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September 2016
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Why We Balance Passion With Reason
“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”—Benjamin Franklin Passion. What a thing. It’s that adrenaline pump that wakes you up in the middle of the night with a vast idea -- one that will be the next (insert something big here). But here’s
Entrepreneur4 min read
Be Honest: Are You the Office Bully?
Last year I was a guest on an NPR call-in talk show to discuss workplace etiquette. Most calls were about shaking hands, conducting meetings, asking for a raise, recovering from calling your boss by your wife's name. (Maybe that's just me.) It was li
Entrepreneur3 min read
If You Work From Home, Do This Every Day
Some studies have found that working from home leads to greater productivity and higher morale. Others suggest that those benefits are at best temporary, and that prolonged time spent working from home actually saps one's productivity and, eventually
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
Want to Run a Pet Café? These Founders' Tips Can Help.
Learn how these entrepreneurs have combined their love of pets with their passion for the community.
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Tricks to Hack Your Business Travel Budget
David Heath needed to attend meetings in Austin, L.A., San Francisco and Las Vegas. The best airfare he found was $948, with two layovers. Yuck. So instead of calling a travel agent, he called his travel hacker. Travel addicts, who once simply blogge
Entrepreneur3 min read
What Running a Tour Company in North Korea Taught This Founder About Customer Service
Travel can spark unexpected businesses, and Andrea Lee started hers after a pleasant trip to… North Korea?
Entrepreneur2 min readPsychology
The Savvy Way to Survive Election Season at the Office
Q: Election season has polarized my company. Several employees argue over politics, and work relationships are getting strained. How do I keep things civil? A: You don't have to become a dictator to fix your office's cold political climate, but you w
Entrepreneur11 min readTech
The Surprising Second Act For One Of YouTube's Biggest Stars
Connor Franta has made millions as a YouTube star, but he knows that kind of celebrity won't last.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
The Low-Tech Hack You're Not Prepared For
Haven't heard of visual hacking? It could be a real threat to your business, says Daniel Burks, senior VP and enterprise chief privacy officer for U.S. Bank.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
One Exec On Escaping Accounts Payable Hell
Touch of Modern COO and co-founder Jonathan Wu used to love handling payments for his suppliers. It showed him just how fast his company, a well-curated shopping site for men, was growing. (Sales hit $100 million in 2015, just its fourth year.) “But
Entrepreneur1 min readTech
Thinking About Smart Keys? Don't Make These 4 Mistakes.
There’s a marketplace full of tech trying to replace the humble metal key with apps: Just tap a button and your door opens. There are advantages. Business owners, for example, can easily control who has access to their offices and when. But, well, is
Entrepreneur3 min read
4 Smart Moves to Protect Against Financial Disaster
Eighteen months ago, Jessica was living a lifestyle most people only dream about -- debt-free, hundreds of thousands in the bank, owner of a kick-ass retail business and a net worth approaching eight digits. Then she got sued. Now she hardly sleeps.
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
The Simple Trick To Winning Funding From Midwestern VCs
Say you’re a shiny startup launching in an emerging entrepreneurial hub -- perhaps in Detroit, Chicago or Cleveland. Congrats! You have access to great research institutions, an educated workforce and an astoundingly low cost of living and wages rela
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
Won Funding? Why You Should Wait to Celebrate.
The founders of PVP Live were itching to make the announcement: They’d raised a big Series A! This was in 2015, and the company -- which covers competitive video games the way ESPN covers sports -- had just accepted an investment from a local Dallas
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Insurance Strategy Could Save You Thousands
You might, if your business has a net operating income of at least $500,000 a year. For decades, large public companies and nonprofit organizations have formed captive insurance companies, and saved millions in premiums and taxes. But before we get i
Entrepreneur3 min read
These Founders Aren't Selling Furniture, They're Telling a Story
Ted Esselstyn was a carpenter, an artist and a med-school graduate in 2009 when a friend told him about Urban Hardwoods, a company that reclaimed old or discarded wood and made furniture from it, he checked its website and “that’s when the lightbulb
Entrepreneur1 min read
This Buzzy Company Failed and There's a Simple Reason Why
I have three kids, and I’m not at all prepared for catastrophe, thought Trae Nunnink. He wasn’t a prepper, one of those people mocked as armed isolationists. He owned an ad firm for trucking companies. But he wanted to feel secure and equipped, so in
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Want to Open a Bakery? Keep These Expert Tips in Mind.
