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December 2015
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Entrepreneurs Don't Follow Trends -- They Create Them.
I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work. —Plato There are people and there are trends. Behind both? Thought. And the reinvention of thought. Trends and people can never be separat
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To Post or Not to Post: 3 Rules to Keep in Mind for Keeping Social Media SFW
Something happened to all of us about four years ago. Quietly, and without our approval, a new responsibility was added to our job descriptions: brand ambassador. It happened to each of us the first time we made a company-related post on social media
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Scents and the City: Meet the Woman Who Captures Neighborhoods Through Smell
It may be hard to believe that an entrepreneur could build a multimillion-dollar business inspired by the smells of New York City, which is not necessarily known for its olfactory charms. But that’s what Laurice Rahmé has done. Originally from Paris,
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Why Transparency Creates a Clear Path to Success and How to Maintain It
Q: Partners and employees at my company are expected to pool contact information for clients and prospective clients in a database. We find that having information easily accessible maximizes partner relationships in making deals. But some partners a
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5 New Strategies for the New Year
We’re closing in on the end of 2015, so it’s a good time to reflect on the year that was and get ready to rock it in the year to come. Here’s a checklist of five strategies the smartest entrepreneurs (that’s you!) should be thinking about to make 201
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Can Established Food Brands Stomach a Change in Customer Demands?
While sales of legacy brands are stalling at America’s leading packaged-foods companies, mission-driven “healthy” brands are boasting double-digit growth. But keeping up with soaring consumer demand is harder than it looks. While additive-free, non-G
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Need Help Understanding Help-Desk Software? Read This.
Online help-desk programs log, manage and track customer issues or tickets, as they’re known, in a single window, streamlining your service process. For a rundown on what else these systems can do and why you should consider one, we called Jill Soley
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How One Man Used Artificial Intelligence to Generate Genuine Sales Leads
If there’s one thing software company Ebsta understands, it’s customer relationship management. The San Diego- and London-based company sells a $10 per month per user Chrome browser extension that syncs customers’ email accounts to the Salesforce dat
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How to Make the Most of Your Charitable Donation
Think back to your last charitable act. Was it impulsive -- such as a cash donation to a Salvation Army Santa or a purchase at a charity auction? While these good deeds make a difference, being strategic about your charitable giving will enable you t
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Why This New Form of Funding Has the Music Industry Amped Up
As CEO and president of A&M/Octone Records -- home to such acts as Maroon 5 and Flyleaf -- James Diener had a front-row seat to the habits of music creators, specifically the monetary shenanigans and squeezes that could derail their careers. After se
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How to Get Top Talent When You Have a Bare Bones Budget
Recruiting talent for startups is often referred to as “selling dreams,” because there’s never enough dough to pay people what they deserve. Compensation packages are usually a mesh of modest salaries, opportunistic equity stakes and access to office
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How to Hire a Controller for Your Company
You need a number cruncher, but you want to figure in the right qualities and qualifications. Here's what to do.
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This Shaving Strop Makes Razors Last Longer
James N. P. O’Brien, co-founder and president of ShaveFace, a Nashville, Tenn.-based company that makes shaving strops for disposable razors. When a friend told O’Brien that disposable blades could be sharpened on denim, he was hooked by the idea of
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
This Company Helps Create Fundable Prototypes Fast
Make in LA has an ambitious goal: enabling hardware-focused entrepreneurs to develop fundable prototypes in just four months. In its first year, the accelerator received nearly 100 applicants, all vying for a spot in the maker space, plus $150,000 di
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Refinancing, Refined: Why This Company Is the 'TurboTax for Mortgages'
Mortgage refinancing is a headache. From finding the right lender to filling out reams of paperwork, it’s time-consuming, confusing and expensive. After 11 years in the mortgage business, Jason van den Brand couldn’t believe that a process so convolu
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Meet the Franchisor Offering Manly Pedicures
Michael Elliot remembers the experience well. “A friend of mine thought I really needed a pedicure, but she didn’t know how to tell me,” says the Los Angeles screenwriter. “So she surprised me one day and took me to a salon packed with women.” Elliot
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How This Former Engineer Found His Appetite for Business as a Restaurant Franchisee
Four years ago, Danny Banwait, a mechanical engineer, and his wife, Darshana, a chemical engineer, were working in Silicon Valley. Their goal was to get out of the hectic tech world and own a business, but it wasn’t until their daughter was born that
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The Case for Office Space: Choices for Every Stage and Need
One size doesn't fit all when finding digs for your startup. Here's a look at some of the options.
