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June 2016
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How Real Brilliance Is Measured
Rather than looking at typical benchmarks, we focus on the ideas, almost all fueled by passion and implemented by strong leaders.
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Why Your Emails Could Use an Exclamation Point (or Three)
Punctuation and other markers -- emoticons, slang and the like -- serve as stand-ins for facial expression and vocal intonation.
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Stumped? Ways 3 Companies Boost Creativity
Keeping teams thinking creatively is no easy task. To keep employees from getting stuck in a rut, these businesses took out-of-the-box approaches to challenge staff to think in new ways. Learn their strategies -- and soak in their lessons learned. Br
Entrepreneur2 min readPsychology
Leaders: Who's Shaping Your Company's Culture?
I’m a woman in a male-dominated industry. When I was an employee, I could roll as one of the guys. Now I own a company, and an unpleasant bro culture has emerged here. I can’t hang with the guys (I’m the boss, after all), but I also can’t seem to inf
Entrepreneur3 min read
From Tourist to Mogul: How 3 Americans Found Business Success Abroad
Traveling can spark unexpected businesses -- and David Harmatz started his with a distant Panamanian shack.
Entrepreneur1 min readEntrepreneurship
This Company Takes the Hassle out of Launching a Foreign Company in the U.S.
When Australian expat Donna Katz set up her wine exchange company, Tradeagrape, in Napa Valley back in 2013, she faced what every international business does: U.S. incorporation documents, and a long list of regulations and compliance issues. “I had
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How a New, Mobile-Friendly Website Gave a Fitness Company a Boost in Profits
Angela Mader’s business, Fitlosophy, began in 2008, when she started printing fitness and nutrition journals for men and women. Over the years, as sales grew steadily, she expanded into food scales and more journals, among other products. But one num
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Budget Strategies for Maximizing Big Data
You can use big data without going broke if you follow the advice of Scott Martineau, cofounder of Infusionsoft, a small-business software provider.
Entrepreneur2 min read
The 3-Step Emergency Plan Every Entrepreneur Needs
To keep your company running soundly, you need to financially prepare for unexpected events that could pop up.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Meet The VC Fund Helping Startups In Underserved Communities Grow
In recent months, community leaders from New York, Baltimore, Detroit and Washington, D.C., have come to Oakland, Calif., to ask: How can we launch something like the local-business-building program ICA Fund Good Jobs? The program helps new companies
Entrepreneur1 min read
An Expert Explains the Ins and Outs of Outside Audits
Depending on your company's situation, you may need an outside audit every year -- or not at all.
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How 2 Reebok Execs Rebooted to Launch a Shoe Startup
Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer had big careers in the athletic shoe business: Schaeffer was Reebok’s global creative director, and Wilson was its head of brand strategy. But two years ago, they jumped to the opposite end of the market: They beca
Entrepreneur1 min read
What Failure Taught the Founders of One Subscription Startup
There are many subscription-delivery success stories, like BarkBox (a monthly shipment of dog treats) and BirchBox (for makeup samples). Dallas couple Blake and Taylor Davis tried to follow with The Jerky Box, promising handcrafted beef jerky from th
Entrepreneur1 min read
The Unusual Way This Startup Found Funding
The Initial connection may not happen in an office. This startup went looking for backers on their own turf.
Entrepreneur6 min read
More Brains Than Budget? Steal These $0 Marketing Strategies.
It sounds too good to be true, and yet many companies pull it off. How? By thinking differently about who does the marketing.
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The Friends Turning Bundt Cake into Big Business
Behold the bundt cake, the ring-shaped dessert that enjoyed a brief golden age in the 1960s -- before becoming a staple of potlucks and afternoons with Grandma. But then, in 1997, Dena Tripp brought a Bundt cake to her friend Debbie Shwetz’s house. “
Entrepreneur2 min read
From After-School Job to Franchise Career
At age 15, Molly Martin took a part-time job at a mobile-phone store in Greenville, Mich. She was a natural and quickly worked her way from intern to sales associate, then sales manager and, eventually, at the age of 21, division manager. By the time
Entrepreneur5 min read
Why You Should Make the Move to a Multi-Unit Franchise
Opening that first franchise store is hard work. It takes nerves, perseverance and resilience, and months of working all day, every day. Eventually, a thriving and sustainable small business is created. And then, you face a question you may never hav
Entrepreneur2 min readFood & Wine
How This Salad Franchise Freshened Up Its Image and Menu to Appeal to Smarter, Health-Conscious Customers
The first saladworks opened in 1986 in Cherry Hill, N.J. -- a whole year before McDonald’s added salads to its menu. “We were selling salads before salads were cool,” says Saladworks’ new president and CEO, Patrick Sugrue. And it quickly got attentio
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100 Brilliant Companies to Watch in 2016
The 2016 consumer is a demanding one. They want what they want, when they want it. They want personalization, and they want control -- of their money, their food and their health, and almost everything else.  As we compiled this year’s Brilliant 100,
Entrepreneur1 min readFashion & Beauty
10 Fashion, Design & Retail Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100
Fans of accessories, food, shoes or formal attire and more should keep their eyes on these startups.
