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November 2015
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Disrupt This: How Entrepreneur is Walking the Walk When It Comes to Innovation
Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. —George Bernard Shaw Disruption is something we write about every month. It’s the force we stand for, and it’s what we advocate with every story. B
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The Reality of Royalties
An expert explains why investors ask for them and what that means for you and your company.
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Why You Need To Think Like A CFO
Thanks to many years of modeling financial statements and analyzing performance ratios, I tend to think like a CFO when it comes to my personal finances. This means I have a comprehensive understanding of the ripple effect that good or bad financial
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Hometown Glory: Get Startup Grants and Seed Investments From Your City
After earning an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Ashrit Kamireddi was prepared to go wherever he had to in order to raise seed money to grow VeryApt, his apartment-review platform. But thanks to a $100,000 angel investm
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The Bright Side of a Bad Pitch
Like people in any business, we in the VC world love to exchange horror stories. Ours tend to focus on absurd pitches: perpetual-motion machines, kitten sweaters and everything in between. Our cumulative experiences would rival the gag reel on Shark
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How This Man Turned His Passion Into His Profession
Camas, Wash.-based Shane Chen was two decades into running his company, CID, when he became bored with designing electronic instruments for environmental researchers. He started toying with other inventions. Five years ago, he sold CID to devote all
Entrepreneur2 min read
Vouch: The First Social Network for Credit
From Facebook to LinkedIn to Tinder, much of the power of social networks comes from personal recommendations. Vouch, a direct-to-consumer lending company, is taking this concept a step further, having colleagues and loved ones vouch for borrowers’ c
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Why You Should Be Looking Locally for Customers
Consumers plan to patronize more local businesses in the coming year -- and they’re seeking specific experiences from those companies. Those are some of the findings from a survey of more than 6,000 U.S. consumers conducted by online marketing compan
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This Office Product E-Tailer Combines New Technology With Old-School Customer Service
Remember the ’90s, when big-box retailers rampaged across the U.S., putting bookstores, clothing boutiques, electronics stores and small groceries out of business? Well, some of those mega-retailers ran out of steam: Borders Books and Music turned it
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How This 26-Year-Old Learned The ABCs Of Running An Education Franchise
When Ashley Mulcahy was earning her teaching degree at San Diego State University, she needed a little extra cash. So in 2011 she answered an ad for Tutor Doctor, an in-home education franchise. She met up with franchisee Alexandra Wilcox, and the tw
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How This Private-Aviation Training Agency Takes Service to New Heights
Steffany Kisling never expected to get into the rarified world of private aviation. “I grew up with meager means. Even a commercial flight was a luxury,” she points out. Today Kisling, a former cabin attendant on flights and yachts, is the founder of
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Someone Messed Up. Here's How You Fix It.
Whether it's a dishonest employee or an order snafu, what you do after a mistake makes the difference. We'll show you the steps to take.
How to Convincingly Fake Confidence, Happiness and Other Necessary Feelings in the Workplace
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How to Stay Healthy While You're On the Road
By any mortal standard, Yamandu Perez’s workout regime is impressive. The Chicago-based restaurant and bar owner, who did four Ironman races in one calendar year, routinely rises at 6 a.m. to run, bike or swim before pulling into the office. When he
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5 Rules for Stand-Out Marketing Campaigns
These steps helped an old company achieve record growth, and they can help your business too.
Entrepreneur14 min read
A Storied Winery Runs Toward Tech, Reaps the Rewards
Here's a toast to the Napa Valley mainstay that's fomenting -- and fermenting -- a wine revolution.
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From Battlefield to Business: These Companies Are Looking to Hire Veterans
Franchise systems are picky. But JDog Junk Removal & Hauling might be the most selective of all. The Berwyn, Pa.-based company sells units exclusively to military veterans and their families -- no exceptions -- and hires as many veterans as possible
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How One Company Is Helping Military Veterans Become Franchisees
In 2013 Home Franchise Concepts, parent company of Budget Blinds, Tailored Living and Concrete Craft, announced its Million Dollar Franchise Event, a push to offer $1 million to military veterans in the form of $35,000 discounts on franchise and terr
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
Why VCs Are Devouring Food Startups
The food revolution has a new champion. Venture capitalists are stepping in with billions of dollars focused on agriculture and food ventures that reduce waste and use of chemicals, conserve resources, accelerate distribution and—at least theoretical
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The Creative Ways Small Businesses Are Using Beacon Technology
This past summer, Google launched its Eddystone Bluetooth beacon system for Android, joining Apple’s iOS as a major player in the short-range messaging technology and making it accessible from either Apple or Android devices, which represent 96 perce
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Cloud-Based Data Service Makes The IoT Less WTF
For a peek at the future of the Internet of Things, check out the label on a bottle of Scotch whisky. Diageo, the global beer and spirits maker behind Guinness, Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff, is experimenting with liquor bottles featuring a proprietary
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How This E-Tailer Converts Site Visitors Into Customers
Before co-founding the online T-shirt and prints marketplace TeePublic in 2013, COO Adam Schwartz knew he’d have to solve a problem, one that had bedeviled every site he’d worked on before. “You’re only converting like 2 percent of your traffic into
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How Often Should You Update or Rebuild Your Website?
An expert explains what to consider when you're thinking of refreshing your company's website.
Entrepreneur7 min readEntrepreneurship
How Your Small Business Can Play in the Big Leagues
Corporate venture capital funds are looking to invest in innovative startups. Here's how to cash in on the substantial resources of major companies.
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100 Veteran-Friendly Franchises
More than 5,600 veterans have become franchisees in the past four years, according to the International Franchise Association. That’s thanks in no small part to the organization’s VetFran program, through which some 650 member companies offer discoun