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September 2015
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Why 'Bite Me' Is the Best Response to Naysayers
This month is a big deal in the magazine world. Like the fashion glossies, our September issue is hugely popular among our readers (and advertisers). But our September issue isn’t about skirt lengths—it’s a look at the apex of success, ideas and what
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How This Fan Company Is Proving It Has More Than Just a Good Name
Many executives are fond of boasting that their companies are more like a family than a business. But not the founder of Big Ass Solutions. His company is a tribe, says chief big ass Carey Smith—and yes, that’s actually his title. “It’s on my busines
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What Your Travel Experience Will Look Like in the Not-So-Distant Future
High-tech travel innovations are coming your way. We take a look at the latest developments.
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How This Company Wants to Be the Warby Parker of Shoes
Many—if not most—women have a weakness for fancy footwear. M.Gemi, a direct-to-consumer luxury Italian shoe label, was created for them. The brand, which launched in March with a website and mobile app, is named after one of its founding members, the
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How One Man Is Helping Businesses Reach More Customers With Cost-Effective, Inclusive Products
Inclusion Solutions creates a line of products to increase accessibility for the disabled population while keeping costs down for businesses.
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How to Get Out of Doing Anything
Six months ago, I decided to keep all my appointments: lunches, drinks, dinners, “coffees,” conference calls. I didn’t cancel. I didn’t postpone. I didn’t flake. If I said I was going to do the thing at a certain time, I did the thing at the certain
Entrepreneur4 min readSelf-Improvement
6 Secrets About the Human Brain That Will Make You a Better Marketer
Knowing how the human mind processes information and images—and putting that knowledge to use—can help you become a more engaging and effective marketer. Researchers in a new(ish) field of study are trying to figure out how our hard-wired preferences
Entrepreneur2 min readPsychology
When Exercising Caution Is the Best Move for Your Business
Q: We passed all inspections, but I am concerned that a machine due for replacement in 18 months might pose a safety risk sooner than that. Ideally I’d replace it now, but money is tight; I plan to address the potential safety issue another way. No e
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
One Man's Software Background Makes Manufacturing Hardware Easy
When Charlie Emery set out to build Spooky Pinball, his Benton, Wis.-based company, he ran into a snag: finding a resource to manufacture the circuit boards that power each of his custom-made, $5,995 pinball machines. His only options were to line up
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How Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Learned New Tricks for His Website
In advance of Cesar Millan’s website relaunch this past summer, Dave Rogers, vice president of digital for the famed dog whisperer’s Los Angeles-based multimedia empire, wanted to ensure that the site’s legacy SEO didn’t suffer during the transition.
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uBeam's Wireless Technology Aims To Kill The Power Cord
If uBeam has its way, dead batteries and charging cords will soon be a quaint memory, much like rotary dial telephones. The Los Angeles-based company has developed technology that transmits ultrasonic waves (at a register well beyond what’s audible)
Entrepreneur2 min readLeadership & Mentoring
When To Upgrade From IT Staff To CIO
The two acronyms have different responsibilities. Find out which position is right for your company.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
4 Strategies to Use When Raising Money for Your B Corps
When Donnel Baird needed seed capital to continue developing his B Corporation in 2013, he figured impact investors were the ticket. One year and 250 investor meetings later, BlocPower—Baird’s online marketplace that connects investors with clean-ene
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Criteria to Consider When Renting Commercial Space
A: Renting commercial space can mean stepping into a minefield of hidden costs and steep fees. The commercial real estate field is full of experts with deep experience who tend to be aggressive, especially with newcomers. My first bit of advice is to
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How to Make Debt Work for You
Taking on debt comes down to its cost of capital and how you plan to use your borrowed funds.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Inside the Smart Game of Late Fundraising Rounds
It used to be the walk of shame: startups raising Series D, E and even later rounds of investment. This was usually an indication that things weren’t going as planned or that the window for a substantial acquisition or IPO had shut for macroeconomic
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How a New York Storefront Points Out the Joy of the Pencil
Entrepreneur: Caroline Weaver, owner of CW Pencil Enterprise in New York City. “Aha” moment: Each day, Weaver—a self-described “obsessive” with a collection from around the world—brought five perfectly sharpened pencils to her college internship. Whe
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How One Company Is Mining Big Data to Fight Diabetes
Glooko's diabetes-management platform allows patients and doctors more information, and investors are interested.
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This Company Offers One-Stop Shopping For Artisanal Food
In 2009, three software engineers, a CFO and an HR exec came up with a savory idea: They would create a platform that lets shoppers make purchases from multiple artisan food producers and have everything delivered in a single order, along with certai
Entrepreneur6 min readEntrepreneurship
7 Lessons From Entrepreneurs Who Kept Their Day Jobs While Starting Their Businesses
The insight you gain while working for someone else can mean the difference between a successful entrepreneurial enterprise and one that fizzles.
