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June 2015
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Disruption is More Than the Buzzword It's Become
The twisty, curvy road to innovation is lined by a boneyard of failures, some catastrophic and some less so. Call them what you will—flameouts, burnouts, cash burners, dogs—the end result is the same: road pizza. But this is not unexpected. Any time
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How This Natural, Sugar-Free Soda Is Making Major Inroads With Consumers
It all changed for Paddy Spence during a trip to Whole Foods in March 2010. That’s when the food-industry veteran, who had given up sugar cold turkey a decade earlier, discovered Zevia. The zero-calorie soda was sweetened with stevia, a plant-based n
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Twitter Might Be the Most Important Customer Service Center You Have
As travelers turn to Twitter to complain about airline snafus and hotel hiccups, businesses are staffing up their social media teams.
Entrepreneur3 min read
This Startup Won't Sleep Until it Revolutionizes the Mattress Industry
Goldilocks had it easy—she had to test only three beds and found one that was just right. Real-world mattress shopping is a far more daunting proposition. According to a 2014 survey by the Better Sleep Council, consumers are confused about when to re
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How and When to Give Advice (Hint: It's Not as Simple as You Think)
The first step in giving advice is: Do not give advice. Listen instead. The advice-seeker must establish: 1. The problem and why it’s important. 2. Possible solutions. (The seeker needs to have done at least as much work as he’s asking you to do.) 3.
Entrepreneur4 min read
From Meerkat to Riff: 5 New Ways to Market Your Brand
This column should carry a warning label, similar to the chemicals under my kitchen sink. Why? Because although I’m about to introduce you to some bright, shiny new marketing tools, I want you to consider them in context.  So, here’s my warning: Do n
Entrepreneur3 min read
As a Business Owner, Should You Make Your Personal Beliefs Public?
Q: Based on the backlash I’ve seen against business leaders who were open about their takes on social or other issues, I feel like as a company owner I have to keep my personal beliefs secret. That doesn’t seem fair. What do you think? A: A company’s
Entrepreneur12 min readTech
Meet Amelia, The AI Platform That Could Change The Future Of IT
Created by IPsoft, the virtual agent avatar can absorb in seconds the same instruction manuals that human employees spend weeks memorizing.
Entrepreneur4 min read
15 Time-Tested Apps Your Business Can't Live Without
In app-land, there’s a never-ending quest to serve up the next thing that makes life easier. But we think you’d be better served with our collection of battle-tested apps. They’ll help you run your business more efficiently and let you do so from you
Entrepreneur2 min read
Is a High-Tech Customer Loyalty System Right For You?
Here's what you need to know about starting a loyalty program that keeps customers coming back.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
This Mobile App Tracks Deliveries in Real Time for All to See
It’s Friday night, and your pizza is MIA. When will the delivery guy show up? Meanwhile, back at the pizza joint, the owner is wondering when the driver will return. Thanks to Israel-based Bringg, now everyone can find out what they need to know.  Br
Entrepreneur2 min read
Two-Step Authentication Can Be Annoying. This Company Wants to Help.
As more of your daily life moves to the cloud, the passwords for every vital program, software subscription, online storage space and banking service used by your company become more valuable. Two-factor authentication, in which the user enters a pas
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Too Much Paperwork? Embrace the Build-It-Yourself Online Form.
Karen Allbright was worn out from dealing with the details of her professional organizing and personal concierge service, Calm Order. The Calgary, Alberta-based entrepreneur was looking for a smarter way to deal with the minutia of maintaining high-e
Entrepreneur2 min read
What to Do When Your Budget Is Blown
A: Unlike most business questions—to which my response is typically “It depends”—this one has an unequivocal answer: Yes, you need to start over. But that doesn’t mean you should trash your original budget and all the work it entailed. Use this predi
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
3 Things VCs Are Looking For
People are often surprised when I respond to their pitch with glowing remarks on the idea, only to tell them there’s no way it’ll get venture capital funding. I go on to explain that VCs want to see potential for the classic hockey-stick growth curve
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How These Tax Tips Helped Me
Not long ago I received a text from my 16-year-old son—who works part-time at my company—that read, “Mom, can I open a Roth IRA?” I was thrilled that he was beginning to appreciate the significance that compounding interest and time would have on his
Entrepreneur3 min read
How the First Artist Bank Is Catering to Creatives
“Most artists can concentrate for about three minutes in a business meeting before they’re doodling or writing song lyrics in the corner of the paper,” says Dave Stewart. Best known as one-half of ’80s pop duo Eurythmics (with singer Annie Lennox), S
Entrepreneur3 min read
Get Your Digital Drink on With Robot-Crafted Cocktail
Entrepreneur: Barry Givens, owner of Monsieur, which produces robotic bartending machines for homes and businesses. “Aha” moment: When Givens was a student at Georgia Institute of Technology, he and his roommate went to a bar to watch an NBA Finals g
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
How This Startup Is Aiming to Make HR Easier
Onboarding, training and employee retention are big expenses for companies of all sizes. To facilitate those and other HR functions, Menlo Park, Calif.-based GuideSpark helps companies create video content and web seminars on more than 100 HR-related
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
One Direct-to-Consumer Company's Secrets to Success
Luxury handbag maker Dagne Dover has seen more than $1 million in direct-to-consumer sales through its online store.