If you've ever dreamed of running a bakery, these experts have hard-won advice to share.   Joanne ChangOwner, Flour Bakery + Cafe, Boston Get experience first. "If you want to open a bakery, go work in a bakery. Baking is the easy part.” $38,350. Tha
Entrepreneur6 min read
Explaining What Your Company Does? Keep it Simple.
Abianne Falla and JennaDee Detro are sisters, and their family has a ranch west of Houston. Like many places in Texas, the land had become dotted with yaupon, a little holly shrub that cattle ranchers treat as a weed. But the sisters looked into the
Entrepreneur2 min read
How 'Risky' Hires Can Become Your Most Loyal Staffers
In the early 2000s, Tina Howell was living in Dallas, recently divorced, running a home healthcare business and caring for three children. She wanted to move back to her hometown of Miami but couldn’t imagine leaving behind one of her favorite treats
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The Savvy Companies Catering to a Boom Market: Kids
Amy Donnell came home from her first day teaching first grade, and she was $500 poorer. She had to spend that cash on school supplies for her classroom. Her husband, Scott, was flabbergasted, but he did some research and learned that it was totally n
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Franchising's Top 115 Personal Service Brands
For years, franchising was largely the domain of restaurants and retail, but today a new breed of business has risen to prominence in the franchise world. We call them personal-service franchises -- those businesses that are all about working with pe
Entrepreneur3 min read
This Founder Finally Made It To The NBA -- With An Analytics Tool
In June, Vasu Kulkarni was standing in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ locker room, his hands sticky with champagne spray, his ears ringing with screams. The team had just won the NBA championship game, and Kulkarni, CEO of Krossover, was invited in for the
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What Entrepreneurship Taught One Married Couple About Partnership
First came love, then came marriage, then came a fashionable denim label. Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough found their entrepreneurial niche when they tried making designer jeans that fit better than what they could find at the store. A chance
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She Built an App Without Knowing How to Code -- and is Now a Millionaire
As a recent transplant to Seattle, Tara Reed was sitting in her new apartment, staring at the blank walls. “I’d started to get interested in fine art, and it struck me how annoying and labor-intensive it would be to find art I liked for my new place,
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Veteran Risked His Savings to Build Better Armor
His story: I served in the Marine Corps with a man who was killed in Iraq from an IED blast. The plate he was wearing should have held the shrapnel, but it didn’t. I started my business to make better body armor because I never respected the armor th
Entrepreneur2 min read
To Create Great Customer Experiences, Do This
Ever contact a company for help with its product, only to have your inbox flooded with endless help-desk tickets? Nick Francis is here to fix that. As the cofounder and CEO of Help Scout -- which hit $3.5 million in revenue in 2015 -- he has created
Entrepreneur2 min readTech
Understanding One Simple Truth Helped This Founder Raise $23 Million
3-D printing is sexy. Orthotics are… less sexy. But Kegan Schouwenburg attracted millions in funding by merging the two, and understanding everything about her customers’ feet. Related: This Startup Is Bringing 3-D Printed Insoles to the NBA and the
Entrepreneur2 min read
How a Single Food Truck Helped Build a Multi-Million Dollar Taco Empire
This founder started with $18,000 in his bank account. Now he runs a $4.5 million fast-casual-food brand.
Entrepreneur3 min read
A Retail Legend Shares Customer Service Secrets
What do you learn after 27 years of running a famous store? Ask Roxanne Thurman, owner of Denver's Cry Baby Ranch.