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February 2015
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It's Ok to Be Great: Why Entrepreneurs Deserve to Stand Out
In a path that's marked with extreme highs and lows, blending in isn't -- and shouldn't be -- an option.
Entrepreneur4 min read
Dishing on Success: How Fishs Eddy Found Its Footing
With its iconic ceramic hand statuettes on shelves by the entrance and twinkling strings of red lights, Fishs Eddy, a 4,000-square-foot home goods emporium named for a quaint town in the Catskills, remains as hip and quirky as the day it opened in 19
Entrepreneur3 min read
Should Your Business Use One Font Only?
If you want to ensure that existing and potential customers recognize your brand, you need to go further than just designing a memorable logo—you need to create a cohesive experience. One of the most undervalued yet effective ways to do this is by se
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The Sharing Economy Enters the Business of Business Travel
On business in Miami, Andy Abramson, founder of Del Mar, Calif.-based marketing communications agency Comunicano, stayed in a high-rise with a spa, pool and a choice of restaurants nearby. The room came with fluffy towels, smart TVs and Wi-Fi. A simi
Entrepreneur4 min read
The Do's and Don'ts of the Email CC
Let’s say you’re at a party. You’re talking to your co-worker Dave. You’re having a nice back-and-forth—about work stuff, the softball game next week, what that smell is …  As Dave is talking to you, he sidesteps over to Susan, all the while maintain
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Online Radio Killed the Video Star: 4 Tips for Creating a Stellar Podcast
After being on the content sidelines for years, podcasts are taking center stage. For listeners and creators alike, they are in the midst of a resurgence. Podcasting is nothing new; on-demand online radio has been around for a decade. But recent tech
Entrepreneur3 min readPsychology
Blame and Credit: How to Encourage Fairness and Accountability Under Pressure
Q: We are under pressure to deliver results at my company. Energy is maxed out, and tempers and the blame game have disrupted what was initially a very collegial team. How do I lead through this rough patch?  A: Blame is toxic, so the best way to cha
Entrepreneur11 min readEntrepreneurship
Inside the Mindset of Silicon Valley's Tech Innovators
Home to many of the world’s most influential technology companies as well as thousands of promising startups, Silicon Valley is the launchpad for multiple generations of entrepreneurial talent. But there are skilled, capable founders, and then there 
Entrepreneur6 min readTech
Better Safe Than Sorry: How Startups are Staying Protected in Cyberspace
Hackers and cyber thieves are attacking small businesses with alarming frequency. Find out how to stay safe.
Entrepreneur5 min readSelf-Improvement
The Bright Side of Negative Thinking
Despite what we're often told, positive thinking may not be conducive to meeting one's goals. In fact, you're probably better off visualizing obstacles.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
How This App Is Making Networking Less Work
A one-stop networking tool called shows people their email recipients' social-media updates in one sidebar.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Everything You Need to Know About Using Videos on Your Website
Q: Should my website launch with a full-screen video? A: It’s the latest trend in website design: launching a site with a full-screen video to tell your brand and product story. and are among the sites that use vide
Entrepreneur2 min read
How a Fishing-Gear Company Is Reeling In Customers With Its Live Streaming Videos
Loon Outdoors has been equipping fly-fishers with environmentally friendly gear for 24 years. The Ashland, Ore.-based company’s products can be found everywhere from big-box stores such as Cabela’s to small specialty fly shops. And over the past five
Entrepreneur2 min read
4 Strategies for Getting Paid Faster
The Money Guy has tips for shrinking the window of time between mailing an invoice and receiving some income.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
Why One Entrepreneur Isn't Taking The Bait When It Comes To ABC's Shark Tank
I teach a business class at a university here in Michigan, and it pains me to discuss ABC’s Shark Tank with my students. They love the show, in which entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to billionaire Mark Cuban and other venture capitalists in a bi
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
How FlashFunders Streamlines the Investor Roadshow
In late 2014, Eric Wolfe scored $1.2 million in equity capital for Swapt, the apartment rental platform he debuted earlier in the year. Despite raising money from investors in the U.S., Europe and Australia, he didn’t have to fly to dozens of pitch m
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
How I Handle My Bonus Responsibly
For me, one of the hardest parts of running a venture-backed startup is knowing that I make far less income than I would if I still ran my web agency. At the agency, all the profits were mine; at my venture-backed startup, my board of directors has c
Entrepreneur3 min read
Game of Drones: How This Husband and Wife Team Took Photography to New Heights
Entrepreneurs: Husband-and-wife team Terry and Belinda Kilby traded careers as a software developer and art teacher, respectively, to launch their Owings Mills, Md.-based drone business, Elevated Element, in 2012. “Aha” moment: Terry, a self-describe
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
Hate Losing Your Stuff? You'll Love Tile.
Like most people, Nick Evans and Mike Farley hated to lose things. So the engineers applied their professional knowledge to their personal problem. What if they could use mobile technology to ensure they never misplaced their keys, wallet or phone ag
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Expert Advice: How to Up Your Cyber Security
The average cost to a U.S. business of a lost or stolen record containing customer information is $201, according to the 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study conducted by the Ponemon Institute for IBM. The most expensive incidents are due to malicious atta
Entrepreneur5 min read
How to Build an Employee-Owned Business
Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch wanted to run a more democratic business. Rather than shoulder all the tough decisions themselves, the founders of New Belgium Brewing Company sought their employees’ input early on. This meant cultivating what Jordan call
Entrepreneur6 min readEntrepreneurship
Miracle Grows: Fast-Growing Franchises to Keep On Your Radar
Smart investments in management and a focus on quality franchisees have enabled a number of recent franchises to launch and expand at record speed. Here's a look at a few newbies who hit the ground running.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How This E-Cig Franchise Is Moving Into Marijuana
In the series finale of the Showtime comedy Weeds, marijuana is legalized, and housewife-turned-drug dealer Nancy Botwin builds a 50-unit chain of pot cafes that she eventually sells to Starbucks. It’s the type of future that Chip Paul, co-founder of
Entrepreneur3 min read
How a Franchisee Super-Group Is Changing the Franchising Landscape
The multi-unit owners started an investment fund to help emerging brands, and the industry is excited by the idea.
Entrepreneur2 min readPsychology
Do You Have Entrepreneurial DNA?
The Founder Institute, a startup training and launch program, has developed a test to identify entrepreneurial personality traits. Take the abbreviated quiz below for a quick evaluation of your entrepreneurial prowess. PART 1: Each puzzle has three r
Entrepreneur2 min read
An Artful Expansion: How Lisa Riley Found Success As A Pinot's Palette franchisee
With three studios open and thriving, this paint-and-sip franchise's future looks picture perfect.