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July 2016
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You'll Never Regret This Business Investment
Entrepreneur's editor-in-chief recalls the time she fell in love with a work of art and what it taught her.
Entrepreneur3 min read
The Don't-Be-a-Schmuck Guide to Rescheduling
Hi. Sorry. I know you came all this way, but I’m gonna have to reschedule this reading experience. You didn’t confirm, so I thought it wasn’t going to work for you. So, anyway, I’ll get in touch about another time, OK? Sorry, it’s just been really cr
Entrepreneur1 min read
Why This Company Decided Not to Hide its Biggest 'Weakness'
Most protein bars have an image on their wrapper. Gatorade, PowerBar and Nature Valley show the food itself, often coated in chocolate. Clif Bar shows a rock climber. But Exo’s packaging is minimalist, with no image. That’s because its founders feare
Entrepreneur3 min read
A Trip to Nairobi Inspired This One-of-a-Kind Company
Traveling can spark unexpected businesses. Cherae Robinson started hers by partying in Nairobi.
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The Ethics Coach: In Tough Conversations, Do This.
Q. I need to close my company and file for bankruptcy soon. We’re still finishing up a few projects, so when should I tell my team? And my clients? A. Sorry you’re going through this, but as you know, now is not the time to wallow. It’s a time for ac
Entrepreneur10 min read
This Couple Trusted Their Gut to Reinvent an Organic Grocery Store
Learn how this couple built Lucky's Market, one of the country's most beloved (and weirdest) grocery chains.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
4 Tips for Keeping that New Hire
Hiring people is a lot of work -- and a huge financial investment. In fact, the Center for American Progress says it costs roughly 20 percent of a new hire’s salary just to get them signed on. So once they’re hired, you’ll want a lineup of great tech
Entrepreneur2 min read
How One Company Made Reporting Expenses Less of a Hassle
Oribe makes high-end hair and beauty products, but its system to handle employee expenses was the equivalent of a comb-over in a windstorm -- a tangled mess. Sid Katari, CFO of the New York-based company, saw piles of forms and receipts, and employee
Entrepreneur3 min read
To Secure Your Company's Financial Future, Do This
I’m a financial strategist. I tell people how to manage their wealth. But I have a confession to make: I didn’t have my own personal-finance aha moment until several years ago. For decades, I had blissfully blurred the line between “wants” and “needs
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Why This VC Won't Fund Startups That Serve Startups
As the startup gold rush grows, I’ve noticed a scary trend: Startups with questionable finances are being launched to service other startups with questionable finances. These take many forms, like exclusive property-management software for Airbnb hos
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Want to Save Money on Equipment? Consider this Solution.
A marketplace matches cash-strapped startups with financing and leasing companies so they can build out their businesses.
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Wages or Commissions? This 3-Step System Helps You Decide.
When you offer salary and commission, you're motivating your sales team while minimizing the chances that they'll feel disgruntled and underpaid.
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What This Casket Maker Learned from Honda, Tesla and Steve Jobs
Former auto designer Joseph Ledinh knows he's in a grim business. But that's why it's so exciting.
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How a Snail Mail Startup Bust Shaped One Serial Entrepreneur
Jonathan Siegel has launched 20 companies. Two led to eight-figure exits -- hooray! -- and 16 went bust. But one failure from 2005 informed a success a decade later. The flop was PostASAP, which sent letters for users who didn’t want to deal with pri
Entrepreneur6 min readTech
Understand the Crowdfunding Shift That Could Transform How Startups are Funded
To most people, crowdfunding means that someone invented a thermos that sings “Yankee Doodle,” and it just raised $750,000 on Kickstarter. But that’s about to change. In May, a regulation called Title III, a part of the Jumpstart Our Business Startup
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Daiquiri Franchise Does One Simple Thing to Stand Apart
Bill Dickinson had earned a vacation. It was the 1980s, he was in his 40s and he’d worked hard to build a thriving psychology practice in Savannah. But holidays left him frustrated: When he wasn’t seeing patients, he wasn’t making money. “I knew I ha
Entrepreneur2 min read
Travel Agencies Are Seeing a Boom -- and This Franchise Knows Why
Learn how Rob Steinfeld and Dean Hanson set up a franchise and joined the unexpected travel boom.
Entrepreneur5 min readFood & Wine
The Newest International Franchising Hot Spots Might Surprise You
When the United States announced it would lift trade sanctions on Cuba in December 2014, the franchise world went a little crazy. Breathless articles expounded on the types of franchises that could thrive there. PR companies scrambled to announce tha
Entrepreneur1 min read
Franchising's Fastest Growing Global Brands in 2016
In a world made smaller by travel and technology, brands have a chance to be bigger than ever. Take Anytime Fitness, which took the number one ranking on our list of the top 200 global franchises. It recently opened its 3,000th location, a mere 13 ye
Entrepreneur2 min read
Why This Auto Repair Franchise Expanded to Nigeria
Most domestic companies start their international expansion by staying in the neighborhood, playing it relatively safe by venturing into Canada or maybe Mexico. Moran Family of Brands is taking a different route, one that stretches 5,972 miles from t
Entrepreneur1 min readPsychology
Closing a Deal at a Bar? This Research Can Help.
We close deals in bars to relax, get away from our routines and make toasting our next success a little easier. But if you are meeting at a bar, choose your location carefully. Research shows control is key and where you sit could make or break a dea
Entrepreneur1 min read
Bartender-Approved Tips for Negotiating Deals at the Bar
Bartenders have seen it all. And when it comes to business meetings at a bar, they often know from a glance if things are going well -- or when they're heading for a spill. Let the insights from these three barkeeps guide you -- and make your next me
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Spilled Your Beer on Your Laptop or Phone? These Tips Can Help.
Spills happen -- and usually when we least expect them. If you find yourself mopping merlot off your client's sleeve, fear not. A little know-how can fix both the spill and that client meeting.  “It’s the dissolved solids that remain that do the dama
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Three New Tools Savvy Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Ignore
Starting your own business can be expensive. It's important for entrepreneurs to minimize their expenses as much as possible, whether that's insourcing customer service methods, changing your wireless carrier or spending less on quality electronics.
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What's Taking Boulder's Pot Industry to Great Heights
Karin Lazarus knows how to talk up her treats, and she especially loves her Keylime Kickers: “White chocolate truffles made with key lime oil and rolled in graham cracker crumbs,” she says. “It’s our most popular product.” Oh, and it’s cannabis-infus