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May 2016
Entrepreneur2 min read
Why Rising From the Ashes Is Vital for Disruption, Innovation
“Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.” —Anne Sullivan Right now Silicon Valley is hoarding outsize credit for innovation and disruption of the status quo. I call B.S. Innovation and disruption have
Entrepreneur3 min readPsychology
Don't Pop Your Top: 5 Thoughts to Keep You Calm in an Angry Moment
There are 10 or so moments in my career that make me wince when I think of them, and all but one involve a flash of anger. (The other one: an autocorrect in an email to my boss that turned an innocuous thought into “I lift you.”) There isn’t one mome
Entrepreneur2 min read
How One Man Makes Serious Money From Funny Products
Viral websites typically follow the same life cycle: They spend a week flying around social media, make it into a late-night comedian’s monologue and then that’s it. Everyone’s had a laugh, and the site is forgotten. There was no reason to expect any
Entrepreneur2 min read
How Major Hotel Brands are Downsizing in All the Right Ways
Hilton's low-budget offering, Tru, will start rolling out later this year. Check out how it will compare to the company's Hampton brand.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How to Handle Personal Conflicts Professionally
Whether it's a betrayal, a personal dislike or a choice between public or private acknowledgement, personal conflicts can arise at work. Find out the right way to navigate these situations.
Entrepreneur13 min readFood & Wine
After A Tragedy, This Restaurateur Did What All Entrepreneurs Must: She Learned How To Keep Going
Her husband died, but Jen Hidinger continued to chase their dream-while lending a hand to others in the industry.
Entrepreneur1 min read
Should You Worry About Voice Search?
Maybe you’ve seen the “OK Google” ads, where people open Google’s app and conversationally ask what they once would have typed. (“OK, Google, what magazine has the best business advice?”) Apple, Amazon and Microsoft have similar products, and voice s
Entrepreneur1 min read
How This Company Is Driving Down Energy Bills
“Most people get an energy bill and just pay it, without asking themselves what they might do to get the costs down,” says Joseph Borza. But even if an entrepreneur did ask, they’d likely not know how to find the answer. That’s why Borza cofounded hi
Entrepreneur2 min read
Good Call: This App Let's Virtual Teams Stay Connected
Early last year, Ahmed Khattak launched US Mobile, a provider of no-contract, no-frills cellphone service aimed at college students, seniors and other low-usage customers. And yet, he struggled to find a good phone system for in-house staff at his Co
Entrepreneur2 min read
How to Get More Income From Your Assets
Here are two ways to get more money out of your business -- beyond giving yourself a raise.
Entrepreneur2 min read
5 Steps for Making the Most of Investor Assistance
The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, holds true in the VC world: More than 80 percent of our returns come from 20 percent or fewer of our bets. You’d think I spend the majority of my time assisting that 20 percent, but I don’t. I spend
Entrepreneur1 min read
How to Find Your Perfect Investor Match With the Axial App
If you want to hook up, there’s Tinder. If you’re a business owner looking for money, there’s Axial: Founders upload their company’s data to Axial’s app, then the startup’s algorithm matches potential investors of all sorts -- who simply swipe right
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
How This Man Raised $31 Million in VC Funding in 4 Years
Greg Marsh unlocked the secret: Start with old-fashioned networking, then grow your own network.
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Company Found a Way to Sell Something No One Wants to Discuss
Crap! We sit when we do it, and we don’t want to talk about it. Neither habit is easy to change. But a brave Utah-based company called Squatty Potty is trying. Sitting puts a kink in the colon, but squatting -- knees higher than the waist -- is bette
Entrepreneur5 min read
4 Tips for Fixing Mistakes
Even when you've blown it with your first customers, you can still rebound. Read this to find out how.
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Tutor Used a Blend of Teaching Styles to Reach Kids Worldwide
Even brilliant kids need the right lessons -- and teaching methods. That's what fuels this tutoring franchise.
Entrepreneur2 min read
How This Franchisee Is Giving Hope -- and Jobs -- to the Disabled Community
Mark Wafer could fake his way through interviews. “My speech is good,” he says, so the interviewer didn’t realize that Wafer has about 85 percent hearing loss. “But once the boss found out I was deaf, I was fired. Usually quickly.” After losing many
Entrepreneur5 min read
Why These 5 Franchises Stand Out From the Crowd
In a market full of copycats, these franchises each have something different that sets them apart.
Entrepreneur1 min read
Nobody Does it Better: The Best of the Franchise 500
What does it take to stand out? If anyone knows, it’s the companies on our Best of the Best list, who not only ranked in Entrepreneur’s already competitive 2016 Franchise 500, but landed the coveted top spots in their industry categories. These 100 c
Entrepreneur1 min read
How This Online Lingerie Shop Is Letting Customers Try Before They Buy
True & Co. has thrived as an online-only lingerie company, but it had a hard-to-shake handicap: Many women want to try on a bra before they buy. The company didn’t want to bog itself down with brick-and-mortar stores, so it launched the Try-On Truck,
Entrepreneur2 min read
Business Travel Awards 2016: Best Hotel Concierge
Akbar Yungai started as a bellhop, working his way up to the front desk at Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel, and is now on the brand’s elite Navigator program -- where, instead of standing behind a desk, the 30-year-old approaches guests and encoura
Entrepreneur1 min read
Business Travel Awards 2016: Best Overall Airport
Is there any torture chamber quite like the modern airport? The longer you’re in one, the more anxiety-ridden you’re likely to be, especially because the promise -- and the point -- is that you’re headed somewhere else. Which is what makes Singapore’
Entrepreneur2 min read
Best-Selling Author Tim Ferriss Doles Out Business Advice
We asked our Twitter followers: What business conundrums are you facing? Then we sent them to the author of The 4-Hour Workweek.
Entrepreneur2 min read
4 Common Sayings in Business Translated -- Finally!
Business is full of clichés. Three successful entrepreneurs turn all that "blah blah blah" into a real advantage.
Entrepreneur1 min readEntrepreneurship
The Chain of Advice: How These Entrepreneurs Inspired and Impacted Each Other
We asked "Who gave you the best piece of advice?" Then we asked the advice giver the same question.
Entrepreneur1 min readEntrepreneurship
3 Tips For Finding a Mentor
The right approaches to wooing the right person, from those who've been there and made it work.
Entrepreneur2 min read
The Worst Advice I Ever Got Was...
Although many people love to offer advice, not all words of wisdom are worth following. Here, successful entrepreneurs share the advice they're glad they didn't take.  “Don’t rock the boat. Take the simple and safe plan.” Why I ignored it:  “A collea