Entrepreneur1 min read
How One Swimsuit Designer Hopes to Fix Fit
While lounging poolside at a bachelorette party in 2014, Jude Al-Khalil and her friends got to talking about swimwear -- but instead of reveling in the purchases they liked, they couldn’t stop talking about how awful the shopping experience is. “If y
Entrepreneur2 min read
10 Health Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100
These companies are shaking up the health industry with apps, video games, tampons and more.
Entrepreneur2 min readWellness
Meet the Designers Hoping to Treat ADHD and Alzheimer's with Gaming
Could a doctor treating ADHD or Alzheimer’s one day prescribe a video game? Eddie Martucci and Matthew Omernick think so -- and the cofounders of Boston-based Akili Interactive Labs recently raised more than $30 million from pharma companies, governm
Entrepreneur1 min read
This Founder is Fixing the Communication Gap Between Caregivers and Doctors
Home-care workers know a lot about their patients, but they don’t always know what's worth telling doctors. San Francisco-based Care at Hand bridges that gap: It produces surveys for caregivers to complete (via the company’s app and platform) that ca
Entrepreneur1 min read
10 Business Tools to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100
These startups have created tools you didn't know you needed, from a platform to improve the interviewing process to automated wealth-management services and more.
Entrepreneur1 min readTech
This 4-Part Process Helps One Firm Vet Top Talent
When firms like Google, Ideo, Airbnb and even Pfizer need a freelance Java expert or UX designer -- and they need it, like, yesterday -- they call Toptal. The $80 million company has developed a rigorous, four-part screening process: “We get thousand
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10 On-Demand Services to Watch 2016 - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100
These companies will get you what you want when you want it, whether that's an interior decorator or an easier bookkeeping system.
Entrepreneur1 min readTech
10 Tech Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100
These companies are harnessing the power of technology to improve most aspects of life, from education to shopping and gun safety.
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10 Recreation Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100
Redefine fun and relaxation with these brilliant solutions for recreation.  1. Modern meditation studio Unplug makes meditation easy. It’s drawn a cult following -- and 1,000 franshising requests. 2. Moviepass’ $30-a-month all-you-can-watch pass brin
Entrepreneur1 min readTech
10 Finance & Capital Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100
From funding to savings, these brilliant companies create solutions that move people and companies forward.  1. Danish Ventures has created a fund that targets design-focused but scalable companies solving some of the world’s biggest problems. 2. Use
Entrepreneur2 min read
10 Social Impact Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100
These brilliant companies are finding solutions that move communities forward.  1. StormSensor’s platform monitors stormwater in real time using waterproof hardware and cloud-based software, helping to prevent problems such as water contamination in
Entrepreneur1 min read
10 Food & Farming Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100
Looking for companies solving problems in the food and farming industries? Eat your heart out.
Entrepreneur2 min readFashion & Beauty
This High-Tech Underwear Could Help Girls Around the Globe
Don’t tell Miki Agrawal that Thinx, her line of underwear designed to let women menstruate freely without tampons or pads, might not be for everybody. Agrawal fiercely believes -- to quote Thinx’s tagline -- that these panties are “for women with per
Entrepreneur2 min read
Top 10 in Wearable Wellness
These companies put useful technology in the palm of your hand -- or on your finger or in a dog collar or in a sock for infants...
Entrepreneur1 min read
Turns Out Shoppable TV Is Closer Than Ever
Dying for that bag Kerry Washington was toting on last week’s Scandal? Need the sweatshirt you saw Kanye wearing on Instagram? LookLive has you covered. The Amsterdam-based startup spent two years developing tech that identifies exact items of clothi
Entrepreneur1 min readEntrepreneurship
Why This VC Fund Is Investing In Design
Every other year, the Danish nonprofit Index gives away about $550,000 in prize money. The winners: people who have designed solutions to life-altering problems like health and hunger. But the organizers got to thinking: Could they accomplish more? “
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Two Founders Share Real-World Bootstrapping Secrets
Storm-water runoff is the leading cause of water contamination in urban areas, but tracking it has been a clunky, pen-and-paper process. Erin Rothman and Anya Stettler built a better way: Their platform tracks water quality in real time with waterpro
Entrepreneur1 min read
One Startup Explains How it Runs a Foodservice Startup Without Any Servers
There are no cashiers, servers or meat products at Eatsa -- but there are crowds eager to experience the future of fast food. Cofounder and CEO Tim Young launched two outposts -- one in San Francisco, one in L.A. -- of his fully automated eatery last
Entrepreneur1 min read
What's Behind the Branded Podcasts That Don't Sound Like Ads
Podcasts will attract 98 million sets of ears this year -- double the number from 2009. But their ads are supereasy to skip. Four ex-radio producers formed Pacific Content to fix that problem: They create branded podcasts for companies such as Slack