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Why This Entrepreneur Travels With Lock Picks
Katie Moussouris, chief policy officer of HackerOne in San Francisco HackerOne’s Bug Bounty platform, which rewards hackers who help get rid of bugs, simplifies the process of vulnerability coordination. Moussouris spends about half her work time tra
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
Expert Opinions: Is a Business Degree Worth It?
Can going to school make you an entrepreneur? It’s a burning question for people deciding whether to jump straight into business or spend years -- and a lot of money -- on a degree from one of more than 2,000 U.S. colleges and universities that offer
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How This Company Creates Instant Websites
When photographer Benjamin Edwards wants to update his website, all he has to do is load a new picture onto his phone; drag it into his web host, The Grid; and voilà, the program loads it onto his home-page and rearranges and recolors the entire site
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This Cybersecurity App Handles Your Company's Internal Weaknesses
Chinese industrial spies, credit-card cyber bandits, poaching competitors -- data theft gets worse every year. Yet the most overlooked security leak, experts say, is the inside job. And it’s not only from bad people. The biggest threats can be “cause
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Will Silicon Valley's Unicorn Herd Grow or Shrink in 2016?
You’re not hallucinating: Unicorns are indeed running wild across Silicon Valley. Once rare, unicorns -- startups valued at more than $1 billion -- are now shockingly commonplace: As of this writing, venture capital database CB Insights counts 141 co
Entrepreneur3 min readFashion & Beauty
How This Pro Surfer Is Making Waves in the Fashion Industry
This article is part of our Trends 2016 coverage. A quarter-century into a celebrated pro surfing career that has carried him to exotic locales across the globe, Kelly Slater is still stepping into uncharted waters. This past summer, the record-setti
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Why The VC Game Is Attracting A Whole New Set Of Players
This article is part of our Trends 2016 coverage. Earlier this year, Boston-based 3-D printing company Voxel8 raised $12 million in Series A funding. Among the windfall were contributions from Autodesk’s Spark Investment Fund -- the software company’
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Why More Startups Are Paying Attention to What They Learned in Bio
This article is part of our Trends 2016 coverage. If spiders have taught us anything, it’s how to build better thread. Above all else, this is the inspiration behind Bolt Threads, a fledgling company in Emeryville, Calif., that has leveraged technolo
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Look Out, USB Chargers. Your Days Are Numbered.
Just as Wi-Fi killed Ethernet cables, wireless charging is poised to change everything -- from smartphones to real estate.
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Is the U.S. Still Hungry for Meal Delivery Services?
This article is part of our Trends 2016 coverage. Home delivery of freshly prepared meals, meal kits and provisions took off in 2015, with dozens of new ventures kicking into gear, each with its own spin on convenient, healthful food. Get ready for a
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Up, Down and Sideways: How to Be a Better Leader in 2016
This article is part of our Trends 2016 coverage. The light bulb went on for Jeff Greenfield, co-founder and COO of media analytics firm C3 Metrics, on a rare vacation. It was the first one he had taken unplugged, without his phone or computer; his m
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The Challenges of Doing Business in Cuba
This article is part of our Trends 2016 coverage. Fewer than 100 miles of ocean separate the U.S. and Cuba, but the nations have spent the last five decades in different worlds. Ever since John F. Kennedy signed Presidential Proclamation 3447 on Feb.
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How Ag-Tech Ripened Into a Growing Market
This article is part of our Trends 2016 coverage. With the rise of data-crunching agricultural software, farmers these days are digging as much in data as in dirt. “It is as frothy as I have ever seen it,” Adrian Fortino says of the ag-tech software
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Virtual Reality Is Proving a Powerful Vehicle for Disaster Relief, Social Causes
This article is part of our Trends 2016 coverage. In April, mere hours after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, humanitarian and filmmaker David Darg found himself on a flight to Kathmandu. Along for the ride were six GoPro cameras, a tripod an
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For Cybersecurity Companies, It's Time to Shine
A growing crop of businesses is set on helping consumers and companies navigate the maze of threats.