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May 2015
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
Why Entrepreneurs are Shepherds of Renaissance
Entrepreneur's editor-in-chief Amy Cosper proves why her degree in art history is relevant in business journalism, and why relevance is imperative in business.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Scents and Sensibility: How This Historic Perfumery Is Innovating
A whiff of something sweet hangs in the air at Via della Scala in Florence, Italy. It could be the cabbage rose, a flower that grows on the hills of Tuscany; orange blossoms from the trees of Sicily; or perhaps it is the heady smell of success for a
Entrepreneur3 min read
Business Travelers: Is Loyalty Dead?
Airline and hotel loyalty programs have undergone some significant changes in the last few years.
Entrepreneur1 min read
This App Wants to Be Your One-Stop Shop for Hotel Services
For frequent travelers, a phone packed with icons for every major hotel chain and boutique property can lead to app fatigue. MobileSuites, which allows users to book services at some 1,800 hotels, including Starwood, Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott, hopes
Entrepreneur3 min read
How Nature's Beauty Led This L.A. Art House to Blossom
Natural Curiosities creates wall art, furniture and other pieces sold to major retailers and the interior design trade.
Entrepreneur5 min readSelf-Improvement
How to Handle Confrontation at Work
An email that says, “I don’t appreciate being spoken to that way” isn’t a confrontation; it’s a complaint. Yelling, “Whoever threw away the juice for my cleanse is gonna pay!” isn’t a confrontation; it’s a threat. Asking, “What’s your problem, Ethyl?
Entrepreneur2 min readLeadership & Mentoring
The Boss Is Dating an Employee. Now What?
Any owner, CEO or manager needs to tread very carefully when becoming romantically involved with an employee.
Entrepreneur5 min read
6 Recent Marketing Campaigns That Were Pretty Awesome
I’ve been thinking about some great marketing campaigns of recent months—those I might consider the “best.” But I find myself wondering: What does best mean, exactly? Or, more simply: Is popular the same as best? If something is popular, can it also
Entrepreneur6 min read
Meet Y Combinator's Bold Whiz Kid Boss
Sam Altman is redefining the venture capital firm's identity and making bold moves. After one year on the job, has his strategy paid off?
Entrepreneur6 min readEntrepreneurship
From Hotels to Airports: Our 2015 Business Travel Award Winners
From yoga at the airport to flexible check-out times at hotels, the world of business travel suddenly seems friendlier. Glitches are givens for constant travelers (hello, weather delay) but technology is helping today’s traveling ’treps vault hurdles
Entrepreneur7 min read
Are Wellness Programs Right for Your Company?
Workplace health initiatives— ranging from flu shots to support groups to stress management— are on the rise. Such programs can increase productivity and morale, as well as possibly reduce insurance premiums. But what are the risks for employers, and
Entrepreneur6 min read
How One Entrepreneur Hit Rock Bottom Then Climbed to the Top
After taking on the nightclub business in the 1970s, including creating the legendary Studio 54, Ian Schrager turned to hotels.
Entrepreneur4 min readEntrepreneurship
6 Lies They Teach in Business School
Sometimes, the lessons you learn from life experience contradict the ones you learned in the classroom.
Entrepreneur2 min read
Out of the Loop on the Internet of Things? Here's a Brief Guide.
A: From smart thermostats to cars, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of devices that kicked off Web 3.0. We asked Andy Smith, general partner at Center Electric, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm focused exclusively on investments
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
How Product Hunt Rose to the Top
Imagine a place where you can find the next cutting-edge soft-ware tool or business app that will streamline your operations, enable you to enter a new market or give your business a competitive edge. That place already exists. It’s a year-old websit
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
How a Data-Driven Meal Delivery Service Cooks Up Exactly What Customers Want
With help from some San Francisco-based software, Munchery can track customers' order histories and preferences. The results taste like success.
Entrepreneur2 min read
Why This Insurer Wants You to Wear a Health Tracker
While investors and venture capitalists struggle to find ways to monetize wearable technology, New York-based Oscar Insurance has made it a critical component of policyholders’ daily lives.  Customers can request a plastic, Bluetooth-enabled Misfit F
Entrepreneur2 min readSociety
How to Protect Your Company From Your Business Partner's Divorce
Before you formed your business partnership, did you vet your partners’ marriages along with their bank statements? You may not consider it until divorce proceedings are underway, but your partners’ spouses likely own a part of your company, whether
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Is Your Business Idea Too Weird For A VC?
One piece of advice I give to entrepreneurs about approaching venture capitalists is to avoid going into a pitch meeting blind. I tell them to do their homework and find out what types of companies the firm invests in based on sector, stage of invest
Entrepreneur3 min read
4 Ways to Protect Your Business Against Employee Fraud and Theft
Q: Which internal accounting controls can help prevent fraud? A: This is a vast topic covered by countless books and consultants, so let’s narrow it down to employee fraud and theft. Aside from the obvious—conducting regular inventory checks and book
Entrepreneur3 min read
How to Buy a Business With Seller Financing
Advertising and publishing veteran Janelle Regotti was looking for a business to buy. The right opportunity presented itself last year when she found Guide Publishing, a company that distributes a quarterly resource guide for Northeast Ohio seniors.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Mmmm, Crickets: How Exo Protein Bars Found Its Wings
Entrepreneurs: Twentysomethings Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz met while attending Brown University, where they were roommates. After graduation, Lewis turned down a job with a hedge fund and Sewitz deferred grad school so they could launch New York-base
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Why This Hearing Device Is Making Noise With Investors
Ear surgeon Rodney Perkins has an impressive track record building companies around what he calls “medtech to mainstream.” In the past few decades, he founded 12 health and life sciences companies, three of which have gone public. In total, his firms
Entrepreneur2 min read
What to Look For When Hiring Your First Employees
The first few employees at your startup are crucial. They set the tone for your company and determine whether you fade out or make it to the next level.  “Hiring the right people is absolutely critical in the beginning, because each person you add wi
Entrepreneur6 min read
The 7 Steps of Effective Product Development
Toni Ko’s path to entrepreneurship was a common one: She wanted a product that didn’t exist, so she decided to create it herself. The item in question: a high-quality yet affordable eyeliner pencil.  The year was 1999. The self-professed makeup junki
Entrepreneur6 min read
How to Succeed in Franchising Your Business
The most successful franchises have a few strengths and strategies in common. Here's how they play to win.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How A NY Food Cart Is Becoming An International Brick-And-Mortar Chain
Back in 1990, Egyptian immigrants Mohamed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka and Abdelbaset Elsayed decided to try their luck at a quintessential New York venture—they opened a hot dog cart.  But what they quickly learned was that the city didn’t need more ho
Entrepreneur3 min read
What This Business Owner Did to Get His Team Out of a Sales Rut
Brian Brady was doing everything he could to motivate the 30 salespeople he employs at his six Wireless Zone franchises in Virginia. Every few months he’d run sales contests and put up prizes like cruise vacations, iPads and gift cards. But no matter
Entrepreneur3 min read
Meet the Man Who Started the First-Ever Property Management Franchise
When Kirk McGary first got into property management in 1983, he had no grand ideas of building a national brand. He was a college student looking to escape his pizza-delivery job yet still pay the bills. So when some friends invited him to join their