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February 2016
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The Artist Otherwise Known as an Entrepreneur
We’re all artists. That doesn’t mean we’re all Picassos with paintbrushes, mind you. But we all have the capacity to create something unique: music, paintings, buildings, sculpture, books, logos, iPhones, businesses. I know this creative spark is a c
What to Do When a Colleague Needs Emotional Support in the Office
Entrepreneur2 min read
How This Woman Sourced Inspiration for Fabric From Her Father's Drawings
Andra Eggleston was a trained textile designer but recent career moves took her far afield -- movie actress and user-interface designer. After a move to Nashville, she was wondering: What’s next? For inspiration, and to pass the time, she started mak
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4 Must-Haves for Headlines That Hook Readers
A headline isn’t a final flourish, just something to tack on after the writing or video production is done. It’s your critical first impression: 80 percent of visitors will read your headline, but only 20 percent will go on to read the piece itself,
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How a Glue Developer Turned Bad Luck Into a DIY Sensation
Jane ní Dhulchaointigh’s glue has gained legions of fans who use it to seal cracks, fix busted bathroom fixtures or, in the case of a British TV show, affix their cameras to the outside of a small rocket that they then launched into space. A farmer e
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Are Severance Agreements Slimy Business?
Q: We had to lay off an employee who wasn’t a good fit for us. I wanted to offer her a severance package of five weeks of income, to help her and her family as she searches for a new job. But I read that I should also have the employee sign a severan
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Can Live-Streaming Video Help Me?
More than 10 million people have used the live-streaming app Periscope, with a few million more using Meerkat and Blab, to deliver raw and unedited broadcasts to viewers of all kinds. If used wisely, this technology can also help your business connec
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How This Program Lets Etsy Businesses Grow Quickly
The feathers were killers. Ellen Okolita is a former florist and a stay-at-home mom who sells handmade children’s costumes, and cuts “miles and miles” of felt feathers for her popular, whimsical outfits. There was no way around the process, and it li
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How This Company Combines Qualities From Craigslist and Airbnb to Solve Staffing Issues
As it was opening multiple locations, the Plant Café, a thriving Bay Area restaurant chain, was struggling to find workers to slide into many of its new hourly positions. “The job market is incredibly competitive here,” says Doug Hunter, the cafe’s d
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How This Pizza Company Grew to Become a Bigger Slice of the Pie
Out of more than 30 pizzerias that applied to be considered for Entrepreneur’s 2016 Franchise 500 listing, Toledo, Ohio-based Marco’s Pizza logged the greatest domestic growth, beating out industry giants such as Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. Its banner
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4 Steps to Better Protect Your Ideas
Of the scores of items that VCs review, the one that they often care most about -- after a solid business plan, of course -- is intellectual property (IP). It’s a startup’s most valuable asset, and the companies that bake IP protection into their bus
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3 Reasons the Bank Yanked Your Credit Line -- and How to Fix the Problem
It's a serious wake-up call, but it won't be the end of your business. Let's figure out what went wrong.
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Your Alma Mater Might Want to Finance Your Startup
When Stephanie Lawrence began raising her seed round last summer, one of her first calls was to fellow Dartmouth alum Mike Collins. They weren’t old pals from the dorm, though. Collins is the lead manager of Green D Fund, an investment group that mak
Entrepreneur2 min read
How New Rules for Interstate Business Can Negatively Impact Your Income
For years, Texas politicians have tried to lure business owners away from states such as New York and California, touting the Lone Star State’s lack of corporate or individual income tax. The idea of adding 9 to 13 percent to your personal income is
Entrepreneur2 min read
How an Engineer's Desire to Keep His Keys Organized Led to a Business
Here are the five steps Michel Tunney used to take his idea from a Kickstarter campaign to retail stores.
Entrepreneur2 min readPsychology
How Perfectionism Is Sabotaging Your Business
Author and researcher Jane Bluestein explains the problems with chasing perfection, and how to avoid them.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
How This Mattress Company Got the Attention of New York Jet Eric Decker
This is what happens when a direct-to-consumer luxury mattress maker and celebrity backers get into bed together.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Why One Man Came Out of Retirement to Start a Custom T-Shirt Franchise
In 2004, Leeward Bean was happily retired. He’d helped build a scientific instrument company, Ocean Optics, and sold it for $50 million. But when a pair of former employees, Christina Bacon and Ron DeFrece, pitched him on an online novelty shop calle
Entrepreneur3 min read
How These 2 In-N-Out Burger Employees Climbed the Ladder to Become Franchisees
Where to find your next great franchisees? They might just be working at your local grease joint.
Entrepreneur6 min readEntrepreneurship
How to Create a Giveback Program Without Breaking the Bank
Doing good is good for business. Here are the steps to make social consciousness part of your company.
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The Work Behind Fast-Growing Franchises
Some franchise brands seem to pop up overnight, filling every empty storefront in a city. Curves, the women’s circuit-training gym, went from zero to 10,000 franchise units in seven years. Quiznos sandwich shop started in 1981 and had more than 5,000
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How This App Is Making Civic Involvement Profitable
Most Americans agree that government is broken. But only a few brave entrepreneurs have tried to fix it -- and their efforts rarely go well. Brigade's experienced leaders think they can do better.
Entrepreneur5 min read
Hanson Could Have Disappeared. Here's Why They Didn't.
Hanson could have been a one-hit wonder. (Remember “MmmBop”?) But rather than quit after their star fell, they took full control of their brand. Now they’re music makers, festival organizers, beer brewers and marketing masters -- and still have legio
Entrepreneur4 min readEntrepreneurship
How This Man Made the Leap From Artist to Entrepreneur
'The entrepreneurial spirit of defining, of iterating on a vision is what artists are fundamentally all about,' says Monegraph founder Kevin McCoy.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Your Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success: Creativity, Beliefs and Purpose
How can every business be creative? Taylor Hanson, who found fame as a musician in the '90s, and Kevin McCoy, a lifelong visual artist who recently launched a media licensing startup called Monegraph, offer their best advice. Kevin: People have asked
Entrepreneur1 min readPsychology
4 Sales Mantras to Memorize and Why They Work
“There’s a big difference between getting someone to like your product and getting someone to buy,” says Derek Rucker, a social psychologist at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. They need to feel certain it’s right for them, so engage thei
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This Vital Tip Will Make Your Voice Mails More Effective
The experiment: In a trial conducted for the sales and marketing consultancy Corporate Visions, researchers monitored two subtly different types of pitches from a bank. The pitch to one group of potential customers began like this: “You need to know
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Would You Try This Man's Wacky Sales Pitches? (You Should -- They Worked!)
Doug Baldasare would try just about anything to close a sale. Here's how he got customers' attention.
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Learn This Man's Method for Rolling With Rejection
Sanjiv Patel’s business was supposed to be fun. He’d dreamt up Lord Nut, a whimsical 19th-century, Monty Pythonesque spokes-character for his brand of boldly flavored peanuts. He came from finance and was able to easily raise $200,000 in startup capi