Entrepreneur6 min readEntrepreneurship
The ABCs Of Starting A Business Overseas
Starting a business overseas may seem daunting, but the rewards can be great. Here's what you need to know to find success as an entrepreneurial expat.
Entrepreneur5 min read
Why Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership Is Now the Norm
Once in the minority, multi-unit franchisees control more than 75 percent of franchised restaurants.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How This Blow-Dry Salon Franchise Went From 3 Units to 50
Ari Yakobson wasn’t aware of the growing trend of blow-dry bars when he stumbled upon the three-unit chain Blo Blow Dry Bar in 2008.  “Being blunt, at first I thought the Blo concept was ridiculous and wouldn’t work,” says Yakobson, who at the time o
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After a Fire, an Owner's Concern for His Employees Burns Bright
While his employees performed community services, the restaurant owner performed a charitable act of his own.
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Are You Hiding Behind Squishy Words? Stop.
Innovation is an amazing and important thing, but it’s a tricky word. It’s a squishy word. It’s an uncommitted word—a word that can contain both results and the mere promise of results. It’s a soft word. And soft words are becoming a big problem. We’
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
How MindMeld Is Letting Companies Add Voice Recognition to Any App
In the 2013 movie Her, Joaquin Phoenix plays a man who falls in love with his cloud-based operating system, which has been given Scarlett Johansson’s voice. She anticipates his moods, arranges his schedule—all he has to do is talk to her. Director Sp
Entrepreneur2 min read
How One Franchisee's Product Idea Ended Up in All Locations
Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchisee Brad Shellen proves that, in franchising, creativity counts.
Entrepreneur3 min read
This Startup Is Giving Businesses a Better Way to Offer Employee Perks
Forget the balance sheet. According to Taro Fukuyama, the key to a successful company is a happy work force. And what makes people happy is a culture that recognizes them for being part of a team. This is the guiding concept behind AnyPerk, the compa
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
This Entrepreneur Is Proving That a Zero-Interest Loan Platform Can Work
Rachel Maxwell’s path to financing entrepreneurs wasn’t an obvious one. Before receiving her MBA in 2012, she worked in international climate policy while running an analytics and market research firm with her husband. But her data-crunching backgrou
Entrepreneur3 min read
Let This Company Make Your Concept a Creation
The internet is the great equalizer, helping users find love, housing and colleagues. Assembly is one more way for talented people to connect—by collaborating with others to turn ideas they may not have the time, skills or know-how to fully execute i
Entrepreneur3 min readSociety
How a Creative Agency Became a Catalyst for Social Change
The frogImpact program creates design-centric solutions for issues in health care, disaster relief and more.
Entrepreneur3 min read
The Brilliant Software That's Turning Grandma's TV Into A Caregiving Tool
Kian Saneii has worked in the technology sector for almost 30 years, so he looks at the world through a techie’s lens. When he began helping his parents take care of his elderly grandparents, he was shocked to find that the digital world had barely m
Entrepreneur4 min readFashion & Beauty
How One Apparel Brand Is Bringing Style to Sustainable Clothing
It wasn’t fresh mist swirling about the air in Dongguan, China—it was toxins. “You couldn’t even see toward the end of the block because the pollution was on eye level,” says Yael Aflalo, who once designed clothing for Urban Outfitters and now runs R
Entrepreneur3 min read
Meet the Machine That's Turning Grocery Stores' Food Waste Into Fertilizer
Larry LeSueur is used to former peers from the software world asking him, “What the heck are you doing?” It’s a reasonable question, considering the decidedly different turn he and his former Microsoft colleague Jose Lugo took in 2010 when they found
Entrepreneur4 min read
Why This Fantasy Sports Company Is a Dream Come True for Fans
FanDuel is fantasy sports on steroids: bigger, stronger, faster. The New York City-based startup benches the familiar season-long league model embraced by millions of fantasy enthusiasts in favor of more lucrative daily and weekly competitions—a mode
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Traveling in Europe? A New Search Engine Wants to Show You Every Transportation Option.
The airline industry has changed dramatically in the past 15 years, with most reservations now being processed online. But for other modes of transit—rail, bus and ferry—booking and purchasing are still brick-and-mortar operations. Even in Europe, wh