Entrepreneur5 min read
How Franchises Are Democratizing Luxury
With affordable pricing, convenient locations and online scheduling systems, franchising is making health and beauty services accessible to all.
Entrepreneur3 min readFood & Wine
How This Restaurant Is Trying to Start a Poutine Craze Around the World
Every night the corporate office of Smoke’s Poutinerie in Toronto receives a fax from the boss, an enigmatic hermit known simply as Smoke. The ’80s-obsessed culinary genius sends his instructions from the wilderness near the border of Quebec and Onta
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This Man Climbed the Ladder by Sticking With Gutters
“I had no idea what gutters were,” recalls Jimmy Olang, who moved from Nairobi, Kenya, to LaGrange-ville, N.Y., in 2001 after waiting a decade for a visa. He’d met Ken Parsons, owner of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters, when Parsons was on a mission
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The Truth About Work-Life Balance
Defining and understanding the kind of life you want to lead is the first step to making it happen.
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How One Man Made It His Business to Give Back
Michael Amberg always knew he wanted to own a business, but when it came to finding the right one, he drew on his experience as a volunteer rather than his professional time in sales. “I’d always worked with young kids through church,” he says, “and
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Don't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em: Why Brewing Together Works Better in the Craft Beer Industry
Craft brewers' cooperative thinking fosters a spirit of collaboration and creates a powerful bloc that shows steady growth.
Entrepreneur1 min readFood & Wine
Is Craft Beer as Close to a Sure Thing as an Entrepreneur Can Get?
Failure rates for new craft breweries are near zero. So what is it about this sector that almost always leads to viable businesses? In part, success for startups comes down to cooperative strategies from established breweries. Established companies t
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How One Woman's Cosmetic Company 'Gramed Its Way to Insta-Success
Check out the rest of the 2015 young millionaires here. Ask 30-year-old Emily Weiss whether she runs her skincare line, Glossier, as a product company or as an online media company with a merchandising arm, and she replies, simply, “Yes.” The former
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This Company Will Deliver Groceries to Your Door in Under an Hour
Check out the rest of the 2015 young millionaires here. There is an art to picking the perfect avocado—that is just one of the lessons Max Mullen learned in the process of launching his online grocery-delivery service, Instacart. “In the beginning, e
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How Datto's Austin McChord Brings IT Systems Back From the Brink of Destruction
Check out the rest of the 2015 young millionaires here. Austin McChord is the master of disaster. His data backup, recovery and business continuity company Datto defends customers around the globe against the threat of network catastrophe, safeguardi
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Why a High School Dropout's Staffing Company Is in a Class of Its Own
Check out the rest of the 2015 young millionaires here. School isn’t for everyone. Richard Branson dropped out at 16, and he’s doing just fine. David Karp quit school at 15, and 11 years later he sold his blogging platform Tumblr to Yahoo for $1.1 bi
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Art and Design Get a New Launchpad Opportunity with New Inc Incubator
Technology incubators have traditionally underserved artists and designers, but New Inc is changing that, 100 members at a time.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
This Albuquerque Launchpad Lets Biotech Companies Take On a Life of Their Own
The BioScience Center encourages companies to stay for three years at below-market rates or in exchange for a percentage of equity.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
This Washington, D.C. Launchpad Helps Social Enterprises Help Others
Check out other industries that are benefiting from launchpads here. After Brian Ferguson was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder and imprisoned for 11 years, he and brother Albert Ferguson began developing Startline (originally called Angel’
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
The Project Music Accelerator Gives Music-Minded Entrepreneurs a Note-Worthy Education
The Tennessee-based boot camp program hits all the high notes for industry hopefuls and pulls strings to help them get started.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
This Culinary Launchpad Is One of Only a Handful in Existence
Check out other industries that are benefiting from launchpads here. It seemed to former IT professional Michael Madigan that everywhere he looked in his home base of Portland, Ore., was brimming with food trucks, pop-up restaurants, DIY bakers, chee
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Greentown Labs Gives Green Energy Startups the Green Light
Check out other industries that are benefiting from launchpads here. In late 2010, four energy entrepreneurs pooled their resources for an affordable Boston warehouse space where they could build hardware prototypes. Today that collective has balloon
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
This Incubator Is Helping Cannabis Businesses Blaze a Trail Forward in a Budding Industry
Green Labs Denver offers marijuana-focused startups help on sales strategy, pitches, legal advice and more.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
How One Incubator Is Using Behavioral Science to Encourage the Products Customers Really Want
Based out of Duke University, the Startup Lab wants companies to consider customer behavior in the design and the features of their products.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
This Ag-Tech Incubator Offers Both Independence and Assistance
The Michigan-based launchpad offers a three-year program that lets farmers work in their own space while learning from others.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
This Launchpad For Outdoor Activewear Practices What It Preaches
The C21 Accelerator in California works proactively with companies that promote active lifestyles.
Entrepreneur1 min readTech
10 Industries Benefiting From Incubators
From art and music to food and weed, these hatcheries are giving startups in niche industries room to grow.